How to create a photo contest on Facebook with Easypromos (Part 1)

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One of the most effective and popular promotions in Easypromos is the photo contest with votes. Such contests, if well managed, provide a way of increasing the number of fans, the virality of a Page, the brand awareness on social media and the activity among followers of a Page.

This post is outdated. Many of the features and how to configure them have changed. To make sure you get the right information, go to the Tutorial: How to create a Photo Contest.

With the objective of guiding administrators during the process of creating a photo contest with Easypromos, we will now present you with a tutorial in which we explain how to set up the contest.

We have divided the tutorial in two parts:

  1. Part I: How to set up the photo contest (Basic, Premium and White Label). This is the tutorial that all administrators should follow in order to create their photo contest, whichever version of Easypromos is being used. In this first part, all the basic and essential options that administrators need to keep in mind during the set-up process are explained.
  2. Part II: Advanced options for setting up and managing the contest (Premium and White Label). For administrators who require advanced features, this guide explains the main options available to them through the Premium and White Label platforms. These options can enable them to manage and administrate the contest more efficiently (by setting different periods for registration and voting, anti-fraud measures, monitoring entries, etc.) Go to the guide to advanced options for photo contests.

Before you begin, would you like to see a DEMO?

See an online DEMO of a photo contest


This post is the first part of the tutorial for creating a photo contest with Easypromos. Here we explain the steps that must be followed in order to get the contest started.

As we have mentioned in other articles, voting contests may generate a high degree of suspicion and even give the brand a bad image if they are not well managed. The source of the problem is always the same: The users who are considered by others to have won an unrealistically large number of votes. These votes may have been gained because the user has created multiple profiles (there are some users with more than 1000!) or made use of forums and vote-exchanging pages, or it could be because the user is genuinely popular and has a large number of fans. Regardless of the reason, this problem can be resolved by applying either of the following mechanisms to the contest:

  1. A jury chooses the winner from among the 10 most-voted photos.
  2. A jury chooses the winner from between only those photos that have won a minimum of 50 votes.
  3. All the participants are entered into a draw and some users receive additional participations depending on the number of votes obtained (more information).

By applying these techniques you can assure that the contest will be considered fair by all the community whilst still benefiting from the viral reach that comes from users seeking votes.
Below we give a step-by-step guide on how to set up a photo contest with Easypromos Basic.

How to create a photo contest with Easypromos step by step:

Here we explain all the essential options for setting up a photo contest with Easypromos. To learn about the advanced options – available through Easypromos Premium and White Label – read this guide.

1. Access the Easypromos Control Panel via this link:

2. Create a new promotion, via the ‘Create new promotion’ button:

Create new promotion

3. Choose “Photo contest” to create a promotion that consists in a registration form where the users will upload a photo in order to participate, and all the images will be shown in a public gallery, unless you choose to not make the gallery public.

photo contest

Continue to the following step and fill in the basic information form.

basic information

Basic information

  • Title: This field of the form is mandatory. Title must describe the promotion you are about to create and it should be a descriptive text that catches your users’ attention.
  • Description: The description of the promotion is the text of the promotion and goes with its image. In this text you have to describe what the promotion is about, depending on the type (a photo contest, a sweepstake, etc.). This field is also mandatory. Text is HTML-based, so you can include text in italics, bold, lists and other styles in order for the description to be more striking and get your users’ attention. You can also include links.
  • Default language: Option to select the default language you want the contents of the promotion to be displayed. This way, we can force the language of the application.
  • Terms and conditions: Legal conditions of the promotion are very important, especially when you ask sensitive information to the users. It’s advisable to indicate information about the mechanics of the promotion, the duration and the way in which winners will be selected.
  • Countries of the promotions: By default, the promotion is visible worldwide. If you want to restrict the promotion to only one of some countries, click on “Edit” and introduce them (only available on Premium and White Label promotions).

Promotion dates

  • Time zone: Time zone in which the promotion will become active.
  • Publication date: Date when promotion will become visible to users.
  • End of publication date: Date when the promotion will no longer be visible.

Click on “Create”.

You’re promotion is already created!

You are in the promotion’s management page. An orange box recommend you the next step, so it will be start to customize your photo contest.

photo contest management page

4. Access to “Edit” and fill in the form with information about the promotion.

edit photo contest

In order to create a photo contest you must take into account the following parameters:

  • Make entries public: checking this field means that photos uploaded by users will be public. They will be posted on an Easypromos page that can be accessed from the contest tab.
Easypromos - Post entries
  • Make entries votable: checking this field will activate the voting boxes and the Easypromos voting system. This field is only useful if the field entitled “Post entries” has been checked. If the entries are not public, voting is not possible.
Easypromos - Make entries votable
  • Comments: In this field you must enter a text inviting the user to write something in reference to the photo. This field is displayed in the registration form and they’ll be able to write up to 65.000 characters. It’s an obligatory field that is public in the gallery.
Easypromos - Comments option
  • Image: In this field you must enter a text inviting the user to upload a photo. This text also appears in the entry form, just above the photo selector.
Easypromos - Image title

5. Activate the promotion. A promotion will be visible only if it is active (the corresponding payment has been made) and within the start and end dates.

