Dan Scholz, director of Digital Marketing for YouGov

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As Director of Digital Marketing for YouGov, a global market research firm with an online panel of over 3 million active respondents, Dan Scholz is responsible for leading both lead acquisition and user recruitment via digital, email and social media platforms. Dan has helped numerous B-to-B focused small and midsize businesses reach new prospects and generate quality leads through both platform development and C-suite trainings. With dozens of websites launched and a global CMS platform, Dan transfers cutting-edge communications techniques into actionable leads and business intelligence.

Dan Scholz


Ideas of promotions and online marketing campaigns for shopping malls
Ideas Shopping malls promotions

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If you manage communication and marketing for a shopping mall, please read on for some ideas and examples of how to create promotions, contests and sweepstakes which will help you dynamize publicity. Take advantage of our suggestions and put them in practice with Easypromos. They will help you attract customers, incentivize consumption and loyalize clients.


How to promote your spring /summer fashion collection on the social networks
How to promote your fashion collection on social networks

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Do you want to promote your brand’s new Spring/Summer collection? We’re going to give you some ideas about how to use social networks – “the best possible showcase for reaching millions of clients” – and we’re also going to show you some examples of actions carried out by the big brands which have attracted our attention.


How to use multiple choice test to identify your target audience among Facebook fans

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In the following post we’re going to look at how you can identify your target from among your Facebook followers. With a simple multiple-choice test and some ingenuity it’s possible to connect with your objective public and get to know them better by discovering their tastes and preferences. The La Sencilla agency posed a series of questions to followers of Café Saula. The responses to these questions provided information that was relevant enough to carry out a subsequent qualification and classification of leads. Below we explain how all this was accomplished.


Infographic about how users share the online contest they participate in

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Users who participate in online sweepstakes and contests are proactive when it comes to sharing the promotions with their contacts and friends across the social networks. According to data extracted from more than 200 Premium promotions, in which over 140,000 people have taken part, 54.40% of users viralize the promotion link in at least one of the proposed social networks. When contests reward users who manage to convert their friends into participants via the recruiting system, this percentage rises to 99.31%. But even when the promotion doesn’t offer this incentive, an average of 45.76% of users share the promotion link at some point during their participation.


14 basic steps to disseminate and highlight a campaign in your Facebook Page
How to disseminate and highlight a campaign on Facebook

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Have you created an online campaign that you would like to disseminate among followers of your Facebook Page? In this post we explain all the steps that you should follow in order to publish a campaign correctly to your Facebook Page and communicate it to your followers with optimum effectiveness. We will also give you some tips and suggestions for obtaining maximum visibility for your campaigns to help you reach as many people as possible.


Darrell Keezer, CEO of Candybox Marketing

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Darrell Keezer, CEO of Candybox Marketing, is considered a leading expert on generating new customers using Search & Social Media Marketing. Darrell has helped many large franchise organizations by creating lead-generation programs that actually work. Author of 37 Ways Your Website Died, Darrell has launched over 300 websites, trained over 1000 business owners in Social Media and spoken at over 100 events on Digital Marketing. Darrell is able to use his experience to teach businesses how to attract, engage, and convert clicks into customers.

darrell keezer ceo marketing


Twitter – Now you can send private group messages
private messages Twitter

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Last January 27, Twitter announced two important new features that would widen the range of possibilities and functionalities of its social network: private group messages and mobile video capture. With the development of group messages, Twitter has managed to position itself as an alternative to “instant messaging.” It is also noteworthy that it now gives place to video – a content that is becoming increasingly relevant in social media and that Twitter has needed to accommodate.


What are Facebook custom audiences and what are they for?
Facebook custom audiences

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Facebook’s Custom Audience is a resource that Facebook Pages offer for generating lists of specific users. It is used for making sure that the adverts and posts sponsored by Facebook are displayed to your specific target audience.


Facebook will update the number of Likes on March 12
Facebook will update the number of Likes

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Facebook is still pursuing its mission to give greater value to “likes”. One of the latest changes made by the company aims to achieve this. This change is: High quality fans. 

Facebook wants to provide administrators with updated and consistent information about the users who actively follow their Pages. Their objective is to help Pages be more effective at reaching a public that is genuinely interested in their brand. In order to do so, Facebook announced that starting on March 12 it will update Pages’ Like counts by removing inactive or disabled accounts.