Make your promotion a featured Easypromos promotion and gain maximum visibility

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Do you want greater visibility for your promotion? Do you want to reach more potential fans? Do you want maximum exposure for your promotion? In Easypromos we work every day to ensure that the promotions created through the different Easypromos applications – Basic, Premium and White Label – all reach the maximum number of Facebook users.

In this post we will explain how to create a campaign that will enable your promotion to appear as one of the featured Easypromos promotions, and therefore be the first visited by Facebook users. This post serves to complement the tutorial, how to correctly publish your promotion in the Timeline and make it known to your fans.

Easypromos currently has over 2 million active users each month, who daily follow the new promotions created via the application. All of these users search for the chance to win prizes in the contests and sweepstakes that are created with Easypromos.


How do Facebook users access and discover new promotions created with Easypromos?

All the active Easypromos promotions can be found in the following page:

Latest highlighted promotions in Easypromos

This page will be accessed directly when someone searches for Easypromos in Facebook or clicks on any reference to Easypromos. When a user takes parts in any promotion they will see a bookmark on their Facebook home page (includes mobile devices). This bookmark is a direct link to the list of all Easypromos promotions.

The page is divided into 4 sections:

1. Home: featured promotions

All featured promotions are shown on this page, as well as the 6 latest Premium promotions created and the latest Basic promotions created.

The featured promotions are those that appear first and fullscreen. The featured promotions can be Basic, Premium or White Label promotions.

Note: By default, White Label promotions do not appear in the list of Easypromos promotions. However, they now have the opportunity to appear as featured promotions.

2. Last minute: promotions about to end

All promotions that have just two days left are featured on this page. In this way the users have the opportunity to take part in a promotion up until the last minute. See current Easypromos promotions that are about to end.

3. Premium: