10 ideas for incorporating Twitter and Instagram in your Facebook contests and promotions

Without a doubt, Facebook is still the most popular social network, but if you complement it with other social networks such as Twitter and Instagram, you can expand the reach of your promotion even further. In this post we have a look at what these other exciting networks can offer and how you can take advantage of them.

10 contest ideas instagram twitter



Twitter is highly effective for classifying information by means of a hashtag. It is also very quick and simple to use. It is worth bearing in mind other features offered by this network such as retweets or the option of adding photos to tweets. Lastly, we should add that published tweets reach all your followers since there are no algorithms limiting visibility.


The most significant feature of Instagram is that it deals principally with photos and enables users to edit them by adding filters and frames. It has recently begun allowing users to edit and upload videos too, making it the number one social network for visual people who like to get creative.

It also gives you the chance to monitor entries via hashtag, and offers the advantage that photos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare, or even by email. As with Twitter publications, photos reach all your followers.


AndorraQshop: combine discount coupons and a final prize in a single photo contest


This e-commerce increased its fan base and its visitors and sales to the web thanks to a selfie photo contest. All the participants on the photocontest received a discount coupon to buy in it. Moreover,  10 most voted photos went into the raffle to achieve the prize: 300€ to spend on the online shop.


The Client

AndorraQshop is a website that specializes in the sale of top-brand fashion goods (sunglasses, jewelry and watches) at an economic price. They offer a wide range of items – over 7,000 – including the newest products in the sector. Their prices are among the most competitive on the market and they frequently offer discounts and sweepstakes via social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.


The Campaign

In order to increase their number of Facebook fans they decided to carry out a photo contest with the theme of spring. The contest, entitled “Win 300 euros with your spring selfie,” offered a prize of 300€ to the winner. The idea was to take advantage of the trend for selfies in order to dynamize the contest. The contest organizer presented the participants with links where their entry could be voted for, and also gave them a daily update of the rankings to keep up the excitement levels.

photo contest

The Challenge

The main objective was to increase the company’s social mass in Facebook and obtain a positive ROI in sales. They also wanted to get the brand known by more people and reinforce their already positive image among internet users.


Tiled gallery for photo, video and writing contests

Are you planning on organizing a writing or story contest to encourage your fans to show off their literary side? Would you like to organize a micro-story contest in Twitter? Would you like to find out which of your fans is the most talented writer? Or would you like your participants to be able to upload photos and videos as well? In this post we introduce the newly designed tiled template, which now allows different types of entries – photos, writings, and so on – to be displayed together in the same gallery.

Demo #LoveTravel

We’ve prepared a DEMO to show you how text, photo and video entries are displayed in this contest carried out via Twitter and Instagram. The #LoveTravel hashtag allows you to import all the photos, videos and tweets that are tagged with it. You’ll also be able to see the contest gallery embedded as a Widget in a webpage.


Demo #TravelTips

Presenting the gallery of a text-only contest in which the #TravelTips hashtag has been used to import participants’ travel tips into the gallery. You can see the gallery of tips embedded in a webpage as a Widget.



Text, photo and video contests integrated with Twitter and Instagram

Would you like to carry out a sweepstakes where users can take part with a tweet? Would you like to create a photo contest where users can take part directly with their Instagram photos? Or do you simply want to create a gallery of photos and videos linked by a #hashtag? We present integrations with Twitter and Instagram. This feature enables you to create online contests and campaigns in which users may participate with content generated from these social networks. Such promotions provide users with a quick and easy way of participating, and they are also an effective viral tool.

twitter and instagram contest

In this post you can read in detail about these two integrations and learn the following:

How does it work?

The promotion administrator creates a campaign-specific #hashtag via their administration panel so that users can also participate from Twitter y/o Instagram. From the moment that the hashtag is introduced, the application will automatically import all the new content that comes from these social networks with the #hashtag.

In this way you can create a photo or video contest in which users participate directly by sending a tweet with an image or by uploading a photo/video to Instagram along with the #hashtag. This content will automatically appear as a new participation in the contest. The participation will appear alongside the participant’s Twitter or Instagram username.

This same example can be applied to video contests in which users upload multimedia from Instagram, or to text-based contests in which users send their text in a tweet.

