4 Original Ideas for your Facebook Christmas Campaigns

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Giveaways are always popular on Facebook – and even more so at Christmas, the season of giving. Pick an enticing prize and create a fun Christmas challenge to maximize engagement with your followers. Here are 4 creative and original ideas to get you started!

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Social media giveaways are a shortcut to better engagement, more followers, and sales leads. But here’s the issue: every marketer knows that! You can still get a fantastic return on Facebook giveaways – but in order to do so, you have to stand out from the competition. So how can you make your Facebook Christmas campaigns a success?

  1. Pick the right prize. Research shows that a great prize is key to making your contests go viral. Choose one of your favorite products, or some seasonal goodies.
  2. Don’t be spammy. Facebook responds harshly to brands that ask for endless likes, shares, and follows. And even more importantly, Facebook users hate this kind of spam. One simple rule: only ask for what you need. Choose one thing that would make a difference for your brand, and don’t ask your followers for unnecessary shares or likes.
  3. Let your creativity shine. The most viral Facebook Christmas campaigns are often those that offer something a little bit different. Be original!

With this advice in mind, we’ve picked out four original Facebook Christmas campaigns to give you some inspiration. We chose each of these promotions, because they managed to find something unique for their followers. Let’s take a look.

Creative ideas for Facebook Christmas campaigns

1. Christmas puzzles, games, and riddles

Facebook is rapidly becoming a one-stop shop on social media. We use it to chat, play games, find gifts, and more. So you can cater to that trend, by challenging your followers to games and puzzles.

Here’s an excellent example from a camping and holiday resort. They knew that their followers were an international audience, so they chose a visual puzzle. To take part, people had to count the number of squares on the Christmas ornament, and comment their response. So the riddle was accessible to everyone, whatever language they spoke.
Facebook Christmas campaigns puzzle
The brand made the most of their contest by following up in the comments. They thanked people for commenting, announced the winners, and even shared a solution to the puzzle. They received almost 500 comments – and likes and shares, too.

Remember: it’s a bad strategy to demand likes, shares, and follows. But if you share fun contests and interesting content, people will share your page without even being asked.

2. An Advent Calendar crammed full with treats

We know that social media algorithms reward you for posting often. In other words, if you’re regularly sharing updates and giveaways with your followers, you’ll get more engagement online.

So an Advent Calendar is a great way to gear up your Christmas marketing campaigns. You’ll have a reason to post every day, for 24 days straight. And your followers will love the excitement of a different prize each day.
Facebook Christmas campaigns Advent Calendar
Here’s a nice example from a Formula One team. They shared a different piece of merch each day, with a video announcement. Every day, the video revealed another “window” in the calendar. And to take part in the prize draw? Users just had to comment with their Christmas greetings to the team.

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3. A quick 12 days of Christmas countdown

We love the Advent Calendar idea, but it’s not for everyone. You might not be in a position to give away so many prizes – or maybe you just don’t have the time!

The 12 days of Christmas are a fun, low-effort alternative. It’s just the same idea: post regularly for 12 days, with a series of thrilling prizes to engage your followers. Here’s a cute example from Chicco, a baby products brand.
Facebook Christmas campaigns 12 days video
Once again, they used video to get the message out. Videos on Facebook get 8 billion views a day. And with the arrival of video ads, Facebook Live, and Facebook Stories, you can expect to engage with your followers through video more than anything else.

Chicco shared a series of 12 videos. Each one had a question, comment, or puzzle hidden inside! So their followers had to watch the whole video to find out how to join their Facebook Christmas campaigns. What’s more, the brand used the opportunity to showcase their top 12 products for the holiday shopping season.

4. Use shopping tags and Facebook Ads features

At the same time as it develops video content, Facebook has been adding more and more tools for marketers. Features such as shopping tags, Lead Ads, and Instant Experience ads are designed to achieve that most exclusive goal on social media. They’re designed to convert leads into sales.

So it’s a smart idea to integrate these conversion tools with your Facebook Christmas campaigns. And it’s easier than you might think!

Let’s start with this example from German crafting and homeware brand, Die Macherei. They shared a bundle of Christmas gifts with their followers. For a chance to win, people just had to comment and say what they were thankful for in the Christmas season.
Facebook Christmas campaigns shopping tags
Here’s where Die Macherei was clever. It’s standard practice to share a photo or video of your prize. But this brand included shopping tags in all their images. So even if someone didn’t win the prize, they had the chance to click through and purchase the same tempting titbits.

You can integrate Facebook and Instagram ads with your campaigns, too. Create an ad to match your giveaway post – or run the giveaway exclusively as an ad. You can even collect competition entries from several different posts and profiles with the multi-network giveaway app.

Happy holidays

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