Facebook News: Users Now Have Greater Control over Their News Feed
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This latest feature announced on 9 July in Facebook’s Newsroom, continues the recent series of changes made by Facebook in pursuit of a single objective: enabling users to access information that is of genuine interest to them. Below, we look at this new feature in detail so that you can explain it to your fans and give them guidance.


Update of the Facebook Sweepstakes Application: All the New Features
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In August 2013, Facebook updated its promotions policy, making it possible to carry out sweepstakes directly on a Facebook wall. With the aim of helping administrators manage these types of promotions, we have launched the Facebook Sweepstakes Application, a tool that enables you to convert a Facebook post into a sweepstakes, among all users who have ‘liked’ or commented on it, with just a single click. Almost two years after its launch, we have updated the tool with a new design and a package of improvements and new features that we outline below.


9 Tips for Writing a Tweet for a Twitter Sweepstakes Based on Retweets
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If you’re thinking about carrying out a Twitter sweepstakes based on Retweets, you should first write and post a Tweet from your Twitter account to inform people about the sweepstakes, the prize on offer and how they can participate. You can then use the application to register the retweets and raffle the prize among all the participants.


Facebook Photo Contest Surpasses Participation Goal by Nearly 50%

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Facebook photo contests are simple and effective ways to engage and expand your fan base, build user-generated content to support marketing objectives and generate buzz about your brand. Easypromos client VarageSale, one of the hottest recent Internet startups, came to us for help in managing a photo contest after having run into challenges doing it themselves in the past. The story of their “Mini Me” Father’s Day photo contest presents a fantastic example of why using an application like Easypromos can not only help the contest run more smoothly and relieve stress associated with frequently changing rules, but vastly exceed engagement goals.


Sweepstakes on Twitter as part of a brand content campaign

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The following Twitter sweepstakes case study, carried out by Vodafone yu with the help of the Sra. Rushmore agency, has many interesting aspects. We’re going to outline some of these during this post. Four copies of the book Yellow Mellow, signed by the author and YouTube star of the same name, were raffled among followers who retweeted this tweet: “Would you like a signed copy of the book by @YellowMellowMG? We’re raffling four copies among everyone who retweets this tweet.”


Inbound marketing action via a geographically segmented online questionnaire

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The following case study looks at two actions carried out by Nespresso Spain on its Facebook Page in order to get to know the preferences and consumption habits of its followers in Madrid and Catalonia. By way of a simple system of questionnaires, specifically via a test and survey, the brand achieved its objective. Their method of geographically limiting the action was via a customized entry form in which users had to enter their address.


How to get your first 1000 Twitter followers
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Have you just opened your Twitter profile and now need to publicize your brand? Do you want to know how to obtain your first 1000 followers? Read the suggestions below carefully and you will soon see your number of followers begin to grow. And the best thing is that these users will come to your Twitter account to stay, without you having to resort to bad practices.


5 Ideas for Twitter sweepstakes
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Sweepstakes held in Twitter are an excellent resource for obtaining followers, but they also enable you to do something just as important – loyalize those users who are already following you. It is simpler to share and viralize your brand content if you do it via a sweepstake, as sweepstakes and contests represent the content that generates most interaction between Twitter users. Retweets will be your greatest allies. In just a few minutes you will achieve levels of interaction that are almost impossible to achieve with other types of publications. Below we propose 5 simple ideas to help you configure a Twitter sweepstakes in just a few minutes.


Three examples of how to promote a sporting event via Facebook
promote a sporting event via Facebook

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Sporting events can provide the perfect opportunity for planning creative promotions in Facebook. They constitute one of the areas which generate most implication and participation by users across the social networks. In this article we outline three examples of sport-related promotions.


5 great ideas for creating a summer contest
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Sunny days are here again and people are sitting in the office, daydreaming about being on the beach. Summer is one of the best times to organize contests across the social networks because people are more relaxed and receptive to participating in promotions and attempting to win refreshing prizes. In this post we give you five great ideas for creating a summer contest and, in the process, making your bond with your clients stronger than ever.