How to Create a Promotion with Easypromos Basic

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New at Easypromos? Or maybe you have done sweepstakes before and now want to try something different to obtain leads? If you want to create your first promotion and don’t know where to start, this step-by-step guide can help you during the configuration process of your first promotion with an Easypromos Basic application.

What type of contests can I create with Easypromos Basic?

Entry Form Giveaway: A promotion that allows the organizer to collect the data of the users who sign up for a chance to win a prize. Try the Entry Form Giveaway demo.

Note: See all the types of promotions and contests that you can create with Easypromos. On the page of each promotion, you’ll find all the information, link to tutorials, demos, videos and case studies.

What can’t you do with Easypromos Basic?

  • Allowing multiple entries per user. In basic promotions, participants can only enter one time.
  • Customization of the entry form. The available fields are limited in the basic version. If you need more fields, you can add the Fields extension for 19 EUR / $19 USD.
  • Pre-moderation of entries. In the list of entries, you can reject entries but it’s not possible to enable pre-moderation of entries.
  • Voting using email address. In the basic version, voting system is not enabled.
  • Choose the layout of the gallery. The gallery is not available in the basic version.
  • Enable recruiting. This feature is only available in Premium and White Label.
  • Multi-language. This feature is only available in White Label version
  • Restrict access per country. This can be added for 19 EUR/ $19 USD
  • Customize design. The design in the basic version is limited. You can add the appearance extension for 10 EUR / $10 USD to be able to change the colors and the fonts of the template.
  • Distribute promotional codes. This is a Premium feature only available in Premium and White Label. In the basic version, you can distribute the same coupon to all participants.
  • Validate prizes with QR code. This Premium feature allows giving a unique QR code per prize to be validated in one or more validation points.
  • Edit the coupon in PDF. With this Premium feature, you can edit and customize the coupon 100% to each participant.
  • Emails platform. It can be added as an extension for 50 EUR / $50 USD.
  • Integrations. If you need integrations with Instagram, Twitter, Mailchimp and more, you need the Premium or White Label version.

If you want more features like these and the Premium Design template, you can read much more about the Easypromos Premium platform here.

How to create a basic promotion step by step

Below we explain step by step how to create your first promotion with Easypromos Basic version:

  1. Access the Easypromos control panel
  2. Create a new promotion
  3. Edit the promotion
  4. Activating the promotion
  5. Disseminating the promotion

Click here to read a tutorial to create the Entry Form Giveaway.

STEP 1. Access the Easypromos control panel

The first step is to go to the Easypromos control panel, where you’ll find all the tools to create and manage your promotions. If you don’t already have one, you can create your account for free.

To access the Easypromos control panel follow these steps:

1. Go to the Easypromos website.

2. Click on the “Log-in” button:


3. You’ll be redirected to the page where you can log in to your Easypromos control panel with your email and password or your Facebook account if you used it to create your account:


Once you’re logged in, you see your control panel where you have access to:
1. Account settings
2. Utilities in the top bar
3. A list of your promotions arranged in Active promotions, Draft promotions, and Old promotions
4. Buttons to create a new promotion
5. How to buy promotions?


STEP 2. Create a new promotion

To create your first promotion you’ll only need to:

1. Click the green button “Create new promotion

2. Select the application you want to use:

Easypromos applications

3. Finally, you have to choose the version of Easypromos you want to use (Basic, Premium or White Label). You can also compare different plans by Easypromos, however, in this case, we will choose Basic:

Easypromos Entry Form Giveaway Panel

4. Once you have selected the version, the draft is created and you will see the management page of the promotion, which contains:

Entry Form Giveaway Panel

5. Then you reach the management page of the promotion which contains:

  1. Main link to the promotion which is the link you use to disseminate the promotion
  2. Menu
  3. Status of the promotion
  4. Information about the promotion dates and language

Entry Form Giveaway Panel

STEP 3. Edit the promotion

1. Click on Editor to start the configuration of the promotion:

Entry Form Giveaway Panel

In the editor, you will be able to edit the promotion. The editor is divided into 2 main categories: Pages and General.

Editor Entry Form Giveaway

We’ll go through them step by step:


1. Welcome page


  • Media: To insert an image to be shown at the top of the welcome page.
  • Title: The title should describe the promotion you are about to create and it should be a descriptive text that will catch the attention of your target audience.
  • Description: The description of the promotion is the text that appears on the welcome page of the promotion. With this text, you can describe what the promotion is about, depending on the type (a photo contest, sweepstakes, etc.), the participation requirements and process, how you will select the winners, dates of participation and other relevant information. The text is HTML-based, so you can include text in italics, bold, lists and other styles in order for the description to be more striking and get your users’ attention. You can also insert links and decorate the text with emojis.
  • Label for the ‘Enter’ button if you want it to be called something else, for example, Participate, Sign up, etc.

Entry Form giveaway Panel


You can decide if you want to show the number of registered users.

2. Entry form

Form fields
Here you can choose the fields you want to show in the entry form according to the information you want to ask the users for.

The fields that are included in the basic version are:
Mandatory fields:

  • First name
  • Last name

Optional fields:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Birthday
  • Gender
  • City
  • Country
  • Media field
  • Comments field

If you want to create a photo contest, you should add the media field in the entry form.

Entry Form Giveaway Platform

Note: The name and last name fields are always displayed in the registry form, that’s why these options aren’t available as a new field.

If you want to add other fields that are not included in the basic version, you can add them by purchasing the fields extension (19 EUR / $19 USD).


