5 trendy ideas for your Christmas promotions

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas. You might think there’s plenty of time yet, but a lot of people get an early start with their Christmas shopping in November. Your promotional marketing actions should be active by then to capture new clients. So, what are the most effective and attractive promotions according to recent trends? What encourages online clients to pay attention to your online promotions? Below we give you some tips, examples and suggestions for your Christmas campaign.

christmas campaigns


Fun and useful surveys

With this entertaining and motivating promotional tool you can carry out a multitude of promotions in order to get to know your clients better and offer them products based specifically on their likes or needs. Who wouldn’t like to have a personal online shopper, someone to give advice about what would be the most appropriate present for a favorite nephew or to offer suggestions based on tastes? With surveys you can create this type of promotion.  Make the most of message personalization to give specific advice and ideas to your users. Choose between a multiple choice test, a survey for collecting info on tastes and preferences, or a trivia quiz to evaluate clients’ knowledge of a subject. Try this DEMO about the ideal Christmas greeting, based on a test, and let your imagination fly!



7 ideas for applying promotions groups in your online campaigns

Last May Easypromos launched Groups, a feature which enables you to display a group of promotions on the same screen so that they can form part of the same campaign. Now we want to show you some genuine examples of how different brands have used the Groups feature to carry out their campaigns. Sweepstakes with daily prizes, questionnaires with a new question every day and photo contests by categories are just a few examples. In this post you can find out how to use Groups to organize these types of actions.

Ideas for applying promotions groups

Below, we will give you some ideas on how to use Groups to organize the following dynamics:

1. Award prizes daily/weekly

2. Contests by categories

3. Promotions with different geographic locations

4. Betting pool over various days

5. Trivia quiz with a new question each day

6. Contests by phases

7. Let the user choose which promotion to enter


1. Award gifts and prizes daily/weekly

To celebrate reaching 500,000 fans, Men’s Health magazine organized a promotional action in its Facebook Page which consisted of a series of sweepstakes offering a variety of prizes over the course of a week. The idea was to hold a new promotion every day, with the aim of satisfying the tastes of all their followers. Each day 5 different prizes were raffled off among all the users who took part in the promotion.

The Groups feature allowed the 5 sweepstakes to be presented on the same page, with each sweepstake focused on a specific package of prizes. This approach allowed users to decide which prize they wanted to win (eBooks, sunglasses, luggage, clothes, or wristbands). In other words, the user could decide in advance which promotion he or she wanted to take part in.

Award daily/weekly prizes

Carrying out the campaign across a series of separate promotions meant that a sweepstake could then be held among all users who had decided to participate in each promotion. At the end of every day, the name of the winners was published from the application itself.

Would you like to organize your own sweepstake? Find out more here.


New design for your promotions: more customizable and viral

The new modification to Facebook’s regulations, which means it is no longer possible to obligate users to like a Page before they can participate in a promotion, requires a reorientation of online campaign strategies. As a result of this modification, Easypromos has updated its platform with a variety of new features and improvements. But the objective behind this update is not only to comply 100% with Facebook regulations, it is also to help administrators create campaigns which are more attractive, more viral, and more customizable than before, enhancing the quality of user interaction. In this post we will tell you more about these new features and we’ll explain how to get the most out of them when creating your next promotions and contests.

Easypromos new design


In this post you will find out all the new features introduced:


1. New design: fresh, new and 100% responsive

The new design is simpler and cleaner, less overloaded visually, and the action buttons are bigger and more visible. And of course, the design is 100% adapted to all devices, browsers and screens. This new layout design for promotions and contests created with Easypromos has been developed with a view to facilitating navigation and improving the user’s experience, whichever device he or she might be using.

Easypromos new design


Enforcement of the change in Facebook regulations of November 5, 2014 – FAQ

On August 7, 2014 Facebook announced that a change in its regulations would be applied on November 5, 2014: the requirement for users to become fans of a Facebook Page before they can participate in a promotion was no longer to be permitted. In this article we explain this modification and we look at how it affects strategies for obtaining more fans for your Facebook Page.

Yesterday, November 5, 2014, we have updated all versions of the Easypromos platform (Basic, Premium and White Label) to adapt to the aforementioned change in Facebook’s regulations. In this update we have carried out the following actions:

1. Removed all the options that can no longer be used in promotions owing to this change to the regulations.

2. Added new features in order to counteract the fact that users can no longer be obligated to become fans.


Here are some FAQs regarding this change to Facebook’s regulations:


What happened on November 5, 2014?

