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In this post we give you a general overview of the different options available in the Easypromos administration panel on Facebook, where you’ll find all the tools to easily manage your contests and promotions on your Facebook page. If you haven’t installed Easypromos on your Facebook page yet, check out the following tutorial, where we offer you a step-by-step installation guide.

The contents of this post are:

1. Administration of promotions on Facebook
2. How to access the administration panel of the page
3. The administration panel



1. Administration of promotions on Facebook

Easypromos provides two administration areas so that administrators can manage their promotions:

1. Self-administration panel for each Facebook page: It allows to manage the promotions and contests of this single Facebook page. All the page administrators can access this administration panel.

2Centralized easy-to-use Dashboard: This is the own dashboard of each user account, which allows to see all the promotions of all the Facebook pages the user manages. If you want to know how it works and what their advantages are, check out the Easypromos Dashboard tutorial.


2. How to access the administration panel of the page

If later in the future you need to access the administration panel to edit your promotion, get the general list of participants or check the campaigns you are running, you’ll be able to do all these by accessing your own Dashboard, which can be accessed following these steps:


1. Go to the Easypromos website.

2. Click on the “Login” button:

Easypromos Dashboard login

3. You’ll be redirected to the page that gives you access to your Easypromos Dashboard, which will allow you to access using your own Facebook account:

Access Easypromos Dashboard

4. Locate the promotion you want to edit and click “Manage on Facebook” option, which is to be found at the right menu:

Manage promotion on facebook

This will give you access to the administration panel of the promotion on Facebook, where you’ll find all the tools to manage the promotion individually.

If you wish, you can also access the administration panel of the promotion by clicking directly the promotion tab, which is displayed on your main Facebook page, as it’s shown on the image below:

Access promotion tab

When clicking this tab, you’ll access the main page of your promotion. If you are the administrator of the Facebook page, you’ll see a message saying that you are administrator of the promotion; therefore, you’ll be able to click the link to manage the contest right from the Easypromos administration panel:

Promotion's management on facebook


3. The administration panel

Once you have the Easypromos application installed on your Facebook page, you’ll gain access to the administration panel of the promotion on Facebook, which will allow you to manage all the promotions you create in this page. From the administration panel you’ll be able to set up your promotions, download the list of participants, check the graphs and statistics of the promotion, etc.

Follow these instructions to access the administration panel on your Facebook page.

Below we explain you how the Easypromos administration panel works and how to use all the available tools.
The administration panel consists of:


1. Active, Drafts and Old Promotions

At the top-right corner of the screen you’ll find a menu to navigate among the different promotions you have created in this page, depending on their state: Active promotionsDrafts or Old promotions.

Navigation promotion menu

  • Active promotions: In this tab you’ll find a list of all the promotions you have created and are currently active. You’ll be able to access this list to edit the promotions, feature them in your page, view the participants or check the statistics. If it’s the first time to access, there won’t be any promotion in “Active” tab.
  • Drafts tab: In this tab you’ll find all the promotions you have created but have not activated yet. When you create a promotion, this is automatically placed in your Drafts. This means that the promotion isn’t still published and, therefore, you can edit and do all the changes you need with the guarantee that anyone is seeing it. Furthermore, while the promotion is in your Drafts, you can use the Preview tool, which will allow you to see all the different screens of the promotion with all the changes you have been doing. As soon as the promotion is ready and you decide it’s time to publish it, in your Drafts tab you’ll find the option to activate the promotion. Once activated, the promotion is situated in the Active tab and will be visible for all the users if the publication date is reached.
  • Old tab: In this tab you’ll find the promotions you activated in the past and have already finished. This is your historical archive of promotions. Once a promotion exceeds the end of publication date, the promotion is automatically placed in the Old tab. If you need to check or revise any of the promotions you organized in the past, you’ll be able to access your historical archive of promotions at any time.

2. Create a new promotion

If you want to create a new promotion, you’ll be able to do it in a fast way by using the “Create new promotion” button, which is situated at the top-left corner of the screen. You’ll be redirected to the edit form of the promotion, where you’ll find all the options to start creating your new campaign.

Create new promotion


3. Browse the different Easypromos versions

If you have installed the different Easypromos applications in your page (Basic, Premium and White Label), you’ll be able to browse these applications from the menu you’ll see at the top of the screen. This menu allows you to navigate among the different versions and see the promotions created with each of the versions with no need to leave the administration panel.

Browse Easypromos versions


4. Management options

From the “Options” drop-down menu, located at the top-right corner of the screen, administrators will find all the options needed to manage their promotions:

Options menu

  • Tabs’ management: all the promotions are published in a tab on a Facebook page. From this menu administrators will be able to set up all the options related with the tab: image, name, “Like Gate”, etc. To learn all the possibilities to customize the tabs, check out this link.
  • Promotions’ statistics: from this menu you’ll be able to access the graphs and results of the promotions of your page.
  • Access the Easypromos Online Helpdesk: you’ll be able to check online documentation and technical issues you may have, where you’ll find step-by-step guides and frequently asked questions. You’ll also have the option to submit a technical request to our support team.