  • Introduction message for the entry form: This is the text that will be displayed above the entry form. You can take advantage of this text to give users information about the required fields.
  • Label for the “Submit” button: If you want to change the wording on the button to for example: Send, Sign up, etc.


  • Max. users: If you have a maximum number of participants. Leave empty for unlimited.
  • Enable Facebook login: This helps speed up the entry process if the user is already logged in to their Facebook account. Then the system can take the information from the Facebook account and pre-fill the fields with the available information.
  • Do you want it to be mandatory for users to connect with Facebook: This is if you only want users to sign up identifying with their Facebook account.

3. Thank you page

Here you can write the message you want to show the users once they’ve submitted their entry. There are also buttons to share the promotion and you can write a special text for users to share their own participation. This can be useful if you’re creating a photo contest or a writing-based contest with voting. This way, users can share their participation directly in order to get votes.

Here you can also upload an image to be shown at the top of the page.

Thank you window Entry Form


4. Winners page

This is where you can announce the winners of your contest. You can customize the page by uploading an image and writing a title and a description. The winners that you select either automatically or manually will be inserted here. You can use the winners’ page to publish the results. See more here. To be able to enable the winners’ page, you will first have to create prizes.

Entry Form Giveaway editor
Entry Form Giveaway editor

You will then see a pop-up window with four different prize options.

Entry Form Giveaway editor

  1. Random prize draw – this option allows you to choose a specified number of winners from all the participants that entered the draw.
  2. On registering – assigning a prize on registering is a great way of distributing discounts and vouchers, that way every person that leaves their contact details gets a prize.
  3. By manual assignment – if you organize a photo contest and want to award winners picked by the jury you would assign the prizes manually.



1. Dates

  • Time zone: Time zone of the promotion.
  • Publication dates: Dates for when the promotion will be visible to users.
  • Entry dates: Dates for the period of participation.

2. Language

Here you can select the default language of the promotion and you can select a dictionary to use in the promotion if you need to change label texts or you use a language that isn’t supported by the platform.

3. Restrictions

By default, the basic promotion is visible worldwide. You can add the Countries Extension to your promotion for 19 EUR / $19 USD to be able to restrict the access to the promotion to certain countries.

4. Design

In the basic version, only the basic design template is available. If you want to change the colors and the fonts of the promotion, you can add the Appearance extension for 10 EUR / $10 USD. If you want to use the Premium design template, you need to upgrade the whole promotion to Premium or White Label.

5. Legal content

Here you can insert the terms and conditions of your promotion. Legal conditions of the promotion are very important, especially when you ask the users personal information. It’s advisable to indicate information about the mechanics of the promotion, the duration and how the winners will be selected.

You can also insert your Privacy policy in this section.

6. My Networks

My Networks is a layer you can show in the promotion to encourage the participants to follow you on your social media channels.

  • Contents: Write the Title of the layer and the Description.
  • Networks: Here you can add the networks you want to show in the layer. You can add Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. Read more about how to configure My Networks.
  • Options: Here you can select where you want to show the My Networks layer in the promotion:
    • I don’t want to show it automatically
    • On loading the promotion landing page
    • On clicking the Enter button in the promotion landing page
    • On clicking the Submit button in the promotion registration page


7. Share

Here you can upload the image you want to be used when sharing the contest.

8. Footer

Here you can add your brand/company/campaign name on the left side of the footer. On the right side it says: Create your own promotion with Easypromos. It’s only possible to avoid this text in the White Label version.

If you’ve reached this point, your promotion should be ready to activate. Use the Preview tool to see what the promotion will look like once published. You’ll find the preview tool in the top right corner when inside the editor and also in the left side menu on the management page of the promotion.

STEP 4. Activating the promotion

By following the previous steps you will have created your first promotion, but it won’t be active yet, this means that the promotion is not visible to the users. When we activate the promotion by doing the corresponding payment and the date of publication is reached (which we have previously specified in the editor), the promotion will be published in a microsite and the users will be able to start entering.

Remember that you’ll be able to use the preview tool at any time, which will allow you to see what your promotion looks like while you are still configuring all the options, this way ensuring that all the information is correct.

To activate the promotion, exit the editor and find the green button: Activate promotion:

Entry Form Giveaway editor

You’ll access the order summary of the promotion, where you’ll be able to add your billing information before doing the payment. Remember that the first promotion with the Basic version of Easypromos is free, therefore, if this is your first promotion you’ll be able to activate it without payment. However, if you have already tested Easypromos before you will need to activate the promotion by clicking the link “Pay now”.

Once activated, the status of the promotion will change to Activated. If the registration start date is the same as the publication start date, the promotion is already visible in the microsite and open for participation.

STEP 5. Promoting the giveaway

Although your giveaway is already active, you need to do one more important thing: Promote it. In order to do so, on the management page of the promotion click on “Publish” to see your options. There’s the main link to the promotion, which is the link that you will need to use for all dissemination since this link is mobile compatible.

Entry Form Giveaway editor

By default, this main link directs to a microsite where the promotion is shown but you can also embed it on a website or blog. You can manage where you want to disseminate the promotion from the “Publish” section.
You can read much more about how to disseminate the promotion here.

You can share the promotion by means of the following methods:

  • With the main link of the promotion.
  • With the ‘Share‘ on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Email buttons.

Discover how to publish and share the promotion with your users in the following step-by-step tutorial.

If you’ve already created your basic promotion and you later find out that you want to upgrade it to Premium, you can do it from the management page of the promotion:

Entry Form Giveaway editor

You can read more about what the Premium platform has to offer by clicking here. And you can click here to create your account and get started.

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Publication date: 2012-05-03