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Currently, over 350 million users access Facebook each month via mobile devices, and this number is growing. Here at Easypromos we are well aware of this trend, and ever since Facebook launched its new platform for mobile devices last October we have been working to develop mobile device support for the application.

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This week we have updated Easypromos Premium, and the application is now compatible with mobile devices. From their smartphones and tablets, users will now be able to do the following:

  • Display the promotion
  • Register for and participate in a promotion
  • Invite friends
  • Publish and share the promotion
  • See the list of users participating in the contests
  • Vote in contests
  • Receive a coupon or preview a discount code
  • The administrator can publicize the promotion with links that are compatible with mobile devices

All the features that are available in the web application are also available in the version for mobile devices so that users can participate in promotions and contests from mobile devices. And, from now on, all new developments that are added to the application will also be applied to the mobile version.


Which mobile devices can access Easypromos promotions?

Users have two ways to access Facebook from their mobile devices:

  1. Through Facebook’s native application
  2. Through the mobile device’s navigator

At the end of October 2011 Facebook updated its native applications and its webpage for mobile devices ( in order to support third-party applications like Easypromos. Not all mobile devices support third-party applications. Currently, Facebook only supports applications in iOS (iPhones, iPads) and Android devices.

When a user opens a navigator in one of the mobile devices and tries to connect to Facebook, instead of going to, he or she will be directed to The graphic style of m.facebook is practically identical to the native Facebook application that can be downloaded from the corresponding store.

Limitation: One limitation that currently exists is that iPhone and iPad users cannot upload any photos when one is required in the entry form. This limitation is due to the iOS navigator, Safari.


How can mobile device users access the promotion?

In the complete version of Facebook (, the Easypromos promotions can be seen from the tab on a Facebook page. In this way a better experience can be given to users and fans because they see the promotion integrated in the company’s page. However, with mobile devices this process is different because Facebook does not currently support the display of third party tabs on page profiles. Whether going through Facebook’s native application or connecting via a navigator to, the only screens that can be accessed in the company profile are the wall, general information and photos.

Easypromos on mobile

So the question is: How can we access the promotion if Facebook does not support tabs in mobile devices? Access can be gained via direct links to the promotion that arrive to the user’s mobile. In this new, updated version of Easypromos, users who are not using mobile devices and who click on the link to the promotion will be directed to the promotion tab in as previously. However, users of mobile devices who click on the link will see the promotion inside, or inside the native Facebook application, but without it being integrated into the page, as can be seen in the image. In this way, all users, whether they are accessing via PC, laptop, netbook, tablet or cell phone, will be able to gain access to the contents of the promotion.


These are the different channels of access to the promotion from a user’s mobile device:


1. News Feed: The News Feed is perfectly compatible with the mobile device versions of Facebook and it is the first page that a user visits when he or she navigates with the mobile device. As such, the user can now gain access to the promotion via links shared by friends or through posts that a page makes about a promotion and that appear on the user’s News Feed.

2. Invitations to a promotion: In Easypromos, when a user registers for a promotion they have the opportunity to invite their friends. These notifications arrive to users’ mobile devices by way of Easypromos new viral system. Upon clicking on the invitation the user will see the promotion.

3. Bookmarks and search tool: Both in the native Facebook application and in, there is a generic search engine with which to find people and pages. Now applications with mobile-device support like Easypromos can also be found. Upon searching for Easypromos the user can access the application as well as our list of latest active promotions. In the mobile-device version,, a bookmark is created on the left when a user first interacts with the application.

4. Access from other mobile applications: Many users access Easypromos from other social networks and environments outside Facebook, such as Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, Email and so on. The majority of these social networks have their own application for mobile devices, so if a Twitter user sees a tweet with a link to an Easypromos promotion, or if they receive a request to vote, they can go directly to the promotion by clicking on that link.


What do promotions look like on a cell phone?

Currently, the design of the promotion in mobile devices is the same as on the web,, so the promotion administrator does not need to worry about uploading images in another format. Easypromos takes care of displaying the content correctly.

