Upgraded Easypromos Basic: design templates, increased viral effect and more configuration options

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We have completely renewed Easypromos Basic by adding new functionalities and options so the administrator can create more efficient and attractive promotions on the Facebook Fan Page. The pricing for Basic promotions will be maintained as it is and the first promotion will still be free. The administrator will now benefit from important improvements that we introduce in this post.

1.- More design personalization options

It is the most important improvement from this upgrade. We have added the following features:

1.1.- New design templates

The administrator can now choose from 2 design templates when creating the promotion:

  • Enhanced Template: the main image of the promotion would be 810px wide so it takes advantage of the total width provided by Facebook.
  • Classic Template: the main image of the promotion will be 480px wide. It is the classic Easypromos Premium template.

Learn more about the available Easypromos design templates.

1.2.- Header image on top of the registration form

Now you can opt for a header image of 740x150px. It will appear in the upper part of the registration form of the promotion.

1.3.- Full preview system

We have added a preview option to Easypromos Basic. With this tool, the administrator can see how exactly the promotion will look like before publishing it. He/She can preview every single page of the promotion, not only the landing page. This way all texts can be proof-read and the design parts quality checked.

1.4.- Require city in the registration form

Now the administrator can ask users to indicate their city in the entry form. It’s a new option available in the management area of Easypromos Basic.



2.- More tab customization options

The new Easypromos Basic platform adds the option to personalize the promotion tab, for example you can change the image and text when there are no active promotions. The Easypromos Basic admin will find in the admin panel a new button called “Options” and which will allow him/her to:

2.1.- Personalize the content of the tab when there are no active promos

When a Facebook Fan Page does not have any active promotions, the tab automatically shows “Currently there are no active promotions”. Now, you can upload a 810px wide image and change the message. This was the tab space can be used for publishing the winners of the last promotion, announce the next contest, etc.

2.2.- Personalize the content of the tab when the user hasn’t clicked on “Like”

The admin of the promotion can now show an image of 810px when a new user has been detected. Once the newcomer becomes a fan, then the landing page of the promotion will be shown.

2.3.- Personalize the image and the name of the promotion tab

Using the Easypromos Basic administration panel, the admin can now change the name and the image on the tab. The default image  (a blue Easypromos logo) will be changed by a 111x72px photo.

Learn more on how to personalize using all tab options.


3.- More viral options

We have added all viral features of Easypromos Premium to Easypromos Basic. Now you can reach a wider audience. The improvement works this way:

3.1.- Individual invite for each one of the participants

Each participant in the promotion will have a unique URL assigned so he/she can share it using any Internet channel. This way the Basic application will be able to easily measure whether the invitations have been accepted.

3.2.- More sharing options

Once the user finalizes the registration process, an automatic pop-up will appear so the participant publishes the promotions on his/her Timeline. Besides now you can use the Easypromos Premium invitation tool which has the following features:

  • The unique invite URL easy to copy and paste.
  • Twitter share option for the invite URL.
  • Share the invite URL through Facebook invites
  • Share the invite URL via Facebook Private Messages
  • Share the invite URL on the participant´s Timeline.

3.3.- More tools for participation sharing and getting more votes

Besides the invite URL, the participants also have a URL used to ask their friends to vote. This URL can also be easily shared via Facebook, Twitter or copied on other channels such as email, forums or other social networks.


4.- New admin interface

One of the main improvements to be noticed immediately by the administrator of the promotions is that the admin panel has changed. The new interface is user friendlier and faster than the previous one and the elements are better organized.


5.- Upgrade from Easypromos Basic to Premium

With the new features, the administrators who want to upgrade their application from Basic to Premium, can do it automatically from the interface. This way the administrator of a Basic promotion can upgrade any time and take advantage of all the types of promotions available on Easypromos.  Some of the main advantages of the Premium promotions are the following:

  1. Add additional free text fields to the registration form
  2. Create video contests
  3. Activate “Only Fans can vote” option
  4. Advanced voting system: voters list, verified user filer, etc,
  5. Activate recruiting system
  6. Insights on  acquired fans and recruiters
  7. Configure separately voting and registration dates
  8. Personalize sharing texts
  9. Include a video within the presentation of the promo
  10. Offer unique promotion codes
  11. Country filter for promotions
  12. Moderate participations in photo, video and text contests
  13. “Pick your favorite” promotions

Download a table comparing all available features for each one of the Easypromos applications.


5.1.- Two Premium promotions running simultaneously in two different tabs

With the automatic upgrade from Basic to Premium now you can have two Premium promotions simultaneously on the same page but in different tabs. For the second one you only have to create a Basic one and apply the Premium upgrade.



Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2012-11-21