Create a ‘pick your favorite’ promotion with Easypromos

Have you organized an event and want to run a voting contest with all the pictures of the event? Do you have a selection of pictures of your users and want to open a voting period? Do you want to know what your users think about a product you are about to launch? With ‘Pick your favourite’ contests you can upload a series of pictures, videos or stories to the application and make your users pick their favourite option. You’ll encourage the active participation of your followers, while you increase the fans database of your Facebook page.

Pick your favorite promotion with Easypromos

What are ‘Pick your favourite’ contests like

In ‘Pick your favourite’ promotions the Facebook page asks their followers to vote for a series of photos, videos or stories that have been posted by the page administrator. This way, unlike photo and video contests, where the user uploads the content to be voted, in ‘Pick your favourite’ contests it’s the page administrator who posts the images that have to be voted by the followers of the page.

With the aim to generate interaction and improve the engagement with the fans of the page, this type of contest becomes an excellent way to pick your users’ opinions with their votes. So, for example, imagine a company which is about to launch a new range of products, what could be better way to discover what is the preferred product than asking directly to the possible customers of the brand. Therefore, by showing the images of the different products in a picture gallery, the users who are fan of the page will be able to decide what product they prefer and vote for it.

In order to achieve good levels of participation, one of the best incentives is to draw a prize among all the participants who voted. For example, if the objective of the contest is to make the users vote among a series of products, it can be really interesting to draw the most voted product.


What’s the user experience like?

In a ‘Pick your favourite’ contest the images suggested by the page administrator are published in a public gallery. Users don’t participate by sending their own pictures, but voting the pictures suggested by the administrator.

If you want to create a contest and ask your users to upload their images, check this tutorial.

The user that wants to participate will need to go the main page of the promotion, where they’ll find a link that will allow them to access the public photo gallery, as it’s shown on the following image:

Easypromos - Pick your favourite

By clicking on this link, users will access directly to the public list of entries, where they’ll be able to see a list with all the pictures, videos and texts suggested by the administrator. In case of photos, users will be able to enlarge each of the images by clicking on each of the photos.

Easypromos - View entries

For each of the entries, users can:

  • Vote through the blue button next to the entry.
  • Share the entry on Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, images have a unique URL assigned, so users can use this URL to share directly the entry.
  • Comment the image, if the administrator has enabled this option.
Do you want to see how users vote in a ‘Pick your favourite’ contest?

Check out this online demo


Configuration tutorial for ‘Pick your favourite’ contests

‘Pick your favourite’ contests are available in Easypromos Premium and White Label versions. Below we explain you how to set up the contest step by step.


PHASE 1. Creating the promotion and configuring the basic options

1. Install Easypromos Basic or White Label. You can follow our installation guide:

2. Create a promotion. You must go to the administration panel and click on the “Create New Promotion” button, located on the top right corner of the screen.

Easypromos - Create new promotion

3. Complete the form with the promotion basic information:

  • Title and description. Title is one of the mandatory fields of the form and should describe what the promotion is about. Use the description field to explain in more detail the mechanics of the contest, the dates when participation is allowed, the prize, etc. This field allows to use HTML code, so you can enrich the text with links, videos, etc.
  • Default language. This option allows you to select the default language with which you want the contents of the promotion to be displayed to the user.
  • Countries of the promotion. With this field you’ll be able to filter the promotion by country, this way allowing the participation only to the users from a specific country.
  • Terms and conditions. Although this isn’t a mandatory field, we recommend you to specify the terms and conditions of the promotion, giving information of interest for the user, such as the mechanics of the contest, the selection of the winners, etc.
  • Promotion dates. Select your time zone and the dates you want your promotion to be active.

4. Basic configurations of the contest. In order to create a ‘Pick your favourite’ contest, you should focus on the following items:

  • Make entries public: by selecting this field, all the photos you upload will be public. They will be posted on an Easypromos page that can be accessed from the contest tab.

Easypromos - Make entries public

  • Make entries votable: this is the field that will allow your users to vote the images you upload to the application, since checking this field will activate the voting boxes and the Easypromos voting system.

Easypromos - Make entries votable

  • Only fans can vote: by checking this field, if the user is not a fan of the page they’ll be required to “Like” the page in order to vote.

Easypromos - Only fans can vote

  • Comments field: This is an optional field that will allow you to add a description to each photo or video you upload.

Easypromos - Comments field

  • “Do you want the users to upload graphic media?” field: This is the field that will allow you to upload the images you want the users to vote. If you want to upload photos, you must select the option “Only pictures”, if you want to upload videos, then you must select the option “Only videos”, and if you want to suggest either pictures and videos, then you can select the option “Either a picture or a video”.

Easypromos - Upload graphic media

  • Image field: In this field you should write a title, which will enable the option to upload images to the application. This title can only be seen by the administrator, so you can think of a title such as “Upload the pictures for the contest”.

Easypromos - Image field

5. Upload the main image of the promotion: This is the image that will represent your promotion, next to the title and description. Although it’s not mandatory, if you upload an image your promotion will be more visible and will look more attractive.

Easypromos - Upload main image promotion


PHASE 2. Configuring the voting

Once we have uploaded the main image of the contest, we’ll have the promotion created, although we’ll need to focus on some more advanced options which are to be found on the edit form:

1. Maximum entries per user. By default, this field is enabled to maximum 1 entry per user, but as we’ll need to upload several images for the users to vote, we must leave this field empty. This way, we’ll be able to upload to the gallery as many pictures as we need.

