How to run a YouTube sweepstakes to promote your product or brand

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If you work in marketing, you already know that visual content is king, thanks to how it engages with the public. And you’ll almost certainly be aware of the phenomenal growth of YouTube, which now has over a billion users. You also might know that during an average month, eight out of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 49 watch YouTube. For this reason, you should think about making the most of this platform to promote your products. We outline the key methods for doing this below:


Create an Advent Calendar for Your Christmas Promotion

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The Advent calendar is one of the most popular Christmas traditions. There are many different types, but usually they have 24 windows with a little gift or chocolate behind each one. Starting on December 1, a new window is opened each day to reveal a surprise: chocolate, candy, figurines, and so on. This countdown to Christmas generates ever-growing excitement and expectation. Why not recreate this spirit with your online community? Make an Advent calendar promotion and your followers will be hooked by the daily incentive to come back and see what gift you’ve prepared for them each day.


Run a Sweepstakes for Users who Comment on your Blog

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If one of your objectives for your blog is to energize your readers to express their opinions about the subjects published on your blog, use a sweepstakes to encourage them to comment on your articles. In this way, you’ll obtain valuable information about your visitors, such as whether they agree with your blogpost; what concerns or doubts they may have; which of your content they value most, and so on.


Key to giving away experiences as promotion prizes

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Experiences such as dinners out, weekends away and vacations are among the most popular prizes for participants according to the study that we published in April. 17% of those surveyed said that an experience would be their first choice of prize – the same percentage as voted for technological gadgets. If we add to this the fact that what 25% of survey participants most value is the chance to share the prize with someone else, then this type of gift is almost guaranteed to succeed. But don’t get distracted! Follow these tips for multiplying engagement.


How to contact followers via Instagram

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Instagram has become an excellent window display for brands to offer products that are attractive and easy to publicize with aesthetically pleasing photos. Instagram asks its community to work together in making the network an “authentic and safe place for inspiration and expression.” For this reason, the network fosters respect for community rules and proposes very specific guidelines for good communication between profiles, and therefore between brands and personal users. Here we explain what you should keep in mind if you want to communicate directly with participants via Instagram.


Make the most of Cyber Monday to boost your online store sales

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Following on from Black Friday, Cyber Monday, which also originated in the US, has become an important date in the calendar for internet users. Many people now wait for this day to make their online purchases at more affordable prices. Three days after the massive sales enjoyed by physical stores, shopping malls and department stores during Black Friday, it’s the turn of online businesses: Cyber Monday – the day of mass online buying – has gradually extended across the world.


Top Tips for Social Media Promotions
Top Legal Advice from PromoVeritas

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Running your promotion on Social Media platforms will enable you to reach a large audience very easily, but there can be pitfalls. A small flaw can damage a brands reputation in seconds, or the campaign can be blocked by the platforms for breaches of their various complex rules, or even worse, you could be breaking national laws by the way you gather and use data or run the promotion itself.


Kettlewell Colours Uses Simple Quiz to Add 5,000 Unique Email Addresses to Customer Database

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Learn a helpful use of the Quiz app. This success case brand hosted a Quiz on its website to offer an indication of the best products for each customer. Learn how the Quiz worked and its strengths as a marketing tool.


Validate promotional QR codes with your phone using the Validation Portal

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Many small businesses with brick-and-mortar stores use social networks and other online channels to incentivize purchases, attract clients, and encourage their followers and online fans to become real customers. Distributing coupons or discount codes is one of the best ways of achieving this objective, but many clients ask us: How can I make sure that people don’t use the code more than once? Good question! ;-)


5 Keys to Creating a Successful Recruiters Contest

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Since Facebook changed its rules in November 2014, forbidding organizers from forcing users to become fans in order to participate in a promotion, online campaigns aimed at increasing fan numbers have redirected their strategies towards obtaining leads for subsequent marketing actions. The Recruiters Contest is the most efficient method of achieving this. In this dynamic, users can opt for the prize only if they manage to get their friends to participate too. This simple but effective dynamic will permit you to extend the reach of the promotion, which the participants themselves will take on the job of viralizing and sharing! However, to ensure success and achieve the expected results, there are a series of steps you should follow. Let us take you through these now.