Facebook have modified their guidelines so that it is no longer permitted to obligate a user to like a page in exchange for an incentive, such as taking part in a sweepstake or promotion. In Easypromos we have had to update the platform in order to adapt to this new development.

You can find more information about this change to the regulations in the following links:


Famosa: how to increase a brand’s community of Instagram followers with a photo contest

The following case study outlines the creation of a summer campaign based on a photo contest with voting. The protagonists were the small Pinypon figurines. Participants were asked to take photos of their Pinypon figurines during their holidays and post them on Instagram, accompanied by the hashtag which had been enabled for the contest. All the photos were presented automatically in a gallery, where they could be viewed, shared and voted for. The prize was two nights in a hotel in any city the winner chose. Users uploaded around 400 photos, and the brand’s Instagram profile gained both notoriety and followers.


The Agency

Territorio creativo is a Social Business creative agency that helps the most innovative companies evolve from publicity marketing to customer-relationship marketing, strengthening customers’ connection with the brand and product in order to boost the company’s competitiveness. With over 15 years of experience, they boast many multinationals amongst their clients, including L’Oreal, Famosa, NH Hotels, Armani Beauty, Toyota, Paramount and Openbank.


The Client

Famosa is a well-known toy manufacturing company, which has, since 1957, been the biggest Spanish-owned toy company, and the industry leader in both Spain and Portugal. It has a significant presence in over 50 countries, including France, Italy, Mexico and the USA. It is the parent company of brands such as Nenuco, Nancy, Barriguitas, Feber, and Pinypon among others.



The Campaign

It was devised by Territorio Creativo and proposed to Famosa as a summer campaign for their Pinypon brand, with the specific aim of boosting its Instagram profile.

The campaign, entitled “Pinypon Tour” began on July 15 and ended on September 15. Users were asked to upload a photo of one of the Pinypon dolls, taken from anywhere in the world, to Instagram with the hashtag #pinyponTour.

All the photos were displayed in a repository in Facebook, from which users had the option of voting for their favorite. The prize consisted of two nights in a hotel for four people anywhere in the world, and ten packs of “Pinypon Travelers.”



5 spine-tingling ideas for increasing your sales this Halloween

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year and it’s just around the corner. Are you planning any special promotions? Why not make the most of the occasion by inviting your customers to play a game, or offering them a fun promotion to take part in? This will provide your brand with greater visibility and increase sales. It will also enable you to obtain information about potential customers for subsequent promotional activities.

How much do you know about Halloween?

Give your fans and customers the chance to take part in an entertaining quiz. Use the Questionnaires System to create a question and answer contest that will put them to the test. The quiz can be about your product or service, but in a Halloween-related context. Or simply throw yourself into the spirit of Halloween to get your fans in a fun mood. Customize the results and find a way of linking them to your brand, product or service. We’ve created a DEMO so you can see how it could look: Try our Halloween quiz and get a 25% discount code for your next Premium promotion!


Introducing the new Easypromos website

In the following post we’d like to introduce you to our brand new website.

New Easypromos website

This new design reflects the evolution that our platform has undergone over the past few years, as we have adapted to changes implemented by Facebook, kept up to speed with new trends in social media and online marketing, and acted on suggestions made to us by our customers.

The new version includes improvements both in the navigation and content of the site. Our principal aim is to ensure that anyone interested in using our platform can get a good idea right away of all the features offered by the tool.

To do this, we’ve incorporated the “products” section, which includes the following:

Each of these products is outlined in detail, along with case studies of promotions that have been carried out by companies using our platform. We have also provided guides to help administrators create their promotions, and DEMOS to enable them to preview them first.


Easypromos launches its new, redesigned system for quizzes and questionnaires

Would you like to organize a quiz in which you are able to combine different types of answers (closed, open, ratings, sortable, etc.)? Would you like to be able to customize the colors of your questionnaire? How would you like to be able to show users a feedback message telling them straight away whether they have got the question right? In this post we present you with a new version of the Easypromos questionnaire system that has been both updated and expanded, boasting new features and a fresh design. Find out more below.

In February 2013 Easypromos launched our questionnaire system and it soon became one of the most popular products among platform administrators.

