How to Obtain More Facebook and Twitter Followers with the My Networks Module
How toi increase Facebook fans and Twitter followers

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Last November 5, Facebook updated its Promotions Guidelines. One of the alterations was no longer allowing companies to oblige participants to ‘like’ a Page in exchange for an incentive or participation to a promotion. This change in policy means that instead of requiring users to like your Facebook page, your priority as promotion administrator should now be to encourage them to follow you on social networks. Last November, with the aim of helping brands continue to increase their community of followers, we launched the My Networks module. This is available for all promotions and versions of Easypromos and it enables you to encourage users to follow you across the social networks. Below, we explain how the My Networks module works, and how to make use of it to increase your number of online followers.


A test for travelers and a fantastic prize – A co-branding case study

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The following case study includes a concept that we have wanted to talk about for a long time: co-branding. This is a collective action between brands, which if well prepared, can bring great benefits to both parties involved, generating a win-win situation. In this case, the promotion was based on a multiple-choice test: one of the brands was responsible for creating and sharing the test, while the other provided the prize. Co-branding continues to evolve thanks to new technologies in the digital era and, as a consequence, we find dynamics such as those explained below.


Promote the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a betting pool
Women's World Cup

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This year Canada will, for the first time, host the seventh edition of the most important female football tournament in the world. From June 6 to July 5 the best footballers from 24 teams will be giving it their all on the pitch. Your customers can join in with the fun by taking part in an entertaining betting pool, generating engagement and loyalizing your followers. Promote the FIFA Women’s World Cup with a betting pool to obtain maximum participation!


How to incentivize sales during the holiday period with a multiple-choice test

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Let’s look at the case of the ALSA bus transportation business. They organized an application via Facebook with the objective of increasing sales for its Easter Week campaign. The application consisted in answering a series of questions to find out how much stress participants were under, and how badly they needed to go on vacation. To end the contest, a sweepstake was held for all participants, giving them the chance to win 20 free tickets to travel with ALSA.


M80 photo contest, combining Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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In the following case study about a photo contest created by the radio program M80, we’re going to show you how far the ingenuity and motivation of users can reach, not only when attempting to win a prize, but also when interacting and sharing their love of music, and specifically their appreciation of Mark Knopfler. M80 created a photo contest for its followers, in which users were encouraged to pose for a photo of themselves with their vinyl or CD collection of the artist’s work, and then submit it to the contest via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In this post we will explain how M80 did it.


Which type of “Pick Your Favorite” contest is right for me?
Pick your favorite

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Would you like to present a series of photos, texts or videos which your users and followers can vote for and choose their favorite? This is the application we call ‘Pick Your Favorite’: a type of contest that enables you to generate a high level of participation and viralization. A ‘Pick your favourite’ contest is ideal for two scenarios in particular: the first is when, as administrator, you are responsible for uploading users’ participations to a public gallery where they can be voted for. The second scenario is when voters have to pick their favorite from a variety of options presented by the brand itself; asking users to vote for their favorite logo is one example of this. This means that ‘Pick Your Favorite’ contests can be organized in two different formats: gallery mode or survey mode. The choice of one format or another will depend on the needs of each campaign. If you have planned to organize a ‘Pick Your Favorite’ contest, this post will help you learn which mode will best fit your objectives and what type of voting will work for you.


3 tips for viralizing your World No Tobacco Day hashtag
World No Tobacco Day

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Every May 31, the World Health Organization celebrates World No Tobacco Day, a day in which the public is encouraged to abstain from smoking in order to raise awareness of the health problems caused by this addiction. If you would like to highlight the risks of smoking to your followers in a way that is original, please read on. Below you’ll find three tips for viralizing your World No Tobacco Day hashtag and helping your promotion reach that much further.


How to carry out a photo contest in Instagram with Easypromos
How to create photo contest in Instagram

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In this post we’re going to tell you what you need to carry out a photo contest in Instagram via a hashtags gallery application. As well as explaining the dynamic, we will analyze the benefits provided by using an application for these types of contests, such as obtaining professional results and a photo contest which is transparent as regards its winner selection (a factor valued highly by users).


How to promote the launch of your new website: the Kelme case study

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Today, the website of your brand or company is where users will be able to access information about your business, so every little detail must be taken care of. It’s not enough to just have a website; you also have to keep in mind factors such as how to optimize it for search engines and how to ensure it is compatible with smart phones, as well as making sure it has a coherent structure and site map, etc. Once the website has been created, the next step is to work on the dynamic parts of the website – those parts which are updated frequently: content such as the blog, news, media quotes about the brand. In this case study we look at how the launch of Kelme’s new website was planned, paying special attention to one of the actions it carried out on social networks as part of this strategy.