Cómo recibe la promoción el usuario en su móvil

1. How the user receives the promotion in his or her mobile device.

A user sees the posts made by their friends, and by the pages that they like, in the News Feed of the native Facebook application in their telephone or via All Easypromos posts contain a link and that is the specific link to the promotion. Upon clicking on the link the user will see the promotion.






Cómo visualiza un usuario la promoción en su móvil

2. How a user will see the promotion on his or her mobile device

This is how a user will see the promotion on his or her mobile device. All the features of Easypromos that exist on the web are maintained.








Cómo participa un usuario que no es fan de la página

3. How someone can take part in a promotion without being a fan of the page.

When a user takes part he or she will access the entry form. If the user doesn’t like the page or pages that the administrator has set it as a condition for participation to like then the form will be disabled and the user will be asked to become a fan of the page or pages.






Cómo participa un usuario que ya es fan de la página

4. How a user can participate if he or she is already a fan of the page

The form will be active if the user already likes the page or pages stipulated by the administrator. The entry form is 100% compatible with the fields that already exist in Easypromos, including additional fields.

Limitation: uploading photos is not currently compatible with mobile devices that use the iOS operating system such as iPhone, iPad and iPod.





Qué visualiza un usuario que completa el formulario de registro

5. When a user completes the entry form

Users who complete the entry form will see the thank-you message, the final image uploaded by the administrator, coupons and promotional codes, and of course they will have access to the Easypromso viral system with the opportunity to press the I Like button, post the promotion on the wall and invite friends.







Cómo publica un usuario la promoción en su muro

6. How a user posts the promotion on his or her wall

Users can post the promotion on their walls and generate a publication that is 100% compatible with mobile devices.








Cómo se invita a los amigos a participar en la promoción

7. How to invite friends to participate in a promotion

Users can select which friends they would like to recommend a promotion to. The invitations they send will generate a direct link to the promotion and they can be received and displayed both on the web and in mobile devices.

In iOS, Facebook invitations are received by default with a visual and audio notification, even when the user is not inside the native application.






Cómo se vota a los participantes de los concursos

8. How contest entries are displayed and voted for

Photo and text contests are compatible with mobile devices and the voting feature is implemented 100%, including the system of limiting the votes only to those who are fans of the pages indicated by the administrator.

The links that are generated to obtain votes are also compatible with mobile devices, so if a user receives a request to vote in their telephone via Twitter, they can open the link, see the entry, become a fan and vote.





Bookmark de Easypromos en

9. Easypromos Bookmark in

Users who already use Easypromos and access Facebook through their cell-phone navigator will be redirected to In the menu on the left they will have a direct access to Easypromos, making it a new channel of access to the existing promotions.








How can a promotion be shared to make it compatible with mobile device users?

Until now, when someone wanted to publicize their promotion they made use of the direct link to the tab. The administrator could use the “Promote” feature that is provided in the Easypromos control panel or directly share the link to the tab.

As we have mentioned, Facebook does not currently support links to tabs in the mobile version, making it necessary to change the link to the promotion. Now in Easypromos all the promotions have a unique URL, different to the URL of the tab, that upon access redirects the user to the corresponding tab (if it’s not a mobile device) or directly shows a display of the promotion that is compatible with mobile devices (if it is a mobile device).

How can this link be obtained?

  1. Automatically when a promotion is shared with Easypromos: all the features for sharing in Easypromos (button to promote, button to share, invitation links, links to the I Like button) are linked to the new, unique URL of the promotion which is compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Screen with information regarding the promotion’s URLs: we have added a new screen in the administration area so that the administrator can obtain all the URLS of the promotion. These URLS are:
    • Unique URL of the promotion
    • Direct URL to the entry form
    • Direct URL to the list of entries


Cómo obtener los enlaces de la promoción

Option to obtain promotion links in the administration panel


Pantalla de los enlaces de la promoción

Screen with all the mobile-device compatible links to a promotion that an administrator can use to publicize the promo.


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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2012-01-18