Insight on the new Facebook Timeline for brands

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We have seen brands and agencies panic about the incorporation of a Timeline to the Facebook Fan Pages and now that it has finally arrived we would like to inform you about the most important changes. But first of all, we would like to give all of you the top tips: Do not rush into publishing the Timeline for your page/s. It looks like there is a contest on who will be the first to implement the new features, mostly big brands. Also media pressure was present, offering great coverage for the leaders. However, we can assure you that it is better to have a good strategy for organizing your new Timeline and remember that quality is above speed. You have 2 weeks to go!

At Easypromos we have received the new Facebook Timeline with great enthusiasm as will give more visibility to promotions and sweepstakes. Easypromos is currently 100% compatible with Timeline and over 40% of the promotions created after the Facebook announcement are up and running with the new Page layout.


First, let’s summarize the major changes:

1. Layout: It is very similar to the layout of the new Personal Profiles. There is a cover photo at the top, a profile picture incorporated into the cover and page is separated into two main columns by a dividing line representing the passage of time. This bring the engagement with fans to a new level. Now the brands are storytellers.

2. Pinned posts: it is a new way to feature content like promotions or important information/news. The posts appear as sticky notes at the top of the Timeline. A small, orange flag distinguishes a pinned post. Brands can pin only one item at a time, and the pinned item then exists in two locations — as the top item on the Timeline itself, as well as within its chronological place. Once unpinned (which happens automatically when a new item gets pinned, or the item has been pinned for more than seven days), the post remains in the chronology of Timeline posts, but there is no visual history that it was pinned in the past.

3. Bye bye landing pages! The pinned posts actually come as an alternative to the now unavailable landing pages. We know many of you will miss them but take it as a way to get creative and play with the available resources in order to grab the attention of the newcomers.

4. Tabs & apps: The applications have increased their importance with the new Timeline through those 3 features:

  • New access with better visibility: the applications are accesible from the upper right corner just below the cover photo, with a better positioning for the users.
  • Personalize the app image: the app access can be personalized through a 11x74px image. You can do that from the Page admin panel.
  • More space for the applications: you can use up to 810px to show content.

5. Private messages with fans: Yes, you finally can send private messages to fans. Many small brands were using Personal Profiles (even if not legal in Facebook terms) together with the Fan Pages in order to be able to have a more personalized communication with their audience. Make sure to use the feature for taking customer enquiries out of the Timeline.




1. Get visual: The Timeline is all about images. Now that you cannot have a personalized landing page, be very creative about the photos and graphics you use, especially for the cover, as this is the first thing a new fan will see. Going back to the Top Tip, if you haven´t launched the Timeline for your brand (which is probably the case for readers of this post) you have the advantage of being able to inspire from the “biggies” like Coca Cola or Ben&Jerry’s.

2. Make an event out of the launch of the Timeline: A great way to do that is to link it to a promotion. Why not a “Pick your favorite Cover”. It can be a useful market study as well.

3. Become a storyteller: Put the important milestones of your business as part of the Timeline. Use the zigzag view of the Page to create unique stories with text and images. Your Facebook Page will become a digital memoir of your brand.

4. Highlight the access to your promotions: Personalize the 111x74px image in the Easypromos application in order to grab your fans´attention. The Easypromos “promote” tool is 100% compatible with Timeline: publish your promotion and then place it in the Timeline’s superior part so it becomes the first thing fans see when they access your Page.



Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2012-03-08