With the Easypromos questionnaire system you can carry out the following types of promotions:

  • Quizzes: Users must try and correctly answer a series of trivia questions.
  • Tests: After answering a series of multiple-choice questions, users receive a personalized message based on the answers they have given.
  • Surveys: These enable you to identify the profile of your brand’s users and followers, obtaining feedback from them and getting to know their consumption habits.
  • Pools and draws: Users have to guess the answers to a series of questions about a future event (football match, sporting event, award ceremony, etc.).


Many promotions have used our questionnaire system to achieve their objectives – whether these are assessing the knowledge of followers of their brand, enhancing the promotion and diffusion of a new video, presenting the features of a new product via question and answer contests, and so on.

Now the questionnaire system has taken a step forward. The new version offers updated options and tools which can be divided into the following lines:

  • New features.
  • New design.
  • More customization options.
  • New streamlined, user-friendly administration interface.

In this post we outline in detail the new features of the Easypromos questionnaire system.


Before we begin, would you like to see examples of the new questionnaires and quizzes that you can create with Easypromos?

Discover them here with the following group of DEMOs we present you.


Facebook eliminates the obligation for a user to become a fan of a page. What this means, and what you need to know for your campaigns

Facebook has changed its policy regarding incentivizing users to become fans of a Facebook page. Until now, it was permitted to oblige users to like a page in exchange for being allowed to register for a promotion, to obtain a coupon, to vote or to visualize specific content. As of 5 November, 2014, Facebook policy forbids any action that forces users to like a page. [See section 4.5 of the Facebook Guidelines].

Besides representing a shift in policy, this update also marks a change in the technical platform because Facebook will remove, from its API for developers, all the tools, features and mechanisms which allow applications to determine whether a user likes a page or not. Facebook has given applications 90 days in which to adapt to this change in regulations.

In this post we outline everything you need to know about this policy change, including how it affects promotions and contests carried out via Easypromos.


When does the user’s obligation to become a fan of a page before participating in a promotion come to an end?

As of November 5, 2014.


Which Easypromos features are affected by this policy change?

  • The feature of obliging a user to become a fan before registering for a promotion
  • The feature of obliging a user to become a fan before voting in a contest
  • The LikeGate feature, in which promotion content can be hidden from non-fans
  • The FriendGate feature


I have actions planned for September and October. Can I still create a promotion or contest in which the user is obliged to become a fan?

Yes, you can carry out these types of promotions or contests until November 5. 


How a US mobile service provider deployed a customer reward app creating new customers and sales revenue – Ting

This is a success case that reveals how an online campaign generated new customers at the same time as rewarding existing customers. Through customer loyalty rewards this brand demonstrates how they created ambassadors to help spread the promotion including their product to a wider audience. Learn how they did it and learn about the benefits.


The Client

Ting is a mobile phone service provider competing in against giants such as Verizon and AT&T. In a short period of time since February 2012 the company has won more than 60,000 clients and significantly more devices.  The company equates it success to their superior customer service, fair pricing, online portal for fast and easy activation of devices, and when customers call in for support there is no mandatory maximum call time as experienced with the competition.  They have a very strong BYOD – Bring Your Own Device Program and there are no contracts, customers simply pay for what they use. They have revolutionized usability featuring usage caps and alerts and educate customers on how to avoid charges by utilizing wi-fi.


The Campaign

Ting believes in not only providing the best user experience for its large and growing customer base, they also believe in Customer Loyalty Reward and that is what this campaign is all about.  Facebook has evolved into a vibrant and helpful community for Ting customers and through this community they are offering everyone a promo code valid for $10 off the purchase of any new Ting device or $10 in service credit for customers who bring their own device. This code can be used on new AND existing accounts (if they wish to add more lines to their current account)! Plus, this code doesn’t expire, so people that grab their code can hold onto it until they are ready to activate a device on their account.

The Challenge

In the past Ting has rewarded customers with Starbucks cards and the like. While this is also a worthy way to show customers you care, for this campaign they wanted it to be measurable, tied to sales and that removes the financial risk of rewarding customers with a non-product or service related item.

Equally important is their objective to grow their Facebook Community and keep this community engaged. Facebook represents a huge opportunity for Ting to educate its customers, have customers validate Ting’s claims of their products and services, create goodwill and grow sales within their client families and friends networks.  To do this, the challenge becomes one of ‘how to get your content in front of your fans and their friends, how to encourage these followers to like, share and comment on your content. ‘