Ideas for April and May: essentials for a textbook-perfect promotion

April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day; May 1 is International Workers’ Day. In many countries, Mothers’ Day is also celebrated in May. Do you have any promotions planned for these months? With so many important days coming up, there should be plenty of ways to turn one into an idea for a promotion that will excite your fans. Here at Easypromos, we’d like to offer you some hints and tips regarding the best way to organize your contest or promotion more effectively.


Free Pinterest App by Easypromos: install it now in your Facebook pages!

You work hard every day to achieve that your Facebook pages always show all the power of the brand by writting and spreading value content, setting up promotions, asking for suggestions and completing with apps. We know the importance of this issue and we want help you on it: that’s the reason why Easypromos has developed a new free Pinterest App for Facebook pages, which offers an appealing design, an appearance adapted to the new Facebook pages format, and different options to customize it as you like: showing Pinterest boards, latest pins or the pins of a specific board, submitting a branded header, etc.


Ideal Easter promotions

Easter is coming: holidays, kids, spare time, culture, sweets, sun, spring… Take advantage of these vacations and suggest your fans and customers to enjoy the things they like. You can propose them an entertaining and fun promotion, a contest cheering them up to go out and get fun, or motivate them to buy what makes them happy. We explain some ideas which you can adapt to your brand and set up a charming promotion for these days.


7 suggestions and 1 reason to promote World Health Day

Everybody worries about health, although most of us don’t pay attention to it. This is a very important issue in our lives, but we tend to forget about it. World Health day, on 7th April, is a perfect date to communicate with your costumers, users & fans and remember them how significant is to take care of oneself, prevent and recover, so this way one’s life can be happy and complete. How can you promote it? We have just explained the reason, and possibilities are infinite, but we give you some ideas.


New interface to manage your promotions

Easypromos has set up a new interface in order to be more functional for administrators, and with the aim of improving management & control on promotions. Now, setting up contests and draws and managing them will be easier and more intuitive. This upgrade is the phase 1 of a large project with which Easypromos wants to optimize administrators’ experience in our control panel.

With this improvements, you will have the following benefits:

  • Be aware of the state of your promotion publication and solve at the moment the question: “The promo is active but I can’t view it. What configuration aspect have I missed?”
  • Optimized management, in case of a big volume of promos
  • Improve date settings with the new calendar system
  • Easily set up the countries from where people will be able to access the promo
  • Access quickly to all the configuration options of your promotion

If you want to learn more about these changes, you can enter your promotion administration panel or read the following clues.


How to validate the coupons and promotional codes you give away in promotions

One way to conclude a promotion is by giving away promotional codes or coupons to the participants so they can redeem them for gifts or discounts in the store.

Easypromos not only enables you to distribute the codes and coupons automatically at the end of the promotion, but it also provides a Validation Portal so that sales outlets can verify the codes that have been provided to their customers.


Case study – The “Lucky Hours of Rituals”, with Easypromos Winning Moment

The Agency

Mil Personas is an advertising agency specialized in social networks, brand content and trans-media companies.



The Client

Rituals is made up of a combination of cosmetics and accessories for the body and home, offering a collection of quality products which enrich the body and soul. These include face and body treatments, aromatic candles, clothes, fragrances, makeup, etc. Founded in 2000, the company has approximately 870 stores in the Netherlands, Europe, and worldwide, as well as an online store.


The Campaign

A campaign with the slogan “Rituals Lucky Hours” was devised for the Rituals Facebook Page for Spain. The promotion took place over the course of one day. Using Easypromos “Winning Moment” 50 prizes were given away over 10 hours.

A week before the start of the promotion, and during the day of the promo itself, a Facebook Ads campaign was developed and combined with promoted posts. A special newsletter was also sent out to keep fans informed and to encourage them to try their luck on the day of the promotion.


#FathersDay: We suggest some options for you to increase your inventiveness

Father’s Day is coming. Have you already designed a promotion to celebrate it with your fans and costumers? What if you organize a promotion on your Facebook page? With Easypromos you have lots of options: make a quiz for sons to discover the ideal present for their dads, ask fathers for their favourite present, setting up a contest of dedications to fathers, or maybe a photo contest to share photos about fathers & sons. We suggest you some options, and if you want to know more types of promotions and contest, we invite you to follow this link.


Embed the photo gallery of your contest in your website using Easypromos Widget Media

Have you launched a photo contest on your Facebook Page and would now like to embed it in your blog to give it greater visibility? Would you like to organize voting photo or video contest in your website? Easypromos’ Widget Media enables you to embed and display a gallery of contest images on any website, blog, online store or microsite. With Widget Media you can extend the impact of your contest by reaching all the visitors to your website, thus making it an excellent new tool for dynamizing the page and improving the experience of visitors.

