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The aim of this post is to explain more about the options that Easypromos offers for customizing the promotion display tab, both when there are promotions active and when there aren’t. When we install an application on a Facebook page, a shortcut to the app appears on the same page, just under the main image. This shortcut takes the Facebook user to a page where the application is presented. It is where Easypromos presents the promotions.

In this article we describe in detail how to customize all the features of the Easypromos tab so you can get the most out of it.

In this post you will learn:

  1. How the apps are displayed in a Facebook page?
  2. How many apps does Easypromos provide to publish the promotions?
  3. How to access the app settings
  4. How to change the basic information of the tab
  5. Content that is shown in the contest app

1. How the apps are displayed in a Facebook page?

Two direct accesses to applications. With the new Facebook design, applications are granted even greater visibility. They are displayed in the menu that can be found beneath the cover image, in the column on the left. The images that go with the applications maintain the same measurements (111x74px) and are now located in the column on the left. The title of the promotion located in the menu beneath the cover photo is shown at a bigger size, giving it improved visibility.

promotion app in a facebook page

The apps displayed in the left column of the Facebook page can be customized with a name and a image, as we will explain in this post.

2. How many apps does Easypromos provide to publish the promotions?

For each Facebook page Easypromos application provides:

  • 3 tabs for Basic promotions.
  • 3 tabs for Premium promotions.
  • As many tabs as you need for White Label promotions.

This way if a Facebook page manages different promotions simultaneously, Easypromos gives the option to use different tabs to organize the different promotions.

3. How to access the app settings

In order to manage and customize the features of the different tabs of the page, it’s necessary to access the Easypromos administration panel of this page.

You can access the administration panel by following these steps:

1. Go to the Easypromos Dashboard by clicking on this link:

2. Select the Facebook page and in the “Options” menu click on “Manage promotion”.

manage promotion

3. You’ll gain access to the promotion’s management page, where you’ll see the “Status” box. This will allow you to check the following aspects:

  • If the app is published or not
  • The status of publication: publish or unpublish

4. By clicking on the “Edit” button of the Status box, you’ll access to “Quick Publish” inside “Publish in a Facebook app” section. Check the options you can manage on this section.

status box

4. How to change the basic information of the tab

From “Quick publish” you will find the option of “Edit app setings” wher you will be able to modify the next information:

  1. Name. The app name must cheer up the user to click on it. “Participate” or “Win” are good words to use in this name. Facebook only allow a maximum of 15 characters.
  2. Image. The image should have the following dimensions: 111x74px. The following formats are accepted: JPG/GIF/PNG.

5. Content that is shown in the Easypromos app

When a promotion finishes, automatically is unpublished from its Facebook tab. If you do not unpublish your application, it will show this message:

expired promotion

If there is a promotion activated in this app but it has not reached yet the date of publication, this message will appear:

not active promotions

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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2012-11-05