Update of the Easypromos platform: all the new features
Update of the Easypromos platform

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We have updated the Easypromos platform with a collection of new features and improvements to improve the experience of the administrator when configuring and managing campaigns. Here are just some of the new features: a redesigned administration area; a creation wizard to guide you through the process; some new statistics with data about My Networks and the number of clicks on the ‘share’ buttons. Discover all the new features in this post.


Inbound Marketing – What it is and how to use it in your online strategy
inbound marketing what it is

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You’ve probably heard a lot about inbound marketing lately, since this methodology is gaining more followers every day because of its effectiveness. In this post we explain what inbound marketing is and how to incorporate Easypromos as a tool to improve your strategy on this field.


How to present a loyalty program to clients by way of a recruiting contest

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Case study of the company MAPFRE, which organized a promotion across the social networks with the aim of publicizing a loyalty campaign aimed at clients. To achieve a high level of diffusion of the campaign, a recruiting system was used in which users had to viralize the promotion in order to get 5 friends to take part. Below, we explain how the campaign was developed, its principal objectives and the benefits obtained.


How to loyalize clients with promotional codes for discounted cinema tickets

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This is a case study of the movie-theater chain, Yelmo Cines, which organized a promotion across the social networks to reward the loyalty of its clients. The promotion consisted in awarding each participant with a discount code redeemable for a discounted cinema ticket. Below we explain what the campaign involved, its principal challenge and the final results.


Call-to-action button for Facebook Pages
Facebook Call to action button - Easypromos

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Last December, Facebook announced a new feature for Facebook Business Pages providing the opportunity to add a call-to-action button to a Page. This new button first became available in the US, and has gradually been incorporated into Pages from other countries. The aim of this new button is to encourage followers to carry out an action from the Page. This action could be making a purchase, or signing up for example. Below, we explain which types of buttons are available and how to apply them to your Pages. We also provide some tips for getting the most out of this button.


Customer survey with a double prize: Case Study of Golden Hotels by Bitlonia.com

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To get to know the opinions of their clients this hotel chain created a multi-language survey with the help of the Bitlonia agency. The survey was installed in the Facebook Page of the hotel chain. They also disseminated the survey to the chain’s client database in order to obtain feedback from customers and update their contact details. Everyone who took part in the survey was rewarded with a promotional code that could be redeemed for a discount on a stay in the hotel. This direct reward also incentivized participation because it was obtained as soon as the registration form was completed, on the final page. In general, this was a qualitative action that permitted the hotel chain to find out which aspects of its service its clients were pleased with and which aspects needed improving, as well as the expectations and desires of its clients.


Create your Carnival costume contest
Carnival costume contest - Easypromos

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It’s time for Carnival – one of the most creative and original celebrations of the year, where kids and adults alike have fun dressing up as their favourite characters. This festival could be the ideal opportunity to organize a photo contest on your social networks to interact with your followers and customers. Encourage them to share their Carnival photos by taking part in a contest to find out who has the most original costume. Encourage participation by raffling a prize among all participants. As an alternative, make the contest as a Survey for users to vote for their favourite costume.


Create your own Oscars betting pool
Create your Oscars betting pool - Easypromos

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This February 22nd the latest edition of the Oscars will be celebrated. This is one of the most exciting, glamorous and highly anticipated nights of the year. How can you tap into the public’s enthusiasm for the event? How about creating your own Oscars betting pool and challenging your customers and followers to predict who will be the big winners on the night? Your users will have fun making their bets and you can add even more emotion to the contest by raffling off a prize among those who predict correctly.


Share a contest or sweepstakes via Whatsapp, Telegram and Line

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Whatsapp, Telegram and Line, the reference instant messaging apps, have become the preferred means of communication for millions of users worldwide. Whatsapp is one of the most popular, with over 600 million users. Its immediacy, ease of use and compatibility with the operating systems of all smartphones has made it one of the most popular apps for sharing, disseminating and exchanging information.


Around-the-world quiz: a chewing gum case study by Territorio Creativo

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With a highly visual quiz, fans of Wrigley’s 5® chewing gum were invited to demonstrate their knowledge of different world destinations. Destinations that the person who found the winning package would be able to visit during his or her trip around the world courtesy of 5®. In the following case study we reveal an excellent example of how to make the most of the tool, which, in a highly original way, combined the promotions group, the new questionnaires system, and the recruiters tool. Below we show you how.