5 Ideas for Promoting a Music Festival
5 ideas music festival

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Festivals can get great exposure from the social networks. News, images and music by artists on the bill can be shared with your followers, keeping them up to date with all the latest festival news. If you are thinking about going one step further, we suggest you carry out a digital marketing action to make your festival become more viral and reach a wider audience.


Adidas Engages With Employees to Chose Charity Through Easypromos Quiz Application

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Online surveys offer a great way to engage with key audiences and gather input and feedback. When coupled with a sweepstakes giveaway, these surveys can be even more effective. Adidas came to Easypromos for help in increasing engagement with their employees in order to select a charity which represents what is most important to them. The overwhelming success of the Adidas program offers a fantastic example of why using an application like Easypromos can not only help companies manage a survey easily, but exceed engagement goals through creative add-ons like a sweepstakes which inspire sharing and can heighten engagement.


Objectives of brands when organizing contests and promotions on the social networks
Objective brands when organizing promotions and contests

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Organizing contests and promotions across the social networks is a marketing tool currently used by all businesses and brands. Thanks to the proliferation of social networks, brands have found a highly-effective means of developing promotional actions. However, the success of a promotion undoubtedly depends on many factors, such as creativity, the promotion mechanic, the implementation, the prize awarded, and the investment in diffusion. But there is one factor which stands above all these and that is present in all the most successful contests and promotions: defining goals.


How to carry out a Facebook sweepstakes by using multiple posts
sweepstakes multiple posts

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Now you can carry out a sweepstakes on your Facebook Timeline by including Likes and comments of multiple posts with the Facebook sweepstakes tool. This new feature allows to accumulate users who Like or comment on multiple posts of your Facebook page and carry out a single sweepstakes among all of them. In this post we give you some ideas of how you can make the most out of this option.


McDonalds and Warner Bros Pictures Use Co-Branded Facebook Quiz to Promote New Movie Release

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Co-branding emerged in the 1990s as an effective method for increasing audience reach and exposure through brand collaboration. The strategy continues to be effective as companies embrace marketing through digital platforms and social network. One such example is a collaboration between McDonald’s Spain and Warner Bros Picture which promoted the release of a movie via Facebook. The result was a creative and carefully planned online strategy which quickly went viral among followers of both brands spanning the social networks.


5 Surefire Ways To Ensure A Facebook Sweepstakes Is Not A Hoax
header_750x250_ENG hoax

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It seems like almost daily Facebook friends are forwarding somewhat questionable opportunities to win things if you post a status, like or comment on as part of a sweepstakes/giveaway being posted on a person or company’s Facebook page. Some might be as simple as winning merchandise from a local retail establishment, or as grand as claims that Mark Zuckerberg is giving away millions of dollars to Facebook users for sharing a Facebook status, which is still making its way around this month.


5 trendy ideas for your Christmas promotions
christmas campaigns

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It’s time to start thinking about Christmas. You might think there’s plenty of time yet, but a lot of people get an early start with their Christmas shopping in November. Your promotional marketing actions should be active by then to capture new clients. So, what are the most effective and attractive promotions according to recent trends? What encourages online clients to pay attention to your online promotions? Below we give you some tips, examples and suggestions for your Christmas campaign.


Ideas for New Year’s Eve Promotions and Contests

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New Year’s Eve brings out feelings of nostalgia for time passing as well as hopeful anticipation for the surprises that tomorrow holds in store. This is a global celebration, though some countries celebrate it on a different date or in a different way. It is also one of the best times to carry out a marketing campaign, so let us give you some ideas for promotions and contests to get your New Year off to a good start.


How to Project Photos in a Wedding

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Like many couples in the 21st Century, David and Blanca met through online social networks. In their case it was all thanks to a Facebook photo. The photo was nothing special, just a typical Facebook picture of a group of smiling friends. It had the usual selection of tags, likes and comments.

It’s surprising where a simple photo like this can lead. David, who wasn’t in the photo, posted the following comment: “Is that brown-haired girl on the left wearing a limited edition Blues Brothers t-shirt?” Blanca, the brunette in question, replied: “Yes! I saw it in a flea market and knew I had to make it mine!” And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.


Greenpeace Canada Facebook Photo Contest Exceeds Goals by 600%

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Facebook photo contests are simple and effective ways to engage and expand your fan base, build user-generated content to support marketing objectives and generate buzz about your brand. Easypromos client Greenpeace Canada came to us for help in managing a photo contest that would engage and broaden their audience. The overwhelming success of their program offers a fantastic example of why using an application like Easypromos can not only help the contest run more smoothly, but vastly exceed engagement goals.