The Top 10 Reasons to Use Easypromos for Your Next Promotion

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Here at Easypromos we continually do our best to try and convey the effectiveness of our application as a promotional tool on Facebook. After looking through the emails, queries and wall messages we have received over the last few months we have compiled a list of 10 reasons why we recommend you use Easypromos. We believe it is a good starting point for anyone who is considering using Easypromos on their Facebook page.

1. Immediacy

Creating a promotion with Easypromos can be done very quickly because the whole process is ‘self-service’. We provide a very easy to use promotions builder which will streamline the configuration process, saving time to administrators. If the material for the promotion already prepared, a promotion can be online within 5 minutes.

2. Versatility

With Easypromos, a wide variety of promotions can be created: prize draws, competitions, discount vouchers and promotional codes. The original Easypromos setup consisted of a landing page, an entry form and a ‘thank you’ page. After collecting feedback from numerous community managers, as well as from communications, marketing and advertising agencies, we began building on this basic structure and incorporating various other formats. Now, as well as basic promotions, it is possible to post photo, video or writing contests, ‘pick your favorite’ promotions, and, as of last week, discount vouchers (in all versions) and promotional codes (in the Premium and White Label versions). One of the priorities of the Easypromos development team is to continually provide the tools necessary for creating all types of promotions.

3. Ease of Use

The name Easypromos has not been chosen arbitrarily. In fact, it represents one of the most important aspects of the application: its ease of use, both for the page administrator and for the user who takes part in the promotion. We have designed Easypromos to make the process of creating a promotion very simple, requiring no programming knowledge at all. The window in which the promotion is created consists of just one form, which is totally integrated into Facebook, while the administrator can also control all the characteristics of a promotion from one page.
Easypromos has also been designed so as to be familiar to Facebook users; the interface is similar to the one which the user will be used to, so no extra learning is necessary. It is like a natural extension of Facebook.

4. Internationalization

Easypromos is currently available in the following languages: Spanish, English, French, Catalan, Italian, German, Danish, Turkish and Arabic. However, the technical platform is actually multi-lingual, as the incorporation of a new language presents no difficulty at all.
Easypromos is automatically displayed in the language in which the user navigates on Facebook. If this language is not supported by Easypromos, then the default language will be English. As well as offering multi-lingual administration, Easypromos also takes into account the different timetables of use for controlling dates related with the promotion.

5. Robustness

Easypromos has over a million users each month (if we add together users of the Basic, Premium and White Label versions) and more than 10,000 promotions have been created, so we can guarantee that the application works perfectly. Unfortunately, in Facebook this alone is not enough. Facebook is a very sophisticated technical platform, which is constantly changing. Every week there are updates, and these cause incidents which can affect all installed applications. At Easypromos we are aware of Facebook’s instability and, for this reason, we always keep up to date with what happens with its development. If an error appears we are the first to detect it and we are also the first to think of alternative solutions which will not affect the users’ operations. So, by using Easypromos, an administrator doesn’t only ensure that he or she is using an application that works well, but also gains piece of mind knowing there’s a team of developers working to safeguard the stability of the application and ready to act instantly to resolve any Facebook errors which may be found.

6. Support

One of the obsessions of the Easypromos team is to be in constant contact with the administrators who use Easypromos, in order to clear up any doubts that may arise. It is essential for us to be actively listening so as to be able to detect incidents, find opportunities and make improvements on both the technical side and as regards communication. Listening to administrators has helped us introduce new types of promotions, amend texts in the form fields and tweak designs; in short, it has enabled us to continue adapting Easypromos to the real needs of users and administrators.
All versions of Easypromos receive direct support from the Easypromos team, although the Premium and White Label versions are prioritized. We offer as many channels of support as we can: Online HelpdeskFacebook, Twitter (@Easypromos), email and telephone. In the case of promotions which are aimed at a large number of users (we’re talking about hundreds of thousands, or millions) Easypromos also provides a high-access service to assure optimal application performance. This type of service is only available with the White Label version.