Easypromos - Maximum entries per user

2. Allow comments on entries. This field is optional and allows your users to comment the photos.

Easypromos - Allow comments on entries

3. Anonymous entries. This field allows you to hide the name and Facebook profile of the user that uploads the images to the gallery. As in this case it’s the administrator the one that uploads the images, probably we might want to hide this information.

Easypromos - Anonymous entries

4. Get the email of the users who voted. Check this option if you want to obtain the email of the users who voted. Users must accept the application permissions to get the Facebook email automatically and accept the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Easypromos - Get the email of the users who vote

5. Make public the number of votes. This field allows to make public the number of votes for each entry. It might be interesting in some occasions to hide the vote counter, especially in contests where the pictures or videos of the users are put to a vote, creating this way a more exciting competition. You’ll be able to hide and show the vote counter at any time.

Easypromos - Make public the number of votes

6. Maximum votes per user. You can specify how many times a user can vote. If you prefer that users can only vote once, then you should write 1 in this field.

Easypromos - Maximum votes per user

7. Upload the images for the promotion. In the section “Images for the promotion” in the edit form you’ll be able to upload the different images of your promotion (main image, header, etc.). Although they are not mandatory, with these images you can increase all the customization possibilities, making your promotion look much more attractive for the user.

We explain you all the graphic requirements to create the promotion on the following link.


8. Promotion dates. One of the most frequently asked question of page administrators is how to hide the “Enter” button which is displayed on the main page of the promotion. You can hide this button by playing with the “end of registration date”, which must be a future date. This way, as the registry process is not open, the “Enter” button will not be displayed. For instance, if you want your promotion to last from 1st until 30th June, you can establish the start of registration date on the 30th June, so that the “Enter” button is not displayed.

Below we show you a formula that can be useful in order to correctly configure the start of registration date: START OF REGISTRATION DATE  = END OF REGISTRATION DATE = END OF PUBLICATION DATE.


PHASE 3. Uploading the images to the gallery

Once you have created the promotion and configured all its functionalities, it’s time to post the images that we want our users to vote. Below we’ll explain you how to upload the images to the gallery step by step, a process that you’ll need to follow for each new picture you want to upload.


1. Go to the entries list. You must access the administration panel of your promotion and click on the link “View entries”.

Easypromos - List of entries

2. Create a new entry. This step will allow you to upload all the pictures you want the users to vote.

Easypromos - Create new entry

3. Upload the images to be voted. By clicking on the previous button, we’ll access the registry form, where we will need to select the image we want to upload. We can add a description in the field below.

Easypromos - Select the pictures

Note 1: Although your administration name is displayed in this form, your name will not be displayed in the public pictures gallery, since you have enabled the option “Anonymous entries”.

Note 2: We’ll need to repeat step 2 and 3 as many times as images we wish to upload. When we have finished uploading all the images, we can use the preview tool to see how the pictures gallery is looking before publishing.

Easypromos - Final list of entries

If you need to delete any of the pictures you have uploaded, you’ll be able to do it at any time by accessing the section “View entries” from your administration panel.


PHASE 4. Activating and publishing the promotion

A promotion will be posted in the tab on the Facebook page if the promotion is active (the corresponding payment has been made) and within the start and end dates.

In order to activate the promotion, you will need to access the link “Activate” from the administration panel. The payment of the promotion will be made through the Paypal platform, by means of a Paypal account or directly using a credit card. Once activated, the promotion will change from “Drafts” tab to “Active”.

Now it’s time to get to know your promotion so that the followers of your page are the first to know about it. In order to publish the contest properly, we recommend you to read some tips on how to correctly share the promotion in the Timeline of your page. If you wish to give your promotion the maximum diffusion, you can feature your promotion with a featured campaign of Easypromos and gain more visibility.


What information do administrators obtain?

As soon as users start voting, you’ll be able to access the entries list. For each picture you’ll obtain the following information:

  • Total votes.
  • Information of the users who voted: name, email, time of the vote and IP address from where they voted.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to export this list into a CSV or Excel file, which will allow you to recover all the information about the users who voted, as it’s shown on the following image:

Easypromos - export list of entries


Do  you need ideas?

  • Do you want to analyse the tastes of your followers to make better decisions in your company?
  • Have you organized a photocall in your physical company and want your users to be the ones who vote the best pictures?
  • A company that sells sports shoes could ask: What design do you like best for the next season? Vote for your favourite design.
  • A fast food business: How would you like us to serve this meal? Vote for the photo you like best.
  • A magazine with Facebook presence: Which celebrity video do you think is the most glamorous? If you’re a fan of the magazine, vote for the most glamorous video.


Alternative mechanics

If you have few images or videos for your users to vote, you can prepare a photo or video voting using a question and answer contest: it will allow you to suggest the voting to your users by creating a question and presenting them the images or videos on the form of an answer.

Below we show you an example of using a question and answer contest to make the users vote for a series of pictures:

Easypromos - Pick your favourite with a quiz

Creating a voting contest by means of a questionnaire will allow you to obtain additional information about the user, since users will be required to fill in the registry form with their personal information at the end of the voting. Furthermore, you’ll be able to run a sweepstake among all the participants using the Easypromos tool to select the winners randomly, as well as reward the users who have recruited more friends to the contest.

If you want to create a voting contest with a question and answer questionnaire, check out this link.



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