Webinar: App to perform Twitter sweepstakes among your followers or based on retweets

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Last June, 22 Easypromos organized a new Webinar to present the new app to perform Twitter sweepstakes. It allows to create random sweesptakes among all the followers of a profile, or sweepstakes based on retweets of one or several of your tweets.


Writing-based contest based on marketing content to achieve engagement with participants

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This case study has many ingredients which motivated us to share it. It was a text contest based on love stories, accompanied by photos, and with a careful strategy behind it. This promotion managed to bring material of value, and valid editorial content, to support content marketing – one of the objectives of the promotion. Furthermore, thanks to the use of true stories, an intimacy and engagement between users and brand was achieved. Finally, it was possible to associate love-related concepts and values with the brand in the eyes of participants and all those who read the stories.


5 Ideas for Twitter sweepstakes
5 ideas of Twitter sweepstakes H

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Sweepstakes held in Twitter are an excellent resource for obtaining followers, but they also enable you to do something just as important – loyalize those users who are already following you. It is simpler to share and viralize your brand content if you do it via a sweepstake, as sweepstakes and contests represent the content that generates most interaction between Twitter users. Retweets will be your greatest allies. In just a few minutes you will achieve levels of interaction that are almost impossible to achieve with other types of publications. Below we propose 5 simple ideas to help you configure a Twitter sweepstakes in just a few minutes.


Three examples of how to promote a sporting event via Facebook
promote a sporting event via Facebook

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Sporting events can provide the perfect opportunity for planning creative promotions in Facebook. They constitute one of the areas which generate most implication and participation by users across the social networks. In this article we outline three examples of sport-related promotions.


How to create a sweepstakes on Twitter based on Retweets
Twitter Sweepstakes

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Would you like to carry out a sweepstakes on Twitter among users who viralize your tweets? Would you like to expand your Twitter followers with a simple sweepstakes? Do you want to carry out a quick sweepstakes among all users who have retweeted one of your tweets? This application will help you carry out a quick and easy sweepstakes on Twitter based on retweets. You can find out how this type of sweepstakes works, and how to get the most out of one, via a three-minute video tutorial, and you can discover the benefits that you will obtain for your brand and Twitter profile.


5 great ideas for creating a summer contest
summer promotions

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Sunny days are here again and people are sitting in the office, daydreaming about being on the beach. Summer is one of the best times to organize contests across the social networks because people are more relaxed and receptive to participating in promotions and attempting to win refreshing prizes. In this post we give you five great ideas for creating a summer contest and, in the process, making your bond with your clients stronger than ever.


Use your own domain and publish your promotions as a microsite
promotion with your own custom domain H

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The option of publishing promotions as a microsite is one of the new features that we have incorporated into the Easypromos platform. This is now the default method for publishing promotions, although you can still publish them on Facebook, or on a website using widgets. In this post we will explain some of the advantages to microsite promotions – the main one being the chance to use your own domain.


How to Obtain More Facebook and Twitter Followers with the My Networks Module
How toi increase Facebook fans and Twitter followers

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Last November 5, Facebook updated its Promotions Guidelines. One of the alterations was no longer allowing companies to oblige participants to ‘like’ a Page in exchange for an incentive or participation to a promotion. This change in policy means that instead of requiring users to like your Facebook page, your priority as promotion administrator should now be to encourage them to follow you on social networks. Last November, with the aim of helping brands continue to increase their community of followers, we launched the My Networks module. This is available for all promotions and versions of Easypromos and it enables you to encourage users to follow you across the social networks. Below, we explain how the My Networks module works, and how to make use of it to increase your number of online followers.


A test for travelers and a fantastic prize – A co-branding case study

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The following case study includes a concept that we have wanted to talk about for a long time: co-branding. This is a collective action between brands, which if well prepared, can bring great benefits to both parties involved, generating a win-win situation. In this case, the promotion was based on a multiple-choice test: one of the brands was responsible for creating and sharing the test, while the other provided the prize. Co-branding continues to evolve thanks to new technologies in the digital era and, as a consequence, we find dynamics such as those explained below.