12 Very Frequently Asked Questions about Facebook Timeline Contests
Frequent Questions Facebook

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Do you want to organize a Facebook Timeline contest to energize your fanpage but you get stuck with a lot of questions? Check these 12 Frequently Asked Questions about this type of promotion, then try this type of sweepstakes for yourself… You’ll see that it increases the interaction on your posts on average by 1000% compared to the posts you have now. It’s an ideal tool to awaken your community and increase the reach of your fanpage.


6 Ideas for a Selfie Video Contest

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The huge growth in smartphone use and the ongoing craze for selfies have created a very favorable climate for video contests. Until recently, video contests weren’t used often because making, editing, and uploading a video to a platform required too much effort from participants. But new technology has made it almost as easy to enter a contest with a video as with a photo. And if you ask participants to film themselves talking – or answering a question – about something they’re interested in, you have all the ingredients for a successful contest. Would you like some more ideas on how to get started with your first video contest? Ask your target audience to submit video selfies!


Valentine’s Day promotions – the most used prized to incentivize participation
Valentines Day Infographic

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You know you want to promote your product or your brand for Valentine’s Day but maybe you’re unsure of which prize to give away to attract the participant? It’s a typical question when you begin to plan you promotional campaign and more if it’s the first time you organize this type of marketing action. In this post we’ll give you some information about the most used prizes in this type of campaign and some advice on how to decide what would be a good prize to incentivize the participation of your audience. Achieve a good diffusion of your brand so that the users think of your products when they are going to buy their Valentine’s present.


How to run a YouTube sweepstakes to promote your product or brand
Youtube Sweepstakes

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If you work in marketing, you already know that visual content is king, thanks to how it engages with the public. And you’ll almost certainly be aware of the phenomenal growth of YouTube, which now has over a billion users. You also might know that during an average month, eight out of 10 people between the ages of 18 and 49 watch YouTube. For this reason, you should think about making the most of this platform to promote your products. We outline the key methods for doing this below.


Ideas to create a Facebook Live Survey
Ideas Facebook Live Survey

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Do you want to test the possibilities of Facebook Live on your Facebook page? Create a live survey with the application Facebook Live Polls without the need of having any technical knowledge. This tool allows you to ask your community about some matter that awakens their interest and is aligned with the goals of your brand so that you achieve to increase the engagement of your followers with your Facebook page and increase the organic reach remarkably. Do you need some ideas to implement this marketing action in your Facebook page? Use one of the ideas that we explain below.


Study: Facebook Sweepstakes Generate 1000% More Engagement than Standard Promotional Posts
Facebook sweepstakes

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  • Facebook Sweepstakes Hosted through the Easypromos Platform Increase 250%; Results Show More Likes, Comments, Shares and Followers.


Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced the results of a six-month study of Facebook promotions which found that Sweepstakes posted on a Facebook page receive, on average, more than 1000% more interactions than a standard promotional post on the same page. Facebook sweepstakes enable Facebook page owners to host a giveaway among followers who like or comment on a post.

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Social Media Promotions: 5 Tips to Stay Out of Trouble
Social Media Promotions: 5 Tips to Stay Out Of Trouble

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Social Media platforms are a quick and easy way to set up prize promotions. However they still need to be run fairly and compliantly, with both local laws and best practices, and the various, often complex rules of the individual social media platforms.


Running contests and sweepstakes in Italy

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In Italy, contests and sweepstakes are subject to complex regulations. The chief difficulty resides in the fact that these regulations are open to interpretation. If you want to organize a sweepstakes or contest in Italy, you must take a lot of things into account. And you must respect the regulations if you wish to avoid the severe penalties imposed when procedures are not followed.
Sonia Travaglini from Promosfera, an Italian agency specialized in organizing contests and sweepstakes, takes us through the steps involved in organizing a promotion in Italy.


6 Trends Shaping Digital Promotions in 2017

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Toronto, Barcelona, January 6, 2017 –Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced its Forecast for Trends Shaping Digital promotions in 2017. According to the company, 2016 demonstrated an increasingly intensifying digital promotions environment as businesses, agencies and brands focused a greater share of marketing efforts on online and social media channels to engage with a growing digital audience. Looking ahead, the company forecasts that digital promotions will continue to solidify themselves as a cornerstone of innovative marketing programs globally, with marketers embracing new tools and capabilities launched by social media channels.