Before activating the promotion, you’ll be able to preview all the screens of the promotion to check the final result. You’ll be able to edit and change in the edit form any of the parameters of the promotion at any time, even if the promotion is active.

In order to activate the promotion, you will need to access the link “Activate” from the administration panel. If it’s your first Easypromos promotion, you’ll be able to activate it without making any payment, since the first promotion with Easypromos Basic version is free. This way, you’ll be able to test the application and get familiar with the system.

The payment of the promotion will be made through the Paypal platform, by means of a Paypal account or directly using a credit card. Once activated, the promotion will change from “Drafts” tab to “Active”.

pay promotion


6. Publication of the promotion. Although our promotion is already active, a last step  is needed: publish the promotion. In order to do so, in the promotion’s management page you have the promotion main link, which is the link that you will need to use in all your communicaation actions, since this link is mobile-friendly.

promotion main link

By default, this main link directs to a microsite where the promotion is shown. Althought, you can also publish it in your Facebook page or embed it on a website or blog. You can manage where you want to Publish it from “Publish” section. Here you will find the instructions. 

You can share the promotion by means of the following methods:

  • With the promotion main link.
  • With the ‘Share‘ on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest buttons.
  • By creating a featured campaign. This option involves placing your promotion in the featured promotions section of Easypromos list. Featured campaigns have an additional cost and the cost is per day of campaign. If you want to create a featured campaign, check out this link.

How users take part in a photo contest with Easypromos

On the following image we show you how an Easypromos promotion is seen on the tab of the Facebook page. When the Easypromos application is installed on a page, a tab is automatically created, as you can see on the following image:

Access the promotion tab

Note: You’ll have the possibility to customize different elements of the tab (name, tab image, image when there aren’t active promotions, etc.).

We explain you all the options available to customize your tab on the following post.

How can users upload a picture for the contest?

Users who want to take part in the constest must click on the “Enter” button, which will redirect them to the registry form, where they’ll be asked to fill in the form with the information, together with the field where they’ll be able to upload the picture and the description they want to participate in the contest.

Once the user has filled all the information required in the registry form, they’ll need to click on the “Finalize” button in order to finish their participation in the contest:

Registry form

All the fields in the registry form are mandatory. When the users complete the registry form, they’ll be redirected to the “Thank you” final screen. In this page the administrator has the option to upload a customized image as a final message. A very common practice is to take advantage of this image to offer coupons exclusively to the fans.

Thank you page

How can the users share their entry on their wall to get votes?

When the users complete their participation on the contest by uploading their picture, the application automatically assigns a unique URL, which corresponds to their participation on the contest.

This way, when the user shares the participation on their wall, what really happens is that a direct link to the user’s entry is shared, which redirects the users to a screen where the picture of the participant is displayed and the possibility to vote only for this picture. Below we show you an example of a screen of the individual participation of a user:

Individual entry

Participants can ask for votes to their friends by means of:

1. Copy/paste the unique URL. The user will be able to use the URL obtained at the end of the contest to share their participation and ask for votes to their friends through social networks, Youtube, forums, etc. This way, all the users that access through this URL will be redirected to their friend’s participation.

Publish on Twitter

2. Send a tweet. The user has the possibility to send a tweet with the unique URL corresponding to their participation to encourage their friends to vote their picture.

Publish on Facebook

3. Share on Facebook. The user will be able to share the promotion on their Facebook wall. In this case, the URL used to share the promotion will also be the user’s URL.

How can users vote the pictures of the contest?

All photos in the contest can be seen and voted from a page in the Easypromos application. Facebook does not allow contests to take place on the walls or photo albums of a page.

All photos will be posted on the Easypromos entry page. In order to vote the pictures of the participants, the users will need to access the image gallery through the “Vote for entries” button, which is displayed on the landing page of the promotion:

Vote entries button

The user will access the image gallery, where all the entries of the participants are displayed, so they can vote for the picture they prefer.

In this page all the pictures of the contest are displayed, with the information of the participants, the time when they registered and the description of the picture. For each photo there is a voting box stating the number of current votes. There is also the opportunity to vote for that photo and the option to share the photo on your Facebook wall in order to encourage your friends to vote for it.

Search entry

In order for users to vote in an Easypromos contest they must first have accepted the Easypromos permissions for applying, as by doing so Easypromos can guarantee:

1. That only existing Facebook accounts can vote for a photo.

2. That a Facebook account can only vote once for an entry.

Final recommendations

  • NEVER create a contest in which the winner is the one with the most votes
  • The most effective voting contest is that in which the winner is chosen from among those contestants who have gained a minimum number of votes
  • The prize is very important. The best prizes are group prizes:
  • A dinner or a trip with friends (You and your friends can go to…)
  • The minute rule: a user must be able to choose a photo from his or her computer in 1 minute.

Do you want to view a demo?

View demo photo contest

Do you want to see an example?

We explain you the case study of the photo contest organized by Oysho.

After following all these steps, your photo contest will be created and ready to be published. Your users will now be able to enter by uploading a photo. If you’d like to take advantage of features offered by the Premium and White Label platforms, you can consult the second part of this tutorial, in which we explain a series of advanced options that will provide you with more tools for managing and controlling your contest.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2011-09-01