NoteFor these types of contests it is very important to define an appropriate #hashtag. In the following article we outline our recommendations for choosing an effective #hashtag for your campaigns.


The user who takes part via Twitter or Instagram can receive a reply message established previously from the organizer, thanking them for their participation. The organizer can use all the Easypromos administration tools to interact with the participant: monitoring, publishing, exporting, sending notifications, enabling voting, enabling sharing, etc.

If you’d like to try a DEMO to get a taste of the user’s experience, access this link and follow the instructions.



SUP Ventur Café: a video contest with voting to choose 5 projects to be presented live

The Agency

The Junior Achievement Foundation is the largest educational non-profit organization in the world dedicated to entrepreneurial education. It trains young people via programs based on a “Learning by doing” methodology. Since 2001 we have been working in Spain to boost young talent and encourage young people’s entrepreneurial spirit. We aim to provide them with the necessary tools for fostering the key skills that will aid their transition into the professional world.

The Client

Startup Program is one of the programs developed by the Foundation in collaboration with the Fundación Universidad-Empresa. It is an international organization, working in 17 European countries – all members of Junior Achievement. It consists of a nationwide inter-university entrepreneurial program, bringing together entrepreneurial minds from some of the top Spanish universities. By way of a voluntary tutoring and mentoring scheme students develop their initial proposal into a valid business plan, the aim of which is to convincingly demonstrate the viability of their idea. A national final is then held in which a winner can go on to compete with the SUP winners of the other 16 European countries in an international final.


The Campaign

The SUP VENTURE CAFÉ (#SUPMVC) was the first networking event created by the Start-up Program (SUP) and Madrid Venture Café (MVC) to provide entrepreneurs, tutors and advisors with a meeting point in which to hold a relaxed exchange of ideas, promoting synergies via networking. It is principally aimed at connecting the young students participating in Junior Achievement’s “Start-up Program” with successful entrepreneurs.


The Challenge

With the objective of making the event more attractive and dynamic we proposed the presentation of two case studies of previous SUP editions (Radarbar and One2Park). We also gave five projects taking part in the current edition the opportunity to present their pitch at the event. This enabled participants to promote their project and receive feedback from experts, helping them prepare themselves for the national final.

challenge video presentation


12 ideas to help you carry out successful video contests

Until recently, video-based contests posed certain problems for both promotion organizers and entrants, particularly at the point of participation in the contest. However, most of these obstacles have been steadily overcome and there are now more advantages than ever to carrying out this type of contest.

Videos are, together with photos, the most viral and oft-consumed media content on the social networks. The power of visual content is unquestionable and there is no doubt that its supremacy continues to grow throughout the sphere of online communication.

ideas video contest

We are facing an important change in terms of the way we access and consume information. The rapid evolution of smartphones and tablets and their continual improvement mean that people use these devices more and more frequently for the following sorts of activities:

  • Accessing the internet.
  • As a form of entertainment (especially taking photos or recording videos).
  • Taking part in social networks.


Everything you need to know about apps in the new design for Facebook Pages

Last March Facebook announced a change in the design of its Pages for businesses and enterprises. As of June 13 2014 the new design will be applied to all pages. In this post we analyze the new features and look at the implications for applications installed in the pages. Finally we give you a series of tips and recommendations for getting the most out of the new design. You will see that it’s very beneficial in drawing the attention of your fans to the applications.

In this post we explain the following points about the new Facebook design for its Business Pages:


How applications are displayed

Two direct accesses to applications. With the new Facebook design, applications are granted even greater visibility. They are displayed in the menu that can be found beneath the cover image, in the column on the left. The images that go with the applications maintain the same measurements (111x74px) and are now located in the column on the left. The title of the promotion located in the menu beneath the cover photo is shown at a bigger size, giving it improved visibility.

promotion tab

Three highlighted applications. In the left-hand column a section has been reserved for displaying apps developed by third parties (not by Facebook). In this space the 111×74 pixel icon of the app is shown. Previously only two applications would appear by default, meaning that the new design gives greater prominence to apps.