7. Facebook Guidelines

Facebook has specific Promotions Guidelines. Since last December, promotions on Facebook have only been permitted through third-party applications such as Easypromos. Easypromos complies strictly with Facebook’s Promotions Guidelines. This is a message we do not tire of repeating because we are aware that it’s one of the things that most concern administrators. We also know from experience that Facebook is implacable and will not hesitate for an instant in deactivating a promotion or page that does not adhere to its guidelines. For this reason, we here at Easypromos want to put administrators’ minds at rest: with Easypromos you can be sure that promotions comply with Facebook guidelines. What’s more, whenever there are gray areas or unspecified aspects in the guidelines, we always opt for the solution that best fits with the general tendency of those guidelines. We feel confident enough to interpret Facebook’s conditions of use thanks to the experience we have after 4 years developing from the platform and following its changes very closely. In fact, our commitment at Easypromos is to always keep the application up to date with the most recent Promotions Guidelines.

8. Savings

You can start to use Easypromos without paying a thing because the first promotion in the Basic version is free. From then on, the following promotions cost 15$, regardless of how long each promotion lasts.
The setup and features of the different versions of Easypromos are very similar: The differences between the Basic and Premium versions are only in certain specific features, so almost everything that can be done in the Premium version can also be done in the Basic version. Our recommendation is to always begin with Easypromos Basic, experiment with a few promotions and from there move on to the Premium version, which costs 100$ per promotion (also regardless of the duration of the promotion).
The White Label version is a different case. Easypromos White Label is aimed at big brands, pages with over 50,000 fans, or pages that are thinking of developing a customized application. As we come from the world of customized application development, we know from experience that the cost of an ad-hoc development is well above the annual license fee of the White Label version of Easypromos. What’s more, customized development does not normally include maintenance costs, as this does in the case of Facebook failure, nor does it benefit from updates should the guidelines change or should new features need to be added.

9. Control

Easypromos provides the page administrator with all the tools needed to have complete control over the promotion. This control begins with the definition of the variables that make up the promotion: publication dates, entry form fields, description of the promotion guidelines, general workings of the promotion, etc. Once the promotion is active, the administrator can know in real time how many users have entered the promotion, how many have posted the promotion on their wall, and how many friends each user has shared the promotion with. If a user doesn’t adhere to the guidelines, or if any fraudulent use is detected, the administrator can also eliminate participations.
Both during the development of the promotion, and at its end, the administrator has the option of downloading a list of users in excel format. In the Premium and White Label versions there are more options for control, as the administrator has the capacity to independently manage the promotion’s publication date, the opening and closing dates for entry, and the opening and closing dates for voting.

10. Virality

Easypromos includes all the options offered by Facebook for giving maximum visibility to a promotion. We don’t want to say that just by putting a promotion online, hundreds or thousands of users will automatically sign up. We are aware that the key to a successful promotion is not the tool that is used, but rather a combination of the prize/gift/discount offered, the associated creativity, and the capacity for diffusion of the promotion, as well as many other factors. Nevertheless, when you use Easypromos, you have all the viral tools that Facebook offers developers at your disposal: publication on the user’s wall, publication on the page wall, sharing with friends, and the chance to make the promotion’s tab the default tab of the page. In the case of voting contests we also provide a unique URL for each entry so that those users who wish to can share the entry and ask their friends to vote, in Facebook as well as in other social networks.
A very important point: Easypromos never writes anything automatically on the wall of a user; it is a practice that we neither like, nor condone, as we feel it to be overly intrusive.

We hope that these reasons to use Easypromos have helped you get a clearer idea of the characteristics of Easypromos. If you have any doubts, or if you require any further clarification, we are at your disposal; you can contact us via the comments on this post, or by means of the usual support channels (Facebook, Twitter, email). Get started now, you can create your account here.

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