Easypromos: Tricks to improve your LAMP servers scalability

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Easypromosapp is Facebook application with more than 500.000 monthly active users and therefore must achieve a high level of scalability in order to serve a huge amount of requests from numerous simultaneously active promotions.

As there are many large promotions in the system, each with a time limit, there is the possibility that the server might become overloaded if it is not dimensioned and prepared for scaling.

The most important way to achieve high scalability is to optimize the application. You must find bottlenecks early and make swift decisions about caching commonly used resources. It’s very important to optimize the most-used URLs, even generating static files when necessary.

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3 good practices for creating an effective promotion in facebook

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In Easypromos we see many promotions every day. Since we set up the application over 25,000 promotions have been created. With this amount of information it is not complicated to detect recurring patterns and certain common practices in those promotions that have achieved most visibility. From the vantage point of privileged observers that this position gives us we want to share with you a summary of the best practices for achieving an effective promotion. For us, an effective promotion is one which gains the maximum number of fans. We are aware that this is a partial reading of the concept of ‘effectiveness’ but it will suffice for the purpose of this blog.

3 Good practices for creating an effective promotion in Facebook

1. The prize is important

We are not revealing anything new when we say that the prize offered in the promotion or prize draw is one of the principal factors in influencing participation. We can confirm that the promotions which have gained most fans have been those that offered the best prizes, from iPads to free flights. Depending on the value of the prize, the user will be more or less willing to participate. Our recommendation is to use simple promotions if the prize is small and more complex promotions if the prize is valuable. A simple promotion could consist, for example, of creating a promotion in which the user just has to be a fan of the page in order to participate. An example of a more complex promotion could be one in which the user must upload a video.

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