Why Having Alternate Winners Can Save Your Sweepstakes
Why are alternate winners needed in a Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes?

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If you frequently organize sweepstakes as part of your marketing strategy for dynamizing your social networks and increasing your community of followers, you have probably found yourself, upon occasion, with the problem of not being able to contact one of the winners, or with the need to replace a winner at the last minute after finding out that he or she is not eligible for the prize. It’s in these sorts of situations that alternates come into play. An alternate is a participant you can keep in reserve in case you have to make a substitution when awarding your prize/s. In this post we will look at some situations in which it might be useful to have alternate winners for your sweepstakes.


Best Practices For Contacting your Sweepstakes Winners
Best Practices When Contacting the Winners of a Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes

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Have you organized a sweepstakes on your Facebook Page and now want to get in touch with the winners? Once you have a list of the winners and alternates for your sweepstakes it’s time to let the victors know so they can get their hands on their prize as soon as possible. This is probably the most enjoyable aspect of any promotion, but it can also be the most time-consuming. What’s the best way to contact the winners? In this post we explain everything you need to know to communicate with your prizewinners quickly and efficiently.


How to Write a Post to Launch a Sweepstakes on Facebook

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Organizing a sweepstakes on the Timeline of your Facebook Page is one of the best ways of increasing interaction and engagement with your followers and giving more visibility to your posts and your brand. It is a highly effective Facebook action and it is also quick and simple to launch: just publish a post on your Facebook Page asking users to take part in the promotion by clicking Like or by commenting on your post. Next, use the Easypromos application to carry out the random sweepstakes and select the winners. In the following article we provide a series of tips for writing and publishing a post to launch a successful Facebook sweepstakes.


New Developments in the Management of Winners and Prizes on Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes

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Do you frequently carry out direct sweepstakes on your Facebook Page among users who comment on or ‘like’ your publications? Or do you carry out sweepstakes among users who retweet one of your Twitter tweets? These actions are quick to launch and, thanks to how easy they are to take part in, they are popular with users and can help you increase the visibility of your content and boost engagement with your community. However, once the sweepstakes has finished you might have found yourself with the problems of how to notify your winners and how to obtain their contact details to send them a prize. Or perhaps you have been in the situation of needing to substitute a winner. With such cases in mind we have updated the Facebook and Twitter Sweepstakes applications with three new features. Their aim is to provide solutions to these problems and help the administrator manage the winners of the sweepstakes.


Last-Minute Labor Day Contest and Promotion Ideas
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This year, Labor Day is Monday, September 7th, which means there are just three short weeks to take advantage of the buzz surrounding the long weekend. Labor Day represents an ideal opportunity to hold a promotion celebrating achievements of American workers, and with parades, festivals, picnics and events, not to mention retail sales, surrounding the long weekend, and there are limitless opportunities to tap into an motivate your audience through contests and promotions. It’s not too late.


5 Ideas for Applying Hashtags on Facebook Efficiently
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The hashtag is a very familiar concept for any user who commonly uses social networks. As such, it is a tool that you can make good use of in your online campaigns. Easypromos provides a platform for carrying out sweepstakes among users who comment on a Facebook Wall publication and we have incorporated a new feature which makes the most of hashtags used in comments.


QR Codes and Barcodes: New Developments for August
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One of the most-used marketing strategies by businesses is the “price discount”. Companies use discounts to sell high quantities of products at low prices, and in doing so they are able to increase sales over a specific time period, capture new customers and loyalize existing ones.


Photo, video and writing-based contests with pre-moderation
How to moderate photo and video contests

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Have you organized a contest in which participants must upload a photo, video or writing? Are you going to organize a literary contest and select the winning story to publish in the next edition of your magazine? Do you want to launch a short film contest and have an internal jury choose the winner? One of the most important aspects of these types of contests is the chance to moderate and revise content that users upload to the contest to try and win a prize. In this post we explain how pre-moderation works when applied to these types of contests and which features it should offer. We will also see how the pre-moderation system works for promotions created with Easypromos.


Facebook News: Users Now Have Greater Control over Their News Feed
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This latest feature announced on 9 July in Facebook’s Newsroom, continues the recent series of changes made by Facebook in pursuit of a single objective: enabling users to access information that is of genuine interest to them. Below, we look at this new feature in detail so that you can explain it to your fans and give them guidance.


Update of the Facebook Sweepstakes Application: All the New Features
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In August 2013, Facebook updated its promotions policy, making it possible to carry out sweepstakes directly on a Facebook wall. With the aim of helping administrators manage these types of promotions, we have launched the Facebook Sweepstakes Application, a tool that enables you to convert a Facebook post into a sweepstakes, among all users who have ‘liked’ or commented on it, with just a single click. Almost two years after its launch, we have updated the tool with a new design and a package of improvements and new features that we outline below.