If you want to know all the Widgets available in Easypromos, check this link.

Widget Media

Below is an example of a photo gallery embedded in this blog. The user is able to view and navigate between different photos, vote for their favorite photo, share or even take part:



Ideas for applying Widget Media


1. Have you organized a photo contest with Twitter/Instagram?

You’ve organized a photo contest in which participants upload photos directly from their Twitter or Instagram accounts. All that users need to do to participate is to take a photo with their smart phone and tag it with the contest hashtag. The app will automatically include their photos in the contest gallery. With Widget Media you can display the contest gallery on your website or blog, which means that participants’ photos can be seen outside the Facebook application.

So the photo gallery embedded in your website becomes an effective method of updating the contents of your page. Participants constantly renew content by uploading new photos to the gallery, contributing to the improvement of the look & feel of your page, keeping it automatically up-to-date.


2. Would you like visitors to your page to help you decide?

If you’ve launched a new product and would like to find out what potential customers think about it, you can create a ‘pick your favorite’ contest to introduce the different products and encourage fans of your Facebook Page to vote for their favorite. With Widget Media you’ll be able to embed a photo gallery of your new products into your page, allowing you to obtain feedback from your website or blog’s followers, thus generating greater interactivity among your fanbase.

In addition, you can make it a requirement that for users to vote they must first become fans of your Facebook Page. This will enable you to increase your community of followers.

To encourage more users to take part you can reward them for providing their opinion. You could give them a promotional code or carry out a giveaway among all users who have voted.

In Easypromos we’re also interested in your opinion and we’ve prepared a promotion for you to help us to choose the next Easypromos t-shirts. Why not pick your favorite?

Widget Media



3. Your photo or video contest in your webpage

You’ve organized a photo or video contest in Facebook with the aim of dynamizing your page and increasing your number of followers. With Widget Media you can increase visibility and diffusion outside Facebook. By embedding the photo gallery in your webpage you will enable users to interact with the photos in the same way they would in Facebook: viewing and navigating among photos, voting, sharing, commenting, becoming a fan and even taking part in the contest.


Do you want to know all the configuration options with Widget Media? Visit our Online Helpdesk to learn all the possibilities.


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Case study: Floqq and the giveaway with recruiting. 110,000 users in a month.

The client is the biggest search engine for Spanish language video courses. In Floqq you can find courses of all types – from entrepreneurship, online marketing and computer programming to doing yoga and making sushi. Thanks to their apps for iPhone, iPad and Android you can learn anything you like from the comfort of your own home!

Floqq operates from Silicon Valley. It began in 2012 and has already changed the model for traditional training. Their video courses are aimed at Spanish speakers all over the world. Its expansion has been extremely quick, particularly throughout Latin America, where it has spread across the whole continent and become a benchmark in online training.


The campaign

Floqq wanted to break the mold with an irresistible offer: a free giveaway of five iPhone 5s.


The challenge

The principal objective was to enlarge their database dramatically over a short period of time. Floqq also decided to turn the project into a perfect example of growth hacking, proving that they could beat any record in these types of promotions.


The solution

The Easypromos Premium app was chosen for the development of the giveaway and the capture of participants. The recruiting system was essential for achieving the desired viral effect. Thanks to this system when a participant invited his/her friends to take part, he/she automatically obtained more chances to take part in the giveaway, therefore increasing the likelihood of winning, and thus promoting a snowball effect.

All this in combination with the magic of Floqq’s marketing team, made this promotion into an unprecedented success. A lot of work was put into promotion diffusion; a variety of actions were carried out such as the creation of direct accesses from the Floqq webpage. An email marketing campaign was also carried out, explaining to participants how they could become recruiters. This action enabled a high grade of participation of users in the recruiting system.

The results

  • Increase in the database: more than 110,000 new users registered to their platform.
  • Increase in the number of fans of their Page in Facebook: 80,000 new fans.


Experience with Easypromos

Easypromos has an extremely high technical quality; its wide range of options for creating promotions really makes it stand out from the rest. The entire process is both easy and intuitive, while the personal touch offered by the team helped us in the day-to-day running of the promotion. There’s no doubt that we’ll be placing our trust in Easypromos for our next promotion.”



“The greater the ambition, the better the results. It’s about being ready to break barriers, and to do that it’s essential to learn something new every second. It’s the difference between reading stories and being a part of them. Go BIG or go home.”

Fernando González de Villaumbrosia
Growth Hacker at Floqq


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