Moderating Entries in Photo, Text and Video Contests

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To foster the loyalty of users on social networks it is important to control the quality of promotional contests. The administrator should have access to tools to control content as well as the users who enter the contest. To do this administrators have some features that give them more control over the users who take part and vote: country filter system, advanced voting system, greater control over the contents that are uploaded for the photo, video and text contests, and the possibility to receive notifications on their email with the latest users registered. These features apply to both Premium and White Label promotions.

All entries in a Premium or White Label promotion can be closely managed from your administration panel. This means that you can temporarily deactivate (hide) an entry without deleting it (an action which cannot be undone).

Perhaps the most useful aspect of this feature is the capacity to validate the entries manually before they appear in the public list of the promotion. In this way we introduce the feature that allows moderating entries in a contest before they are published. We have added the following option in the promotion editor:

Easypromos - Confirm participation

Activating this option means that it is the administrator who manually selects the new entries:

1. A user fills in the required information in the entry form as usual. Easypromos - Registry form

2. Upon accessing the list of entries this one in particular does not yet appear. If the option is not selected the entry will appear in the usual way. Easypromos - No entries

3. In the promotions administration panel, alongside the total number of entries to a promotion, a message in red will appear telling us the number of entries which are pending publication. The total number of real entries is the sum of both of these values (published + pending). Easypromos - View participants

4. Upon accessing the list of participants («See participants») some new options will appear:

  1. Menu to filter by status  (All | Published | Pending). Easypromos - Options list of entries
  2. Status indicator for each entry (Published: Entrada publicada / Unpublished: Entrada despublicada).
  3. Button to publish/unpublish an entry. Easypromos - unpublished entry

5. Once the new entries have been confirmed they will appear in the list.

Easypromos - List of entriesIt is important to bear in mind that if the «Confirm entry before publishing» feature is not selected, the options for publishing and unpublishing will still remain active. However the new entries will be published automatically, leaving the administrator with the task of hiding them afterwards.

When the option «Confirm entry before publishing» is active it is also possible to unpublish an entry that has previously been published. If you activate this option in an old promotion, that has entries already, these will all be considered «Published» in order to make the change as transparent as possible.

Similarly, if you deactivate the «Confirm entry before publishing» option in a promotion with unpublished entries, these will not appear until they are activated manually. This is to prevent certain entries that have been hidden intentionally from reappearing.

Regarding exporting to Excel or printing data, information about the visibility of an entry is shown in a new column («Visible»). In the case of exporting the voters to Excel, the figure refers to the entry that has been voted for, not the vote itself.

Additionally, in all the contests created with Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos you’ll be able to receive a notification with the latest users registered in your promotion to your e-mail address . This way, you can keep track of the promotion’s activity at all times and check the latest users directly from your mobile: notifications are sent every 30 minutes and gather all the new users who have registered during this period.

Administrators will be able to set up this option from the promotion edit form, where they can enter the e-mail address where they want notifications to be sent:

Easypromos - Notification of new entrants

As we have just seen, all these options can be very useful when moderating entries although it is important to think about when best to apply it. For example, cases when all that is required is a name and an email could lead to excessive manual validation work for the administrator. On the other hand, in a promotion in which participants are asked to upload an image or video or write a text it could be useful to have this filter enabled in order to avoid the publication of things which are not appropriate for the promotion in question. Naturally, in a promotion in which «Publish participations» has not been activated it makes no sense to mark it as «Confirm participation before publishing», as users will not be able to see the entries anyway.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2012-02-28