How to increase your Facebook fans by 50.000 in 10 hours

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As social media is constantly changing, so is the way businesses interact with their customers online. The Facebook fan page has become a very important channel to increase engagement and loyalty.  And let’s be honest, brands love showing off their number of fans. It has become the Klout score for businesses, together with the Twitter followers of course.

However Facebook is a lot more flexible in terms of communication. We have all seen our news feed flooded by friends participating in sweepstakes  or have done so ourselves. Why not? It takes usually less than a minute and keeps our spirits high for a few hours while we daydream about this amazing holiday package to the Maldives or a free flight to Tokyo, or the latest Cannon camera…  And we actually get obsessed and start inviting our friends in order to increase our chances to win. So how does this translate into benefits for the brand?

Vueling Day & Easypromos

Vueling, a low-cost airline, owned by Spanish carrier Iberia, saw their fans increase by over  50.000 in 10 hours.  How did this happen? Well, it is not rocket science and definitely not about buying fans in bulk, just a bit of creativity and having the right tools.

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Easypromos White Label promotions: How they work and the advantages they offer
Benefits White Label promotions

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White Label version is the most complete product of Easypromos: it gathers all functionalities which are present at Premium version but, additionally, it has its own features which allow to differentiate White Label product from the rest. In this post we explain you what are the unique features of White Label promotions, as well as the benefits they offer. If you want to discover all the features and compare them with Basic and Premium versions, check our comparative table.


How to create a photo contest in Facebook with Easypromos (Part 1)
concurso fotos

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One of the most effective and popular promotions in Easypromos is the photo contest with votes. Such contests, if well managed, provide a way of increasing the number of fans, the virality of a Page, the brand awareness on social media and the activity among followers of a Page.


Configuring the Easypromos registration form
custom entry form

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Users take part in an Easypromos promotion by filling in a registration form. This form can be configured by the administrator from the promotion administration panel. In this post we explain how to set up and customize the registration form of a promotion or contest.


Offer Promotional Codes to Fans of a Facebook Page

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A very important marketing tool for attracting new clients to a company is offering discounts. Discounts can be obtained through the use of coupons as well as promotional codes.

Promotional codes can be applied during the online buying process. At the moment of payment many internet businesses offer users the chance to insert a code, made up of numbers and letters, in order to obtain a special discount. Thus, the use of promotional codes is part of online purchasing.

Offer Promotional Codes to Fans of a Facebook Page

Here is the usual process in a promotional codes campaign:

  1. Define the type of discount you wish to apply.
  2. Define the target users who will benefit from this discount.
  3. Define the end-date of the discount.
  4. Create the list of promotional codes.
  5. Distribute the promotional codes.

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How to manage competitions: public voting

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At Easypromos we have found that one of the types of promotion that is most effective in gaining fans is the contest with votes. We also know that voting can be the source of many complaints.

Why? Because in an environment as heterogeneous and viral as that of the social networks some users have a great deal of drawing power and, in addition, they may use forums for exchanging votes or multiple Facebook accounts in order to gain more votes. When the number of votes suddenly shoots up users get suspicious and question what is happening. Comments, made by users who are not happy with the way voting is going, appear and quickly spread across the wall, and thus a promotion that should generate a positive dynamic actually produces the opposite effect.

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How to offer coupons and promotional codes in Facebook with Easypromos

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Coupons and promotional codes are marketing tools that enable you to attract new users to your business by offering them discounts or gifts. With Easypromos you can distribute coupons and promotional codes among participants of your promotions, and ensure that the points of sale are able to verify the codes with our efficient and easy-to-use Validation Portal.

In this post we’re going to explain the following:

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10 Reasons to Use Easypromos

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Here at Easypromos we continually do our best to try and convey the effectiveness of our application as a promotional tool on Facebook. After looking through the emails, queries and wall messages we have received over the last few months we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why we recommend you use Easypromos. We believe it is a good starting point for anyone who is considering using Easypromos on their Facebook page.

10 Reasons to use Easypromos

1. Immediacy
Creating a promotion with Easypromos can be done very quickly because the whole process is ‘self-service’. We provide a very easy to use promotions builder which will streamline the configuration process, saving time to administrators. If the material for the promotion already prepared, a promotion can be online within 5 minutes.

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Create a ‘pick your favorite’ promotion with Easypromos
pick favorite

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Have you organized an event and want to run a voting contest with all the pictures of the event? Do you have a selection of pictures of your users and want to open a voting period? Do you want to know what your users think about a product you are about to launch? With ‘Pick your favourite’ contests you can upload a series of pictures, videos or stories to the application and make your users pick their favourite option. You’ll encourage the active participation of your followers, while you increase the fans database of your Facebook page.


Easypromos: Tricks to improve your LAMP servers scalability

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Easypromosapp is Facebook application with more than 500.000 monthly active users and therefore must achieve a high level of scalability in order to serve a huge amount of requests from numerous simultaneously active promotions.

As there are many large promotions in the system, each with a time limit, there is the possibility that the server might become overloaded if it is not dimensioned and prepared for scaling.

The most important way to achieve high scalability is to optimize the application. You must find bottlenecks early and make swift decisions about caching commonly used resources. It’s very important to optimize the most-used URLs, even generating static files when necessary.

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