5. My account

From the “My account” drop-down menu, located at the top-left corner of the screen, administrators will be able to access the complete list of promotions and invoices, that is, they’ll see:

  • All the Easypromos invoices of all the pages they administer.
  • All the promotions of all the pages they administer.

My account

By clicking any of these options, you’ll be redirected to the Easypromos Dashboard, which allows to manage in a centralized way all the group of promotions of all the pages you administer.


6. Configuration and management of the promotions

In the administration panel you’ll find all the tools to manage your promotions and this is the place where you’ll spend most of your time: you’ll be able to configure the basic features, manage and moderate the users’ entries, select the winners of the contest or analyse the results by means of the graphs and statistics.

Promotion configuration options

From the administration panel you can:

  • Edit the promotion: The edit option allows you to modify the configurations of your promotion, that is, you’ll be able to edit the initial configured form, the images of the promotion, etc. To use this option, click “Edit” in the management panel of your promotion.
    • Activate the promotion: If you have created a promotion but haven’t activated yet, you’ll be able to do it by accessing the Drafts tab, where you’ll see all the created and unpublished promotions. Select the promotion you want to activate and click the “Activate promotion” option. You’ll automatically go to the activation payment platform. Activate promotion
    • Promote the promotion: If you have activated a promotion, while the promotion is active (within the corresponding dates of publication specified in the edit form of the promotion), you’ll find the “Promote” option in the administration panel. With this option you’ll be able to perform the following actions to get to know your promotion:
      • Publish the promotion in your page Timeline. If you want to give your promotion more visibility, an excellent option is to publish it in your Timeline, so that your users discover the contest and start participating, as well as share it with their friends. We explain you how to publish the contest correctly.
      • Promote the promotion using the direct links of the promotion. Another way to give your promotion visibility is by sharing the direct link of the promotion through other means of communication, such as website, Newsletter, ads or Twitter.
      • Create a featured campaign. This option means bringing your promotion to the top of the Easypromos featured promotions list. Featured campaigns have an additional cost and this price is per day of campaign. If you want to feature your promotion, check out this tutorial.
    • View participants: Once the promotion has started and users start participating, you’ll have the possibility to access the general list of participants. In order to access this list, you’ll need to click the “View entries” option. You’ll directly access the list of entries, where you’ll have the possibility to order the list by the last participants, most voted users, top score users (in trivia contests), etc. Additionally, you have the option to download this list in an Excel file, by clicking the small green icon located at the top-right corner of the screen.

List of entries

The Excel file which is generated by the application includes all the required fields that the users have to complete in the registry form (city, email, country, etc.), as well as the information related with the contest (number of invitations sent, number of fans provided, number of votes obtained, etc.).

  • Links of the promotion: Your promotion has a specific URL that can be used to share the promotion in other channels with the aim to increase the visibility of the promotion and achieve higher levels of participation. The Easypromos application offers a list with the links of the promotion, which can be used to publish in a website, Newsletter, ads or Twitter. In order to see the list of links, click the “links to promotion” option in the administration panel of your promotion. You’ll automatically access a page with the list of links.Important note: When you need to share the promotion with your users, whether if you want to post the promotion in your Timeline or sending a tweet, remember to always use the URL which is compatible with mobile devices, which corresponds to the “main link of the promotion”. By sharing this link, all the users will be able to enter.
  • Preview: With the preview tool you’ll be able to see what the different screens of the promotion look like. This is really useful before activating the promotion, this way you’ll be able to check that all the information is correct and, additionally, you’ll be able to test the users’ experience.
  • Add a quiz: If you want to add an entertaining question and answer contest to your promotion, you should click the “Quiz” option. This will allow you to suggest your users a series of questions, and they’ll be asked to select the right answer or simply choose their favourite answer. Quizzes are available in Premium and White Label versions, therefore if you are using the Basic version, you’ll have the option to create a quiz and preview it. However, if you want to activate the quiz, you should upgrade to Premium version.
  • Select the winners: Once your promotion is finished, it’s time to select the winners and alternate winners of the contest. With the random selection tool of Easypromos you’ll be able to run a sweepstake among all the participants of the promotion and, additionally, publish the winners within the same application. This functionality is available in all Easypromos versions – Basic, Premium and White Label.
  • Delete the promotion: Promotions can be deleted, regardless of their state. To delete a promotion, you will need to access the administration panel of the promotion and click “Delete”. The Easypromos application will make sure you haven’t clicked this option by accident so it will ask you again. This is to help you avoid potential unwanted deletions.

Delete promotionAttention:When a promotion is deleted, all the information about the participants is also deleted, as are the votes if it is a contest. This information cannot be recovered so please bear this in mind when considering deleting a promotion.

Remember that campaigns in the “Drafts” tab are not active, so if you do not need them at the moment, it may not be necessary to delete them.


Now that you know all the options and possibilities of the Easypromos administration area, the next step is to create your first promotion. If it’s your first time with Easypromos, we suggest you to read our tutorial “How to create my first promotion with Eaypromos”, where we explain you all the options you have to consider when creating your first contest.



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