Best Practices for keeping your sweepstakes and contests legal and compliant
best practices sweepstakes contest legal

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Here are the basic differences between sweepstakes and contests that you should know if you are considering running either of them. Our guest writer Donna DeClemente, from American Sweepstakes & Promotion Company, clarifies the differences between them.


New Easypromos Survey [Infographic]: The Right Prize Is Main Component in Converting Visitors to Participants in Digital Promotions

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Are you giving the award for your digital promotion enough attention? Recently we unveiled the results of our Digital Promotions Prize Survey, which surveyed more than 1700 consumers on their prize preferences and the kinds of prizes that would most entice them into participating in a digital promotion like a sweepstakes, survey, or contest on Facebook or other social media platforms.
We are in the digital promotions business, so we already suspected that prizes were a core component to running an effective campaign.  But when 48% of participants stated that the prize is the most important consideration – as in, if they do not like the prize, they will not participate – we were glad we asked.


Three Mistakes That Sunk Your Start-Up
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Whenever I see a bombastic title like the one above I expect to read a sensationalist prescription devoid of content. So, to keep this article on an even keel, and to avoid any distracting detours, I’ll focus on the example of a project I set up in 2005 called nuestraporra.com. It was a platform for running betting pools online and it lasted just two years. After carrying out a digital autopsy of NuestraPorra, I realized that its failure was down to three main mistakes which I have kept at the forefront of my mind ever since.


How to Register Trade Show Participants Using a Single Tablet or Device
How to Register Trade Fair Participants Using a Single Tablet or Device

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Perhaps your company is attending a trade show and you’d like to make the most of the occasion by carrying out a sweepstakes among all those who visit your stand. Or maybe you’re planning to organize an event and you’d like to reward people for their attendance by entering them into a sweepstakes. Organizing a survey or sweepstakes can be an excellent way of attracting visitors to your stand or event. The most important tool for carrying out these types of promotions is a tablet with an internet connection with which to register the participants. In this post we explain how you can prepare the device for the occasion and ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.


My contest isn’t as successful as I’d hoped. What can I do?
How To Improve Contest

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There are three key moments for every online promotion or contest organizer. In this article you’ll find out what these moments are. You’ll also learn what to do if you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for.


4 Reasons Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes Are the “Gateway” Promotion in Social Media Contests
4 reasons FB sweeps H

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At the end of last year, we announced the results of our first ever Social Media Promotions Report which identified Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes, or a random draw of a prize for those who like or comment on a Facebook post, as the most used social media promotion in 2015, represented 58 percent of the 13,000+ paid promotions that year. Even more telling was that 66 percent of all new clients chose Facebook sweepstakes when given the choice between a free sweepstakes/giveaway, photo, video or writing-based contest or coupon.


How Salomon used a Twitter sweepstakes to celebrate reaching 30,000 followers

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This case study examines the fantastic action carried out by sports brand Salomon to celebrate reaching 30,000 followers on Twitter. Over the course of a single day @Salomon_Spain carried out a new sweepstakes from its Twitter account every two hours. The sweepstakes had a variety of objectives: to engage in branding; to provide support to partner brands and sponsored events and organizations; to loyalize and expand its community of followers. Behind this apparently simple action there was a studied, comprehensive strategy focused on a specific niche market – trail running.


How to carry out a Facebook sweepstakes by using multiple posts
sweepstakes multiple posts

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Now you can carry out a sweepstakes on your Facebook Timeline by including Likes and comments of multiple posts with the Facebook sweepstakes tool. This new feature allows to accumulate users who Like or comment on multiple posts of your Facebook page and carry out a single sweepstakes among all of them. In this post we give you some ideas of how you can make the most out of this option.


McDonalds and Warner Bros Pictures Use Co-Branded Facebook Quiz to Promote New Movie Release

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Co-branding emerged in the 1990s as an effective method for increasing audience reach and exposure through brand collaboration. The strategy continues to be effective as companies embrace marketing through digital platforms and social network. One such example is a collaboration between McDonald’s Spain and Warner Bros Picture which promoted the release of a movie via Facebook. The result was a creative and carefully planned online strategy which quickly went viral among followers of both brands spanning the social networks.


5 Surefire Ways To Ensure A Facebook Sweepstakes Is Not A Hoax
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It seems like almost daily Facebook friends are forwarding somewhat questionable opportunities to win things if you post a status, like or comment on as part of a sweepstakes/giveaway being posted on a person or company’s Facebook page. Some might be as simple as winning merchandise from a local retail establishment, or as grand as claims that Mark Zuckerberg is giving away millions of dollars to Facebook users for sharing a Facebook status, which is still making its way around this month.