How to publish an Easypromos promotion on a Facebook Timeline

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Once a promotion or contest is activated, the communication and diffusion actions start in order to reach our followers and target public. In this tutorial we explain all the steps you need to follow in order to successfully publish a promotion in the Timeline taking into account the new design of Facebook pages. We will also give some practical tips for promoting and communication your campaign with the aim of reaching all your fans.

This post is out-dated. Access the tutorial and discover the 14 steps that you should follow in order to publish and highlight your campaigns on your Facebook page.

In this tutorial, we will give recommendations regarding the different methods that exist in Easypromos and Facebook for successfully publishing a promotion on a Timeline. We understand ‘successful’ publishing of a promotion to be one which provides the maximum amount of information to the user regarding the promotion, in the way in which the administrator desires, and using an access link that works for all devices, including mobiles, smartphones, and tablets.

The contents of this post are as follows:

1. How to publish the promotion on the Facebook Timeline

2. How to customize the contest app

3. How to highlight the application within the page

4. Practical recommendations and tips

1. How to publish the promotion on the Facebook Timeline

When a promotion with Easypromos is created, saved as a ‘Draft’ and a unique URL is generated, this becomes the direct access to the promotion. This link will be the final link and the one that needs to be used in all communication actions for the promotion: when sharing the promotion on the Timeline, when communication on Twitter or other social networks, when sending a Newsletter, when creating a banner, when launching a Facebook Ads campaign, etc.

You can share the promotion by means of the following methods:

1. Via the promotion direct link

Once the promotion is created, a unique link is generated, which is the link that needs to be used in order to communicate the promotion. This link is available in the promotion administration panel, as we show in the image below:

promotion main link

How to share the promotion on the Timeline?

The recommended way for sharing the promotion on the Timeline is by using the main URL creating a publication that includes the promotion main link. To do so, you’ll only need to create a new publication in your page Timeline and include the promotion main link, by copying and pasting the URL available in the administration panel.

Important note: Use always the promotion main URL when sharing the promotion, since this link is 100% compatible with mobile devices and you will thus reach the greatest number of users.

In the image below we show an example of how to share the link of a promotion on the Timeline:

publish main link

Note: When the promotion link is published on the page Timeline, Facebook reads the content of the promotion and automatically displays this content in the publication. This content can be edited at the moment of publishing the promotion, as we explain on the ‘Recommendations and tips’ of this tutorial.

In addition, in Premium and White Label versions administrators can customize the content that Facebook reads by default, by editing the viral content of the promotion.

2. Via the Facebook ‘Share’ button

From the promotion management page the administrator will find the ‘Share’ buttons to share the promotion via the following channels:

  • Facebook: It allows to publish the promotion on the Facebook Timeline. Upon clicking the button, a new pop-up window is displayed with a preview of the post that will be shared on the Timeline. Select the ‘Share on a page you manage’ and then select the page where you wish to publish the promotion. You have also a text field to write a short comment. Take advantage of this text field to explain what the promotion is about and give your users the first details about the promotion.

Note: In Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos, the administrator can customize the title and the description of the publication via the following fields: ‘Title of Facebook post’ and ‘Description of Facebook post’. These fields are available in the promotion edit form, under the section ‘Viral content’.

  • Twitter: It allows to send a tweet with the promotion main link to communicate the promotion also via Twitter. You can also customize the content of the tweet.
  • Pinterest: It allows to share and pin the promotion main image in a Pinterest board. By clicking the button, a pop-up window will be displayed with the possibility to select the board where you want to add the image.
  • Embed: It allows to embed the promotion as a Widget into your website, blog or microsite. Discover how Easypromos Widgets work.
Share buttons

2. How to customize the contest app

When a promotion with Easypromos is created, this promotion is installed in an app within the Facebook page, and this app works as the direct access to the promotion. With the recent design that affects Facebook pages, third-party apps are still visible, although they are displayed in a different place within the page. Now apps can be accessed from:

1. From the ‘More’ option that is displayed in the top menu right below the cover image of the page, which shows a list of the apps installed in the page.

Apps Facebook page

2. From the left column of the page, which displays a maximum of 3 apps.The first steps when creating a promotion is customize the app where the promotion will be published, so your users can easily identify the contest. You have the possibility to edit the following aspects:

  • APP name. This is the name that appears right next to the tab. You can change this name at any time and adapt it to the type of promotion you are running.
  • App image. This is the image that identifies the app, which by default is represented by a logotype of Easypromos. You can upload an image of your choice to customize the app even more.

Learn how to configure the contents of your apps on the following post.

3. Highlight the promotion within your page

All promotions created with Easypromos will be visible in the Facebook page through the application, which will be listed on the ‘More’ menu located right below the cover image.

In order to give the application more visibility, the new design for Facebook pages allows to decide how we want to show and place the applications within the page to give them the maximum visibility to the users that visit our Facebook page.

In order to do so, once the promotion is activated we suggest you the following two actions to make the application more visible:

1. Place the application in the menu below the cover image. In this way, the application will be placed in one of the most visible spots of the page. If you also customize the name of the application, this name will be the one that will appear in the menu:

Name of app in the menu

2. Place the app in the left column of the Facebook page. The left column reserved to the applications allows to show a maximum of 3 apps, which means that when the promotion is activated it won’t be probably displayed in this menu. However, enabling the app in this section of the page can mean more visibility for the promotion and attract more users.

Apps menu

4. Practical recommendations and tips

1.  Always share and publish the promotion main link

The promotion main link is the link that needs to be used to communicate and spread the promotion: when publishing the promotion on a Facebook page biography, when sharing on Twitter, when sending a Newsletter, when creating a Facebook Ads campaign, or when creating a banner on a website.

This link is 100% compatible with mobile devices, so all your users will be able to enter, no matter the type of device used and thanks to responsive design the promotion adapts to all screen resolutions and devices, always offering an optimal view of the promotion.

2. Create a link campaign to measure traffic sources

Once you have the promotion main link, you’ll be able to create a customized link campaign to measure where the users who take part in your promotion come from, which will allow you to find out whether if a participant has accessed the promotion through the wall publication, via Twitter, through the Newsletter you sent or if he comes from a Facebook Ads campaign.

To do so, you can define utm_source, utm_medium and utm_campaign parameters, in order to distinguish the different traffic sources and, therefore, measure where your users come from.

In this way, if a user comes to the promotion by clicking a link that contains these parameters, the application will keep track of this information for each user that registers into the promotion. All this information is available in the promotion administration panel, and all the data collected is included in the entrants’ Excel file.

We explain how to create your customized link campaign in the following tutorial.

3. Use Facebook Ads to give the promotion more visibility

One of the most effective ways of improving the visibility of the promotion is by means of Facebook advertising service, which allows to create an ad to promote the contest and generate traffic to the promotion.

In order to do so, you should access the Facebook advertisers’ site and create an ad to promote the contest. To do so, you will need to select the option ‘Clicks to Website’ and then insert the promotion main URL.

Facebook Ads

4. Plan a communication strategy to promote the contest

The majority of successful promotions, sweepstakes and contests in Facebook are responsive to a studied promotion and dissemination strategy.  Therefore, after communicating the promotion to our followers, it is important to plan a diffusion strategy that allows the promotion to reach the maximum number of users: Newsletter, promotion on other social networks, take advantage of your website to expand the reach of the promotion, complement with offline communication, etc.

We explain you these and other actions that will help you in the communication of the promotion to reach as many people as possible.

5. Pay attention to the content

One of the most important parts in a promotion is the message it gives to your fans by means of the promotion main image and the title and description. With the aim of encouraging your followers and target to take part in the promotion, we suggest to consider the following aspects:

  • Main image: Design an attractive image, where participants can easily understand what the promotion is about and with little text.
  • Title: Think of a short title, which includes a call to action and the prize the users can win. It is also advisable to indicate the promotion mechanics (sweepstakes, photo contest, answer the question, etc.).
  • Description: Describe what the promotion is about and what actions the users will need to take in order to take part in the promotion. Include the key dates of the promotion and repeat the prize they can win.

6. Publish the promotion in different occasions throughout the campaign

Once you have shared the promotion on the wall, we suggest you to continue posting and sharing the promotion with your followers throughout the whole campaign. You can take advantage of each new publication to inform your fans of the prizes of the day or the remaining time to take part in the contest. This follow-up will cheer on the users who are keeping an eye on the contest while attracting new participants.

Recommendation: You can create a customized link campaign for each new publication, which will allow you to measure the impact of each publication in a separate and individual way. For instance, you’ll be able to find out what publication has generated a higher conversion and, from there, you can analyze the performance of each campaign. Learn how to create a customized link campaign in the following tutorial.

7. Customize your page’s cover photo

Design and present your Facebook page with images and work art related to your contest topic throughout the whole campaign. For example, you can use the occasion to renew your cover photo, where you can include some information about the contest you are currently running.

This is the first image your users see when they arrive on your page, therefore, they will instantly find out about your new promotion.

8. Pin to top and highlight the promotion in the page Timeline

Once the promotion is published on the page wall, you can pin the post to the top of the wall, in order to keep it in a visible area to reach the greatest number of users. Additionally, Facebook offers the ‘Highlight’ tool, which allows to display a blue label with a star to emphasize that it is an important post.

pin to top

9. You can overwrite the title and description in the Timeline

You can overwrite the title and description of the publication on the Timeline. Once you paste a direct link on your Timeline, you can modify the contents that appear by default (title, description and text of the link) to customize it according to your needs.

To do this you must first paste the URL and once the information is displayed, place the mouse over the content until it appears as highlighted in yellow. This will allow you to edit the text and, additionally, you will also be able to change the image that Facebook displays when reading the link.

fb post promotion

10. Use online services to create a shorter URL and help share the promotion

By using URL reducers (like ‘’ or ‘’) you can use shorter, much more manageable links that are easy for users to copy, write and share on social networks such as Twitter.

These types of tools also offer statistics regarding each one of the links, thus giving you further insights into the impact of your posts and the diffusion of the promotion.

11. Be consistent in the Timeline if the promotion uses the country filter

Administrators can filter the promotion to a specific country, so that only the users who connect from this country can enter and take part in the promotion. It is therefore important to use the same filter when posting a promotion in your Timeline so that users in countries not included in the filter will not be able to see the link.

In order to filter the post you can follow these steps:

1. By clicking on the globe icon, a small window will pop-up, in which we can select the ‘Location/Language’ option:

location post

2. A small form will appear in which you can enter the countries you wish to filter (that is, those countries where the promotion will be visible). It is also possible, but not necessary, to enter a specific region.

Country filter settings

And more… In this post we recommend you 20 actions to spread your promotion to reach the maximum number of users, but the first action that needs to be taken is to make it public to your fans.

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