Configuring the Easypromos registration form

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Users take part in an Easypromos promotion by filling in a registration form. This form can be configured by the administrator from the promotion administration panel. In this post we explain how to set up and customize the registration form of a promotion or contest.

Attention! This article is out of date. Please, follow this link to read the updated information about entry form options.

The registration form can be configured with four types of fields:

1. Predefined fields

2. Contest fields (photos, videos or texts)

3. Additional and customizable fields

4. Verification fields (legal bases)

1. Predefined fields

In all versions of Easypromos – Basic, Premium and White Label – the administrator has the opportunity to ask the user for the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Country
  • Year of birth
  • Sex
  • Telephone number
  • City

Note: A field with the user’s name and surname will always appear in the registration form, and for this reason it doesn’t appear as a choosable option. This field comes pre-filled with the user’s complete Facebook name.

The administrator can decide which information to ask the user and thus enable the predefined fields accordingly. The fields enabled by the administrator must be filled in by users in order for them to finalize their registration in the promotion.

Important: The information entered by users will be private. In other words, only the administrator can see the data provided by users in these fields.

Here is how a user will see the registration form with all the predefined fields enabled:

Predefined fields of the registration form

2. Contest fields (photos, videos or texts)

These are the fields which allow users to take part in a photo, video or story contest. Thus, depending on the type of contest that an administrator wishes to organize, the corresponding field should be enabled:

  • Story contest: The ‘Comments’ field allows the user to write a text in order to take part in the contest. The user can enter a text of up to 65,000 characters.
  • Photo contest: The ‘Image’ field allows the user to choose an image file and upload it to the application.
  • Video contest: The ‘Image’ field allows a user to take part in a contest by writing the URL of a YouTube or Vimeo video. (This type of promotion is available in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.)

In photo and video contests, it is also possible to add the ‘Comments’ field to allow users to write a description of the photo or video that they wish to upload.

Here we show how the registration form is displayed with the contest fields enabled. The following image corresponds to a photo contest in which the ‘Image’ field has been enabled:

Image field photo contest

Would you like to organize a photo contest? Consult our step-by-step tutorial.

3. Additional, customizable fields

Additional fields are available in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos. The administrator can add new fields, which are different from the predefined ones, to the registration form. These include: address, ID number, province, t-shirt size and so on.

They also allow the administrator to include a questionnaire, requiring users to answer a series of questions in order to register for a promotion. In this way, the administrator can obtain value-added information as well as personal details from the user.

Note: for questionnaires, question and answer contests and market studies, we recommend the Questionnaire and Trivia feature.

It is possible to add as many additional fields as required. The administrator can choose between two types of field:

  • Text field.
  • Text field.

1. Text field

Allows the administrator to enable new text fields in the registration form, which can be used to request more information or ask extra questions of the users. The administrator can add as many extra text fields as required and, for each field, set up the following options:

  • Title: The text field can be customized with a title, which is the text that will appear in the registration form.
  • Mark as obligatory: It is possible to decide whether to make this field obligatory for the user.
  • Publish the field: You can decide if you want to make this text field public. In this case, the content of the field will be published in the list of participations.
  • Short/long text: Depending on what the field is to be used for, the administrator can enable either a short text field or, if more space is needed for the answer, a long text field. The short text field has a limit of 200 characters, while the long one can go up to 65,000.
  • Validation method: This option allows you to validate the content that the user writes in the text field, using, for example, an alpha-numeric code based on criteria defined by the administrator.

Here, we show you a registration field, in which 2 additional text fields have been enabled:

Additional text fields

If you’d like to learn how to configure the registration form with additional text fields, we explain all the details in this link.

2. Dropdown lists

An administrator can enable dropdown lists in the registration form. These could be useful if an administrator wishes to ask the users a series of questions in a survey format. In this case, the administrator can ask a question by giving various options from which the user must select one. It is possible to add as many dropdown lists as are required. For each list the following parameters may be configured:

  • Title: The administrator can customize the title of the dropdown list. This will appear in the editing form as a question.
  • Mark as obligatory: The administrator can make it obligatory to select one of the options in the list.
  • Make the list public: If you want participants to be able to see the options selected by other users, the administrator can make the list public.
  • Introduce options: In this field, the administrator can write the different options that form part of the dropdown list.

Here we show what the registration form looks like with a dropdown list enabled:

Cusomizable dropdown lists

If you wish to learn how to set up a registration form with dropdown lists enabled, we explain all the details at the following link.

4. Verification fields

Verification fields allow you to add check boxes that the user must complete before finalizing the registration form.

When the administrator defines the legal bases, there will always appear by default a check box in the registration form that requires users to accept these conditions in order to continue with the registration process.

Additionally, in the Premium and White Label promotions, the administrator has the opportunity to add up to 5 new check boxes, as shown in the image below. These check boxes are useful, for example, for asking a user if he/she would like to receive or subscribe to a newsletter:

Newsletter verification field

We explain how to add verification fields in this link.

4. Access data in the additional fields

The administrator will have access to this data from the list of registered users and will also be able to export it to a CSV file. In the following image we show the list of entries, in which all those participants who have registered for a promotion are shown. The administrator can see the information that each user supplied when they registered for the promotion, and they can also download this information as an Excel file:

Access users data

In addition, the administrator has a statistics module that can help complete participants’ data. Learn to analyze the results with the Easypromos statistics module.

Frequently asked questions about customizable additional fields

What types of additional fields can I add?

Two types of additional fields can be added:

1. Text fields: the administrator can customize the title of the extra field.

2. Dropdown lists: the administrator can create a dropdown list, configuring the title of the list, and the options that the dropdown list should present.

If I add an additional field, will the user be required to complete it?

You can decide whether or not you want the additional field to be mandatory for the user. You’ll find this option when you are setting up the extra field.

If I carry out a photo contest, will the extra fields be publically visible in the voting screen?

When you organize a photo contest and make the participants’ entries public, you can also decide if you also wish the additional fields to be public. You will find this option when you are setting up the extra field. If you decide to make the additional fields public, the content of these fields will appear in the public list of entries, together with the user’s data.

How many additional fields can I add to the form?

With Easypromos, you can add as many additional fields as you like. However, we recommend that you limit the amount of data you request from your user.

Can the fields be ordered in the form?

The order of the fields in the form is the following:

1. Full name of user.

2. Predefined fields in the following order: email, telephone number, sex, date of birth, city and country.

3. Additional fields: these fields can be ordered from the administration area.

4. Verification fields: first the legal bases must be accepted, then the additional check boxes.

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