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Is it your first time with Easypromos? Would you like to test some of our versions on your Facebook page? The first step to start creating promotions is to install the Easypromos application on the Facebook page where you want to organize your contests. This tutorial will guide you through all the application installation process.

This post is outdated! You no longer need to install anything to use Easypromos. All you need to do is to create your account and you’ll be able to create your first promotion. If you choose to create a sweepstakes or a basic promotion, you get the first one for free. You can check out all the available options here.


Installation guide to Easypromos applications

The installation process of the application is exactly the same regardless of the Easypromos version you are using – Basic, Premium or White Label. If you want to learn all the differences between each of our versions, please, check out our comparative table of products, where you’ll be able to compare all their functionalities.


Below we explain you step by step how to install Easypromos application on your page:

1. Installation of Easypromos
2. Select the page where you want to install the application
3. Permissions management
4. Access the administration area

STEP 1: Installation of Easypromos

Access the Easypromos page of products and select the type of Easypromos version you prefer. In order to start the installation, click on the “Start now” button, as it’s shown on the following image:

Install Easypromos

STEP 2: Select the page where you want to install the application

When clicking on the previous button, a new window will be displayed in your browser, where you’ll be asked to select the page where you want to install the application. Click in “Add page tab” and the application will be installed on your page. You need to be the page administrator of the page in order to install the application.

Select Facebook page

Note: If you don’t see your page in the list, it means that either you are not the page administrator of the page or that you already have the application installed on your page. In this case, you can access the dashboard to start working on your promotion by following this step-by-step guide.

STEP 3: Permissions management

Once you have selected the page and added Easypromos application, you’ll be automatically redirected to the Easypromos administration area of your page on Facebook, where you’ll be welcomed:

Accept permissions

This area is private, so the application will ask you to accept the permissions of the application in order to verify that you are the page administrator and only you can access the administration panel.

When clicking on the “Permissions” button, a new pop-up window will be displayed, asking you to accept Facebook basic permissions, which allow the application to obtain your email and identify your Facebook account:

Easypromos application permissions

By clicking in “Ok” button, a last pop-up window will be displayed, where you will be required to accept a new permission, this time you’ll be asked to accept the “manage pages” permission. This is a Facebook permission which allows the applications to identify a user as the administrator of a Facebook page. This way, Easypromos will be able to guarantee that only the page administrators have permissions to manage the promotions on that page:

Easypromos manage pages permissions

Important note: Easypromos only uses these permissions for the correct operative of the application and to guarantee that only the page administrators can access the administration panel. Check out all the information about Easypromos privacy policy.

STEP 4: Access the administration area

Once you have accepted the application permissions, you’ll be automatically redirected to your administration panel on Facebook, which will allow you to create and manage your promotions of the Facebook page you have just installed the Easypromos application.

Start editing the promotion

At the end of the application installation process, you’ll gain access to the administration panel of the promotion on Facebook, which will allow you to manage all your promotions you create on this page.

To learn all the available options of the administration panel, please, check out this tutorial, where we explain how the Easypromos administration panel on Facebook works.


How to access the Dashboard again

If you prefer to start creating your promotion later, you’ll be able to resume your tasks by directly accessing your own Dashboard, a centralized way to manage all your promotions and contests by using all the tools it brings: you’ll be able to create new promotions, check the campaigns you are running, moderate the entries of the users, download your invoices, etc.

You’ll be able to access the Easypromos Dashboard by following these steps:


1. Go to the Easypromos website.

2. Click on the “Login” button:

Easypromos Dashboard login

3. You’ll be redirected to the page that gives you access to your Easypromos Dashboard, which will allow  you to access using your own Facebook account:

Access Easypromos Dashboard

If you want to discover how the centralized Dashboard works and the advantages it offers, check out this link.


If you’re new at Easypromos,  we suggest you our tutorial “How to create my first promotion with Easypromos”, where we explain all the options you should consider when creating your first contest.

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