Facebook contests last minute ideas for World Cup Brazil 2014

Next 12th June the Brazil World Cup starts. Take advantage of this event to organize a promotional action on your Facebook Page and interact with your followers. Challenge your fans to guess the winner of the competition, or if you prefer, organize a photo or video contest to discover how your fans support their national team. Based on our current offer of promotions we have decided to share some ideas that will help you dynamize your Page and connect with your fans taking advantage of the Brazil World Cup.

Facebook ideas Brazil World Cup

Below we suggest some ideas for designing your contest and celebrate Brazil World Cup with fans of your Facebook page:


# 1 Simple Pool

Who will be the winner of the Brazil World Cup? Who will be the top scorer of the World Cup? Organize a pool to guess the result of a specific match or the final result of the competition, and let your fans have fun by placing their bets.

In order to encourage participation, you can carry out a final sweepstakes among all participants. And in order to give more emotion to the competition, only those users who guessed the result can opt for the prize.


Discover how to create a Pool with Easypromos


# 2 Complete Pool for each World Cup game

Your fans love football? Take all the games of the competition to your Facebook Page by creating a complete betting-pool of the whole competition. In this way, users will be able to guess the result of all the games.

In order to do so, plan the action with different promotions, one promotion for each game, and take advantage of ‘Promotions Groups’ feature to manage the campaign: you will be able to create multiple promotions during the World Cup competition, and group the promotions together on the same distributing page. And in order to encourage competitiveness among the users, enable the global ranking: the ranking will add together all the points obtained by each user, and participants will be able to know the position they occupy in the ranking.

Tip: Focus the pool on the games played by the national team of your users. This will make them feel more motivated to take part in the pool. 


Group promotions: How to organize a campaign with multiple promotions

Are you planning on organizing a week-long promotional action on your Facebook Page with a different prize raffled each day? Would you like to create a quiz in which a new question is asked every day? Do you want to launch multiple promotions based on the same theme and group them together on a single screen? In this post we explain how you can prepare these sorts of actions using Promotions Groups – a feature that enables you to display a collection of promotions on the same screen, forming a single promotional campaign.

Promotions Groups


Here are the contents of this post:


Before we begin, would you like to see a DEMO?

Find out how to present a promotions group with this World Cup Pool.


What are Promotions Groups?

A group is a collection of individual promotions which form part of the same promotional campaign or which are connected in some way.

There are situations in which planning a promotional activity lasting various days can be an interesting way of creating new mechanisms for attracting fans: daily sweepstakes, quizzes with a new question each day, contests in various phases, etc.

With the aim of making it easier to manage these types of promotions we have developed Promotions Groups, a feature that enables you to present a collection of individual promotions on the same page.

Below we explain the main characteristics of promotion groups:


1. Distributing home page of individual promotions. All the promotions that form part of the same group are presented on a home page which serves as the distributing page. On this page the promotions are grouped according to their status: active, inactive or coming soon. This means that users can quickly see which promotions he/she can take part in, which have finished and which will soon be active.

The home page also offers various customization options, which allow administrators to design a specific image for the group while keeping the same style for all the promotions. Discover all the customization options of the home page.


2. Single registration across the promotions. With promotions groups you can prepare a number of individual promotions that only require a single registration process. This means that a user can take part in as many promotions as he/she likes but will only have to fill in the registration form the first time. In this way, users can take part in all the promotions in the group and not have to worry about filling in the form again and again. The app will recover the registration information provided by the user in the first promotion.

Without a doubt this makes the registration process for the promotions in the group quicker and more comfortable for participants.


3. Global ranking of participants. Have you organized a quiz-based contest? With Promotions Groups you can activate the global ranking of participants to publish the score obtained by each user. The ranking places together all users who have taken part in promotions from the same group, and it shows the participants according to their score.

This option is especially interesting in score-based competitions, such as betting pools or guess-the-right-answer type quizzes in which participants are rewarded depending on their results. The global ranking will help to bolster competitiveness among users and generate excitement around your contests.

Promotions Groups


Video contests synchronized with Dropbox: news, features and ideas

Would you like to create a video contest in which users can upload files directly from their smartphone or PC? Would you like to have access to the original videos? Would you like to be able to upload the videos from the contest to your YouTube channel? In this post we explain how you can do all this synchronizing your account with Dropbox.

video contest on Facebook


Below you can see the contents of this post: