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Want to challenge your Facebook fans with a Question & Answer contest? Have a new product and want to find out your users’ opinions? Or just want your users to have fun with a test? Now with Easypromos you’ll be able to create a new type of contest, the quizzes, and get a better engagement with your fans.

Interact in a more active way with your fans is possible now thanks to the Easypromos quiz system. Whether you want to create a quiz to test your users’ knowledge, or want to create an entertaining multiple-choice test, surprise your followers with a contest where they will have to answer a serie of questions. In this post, we explain the following items about this type of promotion:

What do quizzes look like in Easypromos?

The quiz system is always updated with new features, which allows you to set up a questions and answers contest with a thrilling visual design that will catch your users’ attention. Discover in this article all the features and options you have to build your quiz. You’ll have the option to add questions with photos; define a series of videos as the answers of the quiz; or, if you prefer, combine photos with videos to create a more flexible and attractive design for your participants. Your limits are boundless.

In the picture below you can see an example of how your users will see a trivia where videos are the answers to the quiz:


In the picture below we show you other ways to present your questions and answers:


By clicking the “Enter” button the user will access the quiz and he will be shown the questions he must answer. Once he has completed all the answers, he’ll be asked to fill in a entry form by introducing some personal information and accept the contest legal terms. By clicking the “Finalize” button the user will access the final screen with the total scoring or total number of correct answers.

A very interesting option is the possibility to configure the results message to show to your fans once they have completed the quiz, depending on how they played. So for example you’ll be able to congratulate your users for their results with a personalized message similar to the one you can see at the following image:


Don’t forget to thank your users for dedicating some minutes of their time to participate in your contest.

Furthermore, once the period for participation in the contest is closed, you’ll be able to download a complete list of all the users that have participated with their answers. Besides, the user that wants to take part in the quiz will be asked to introduce some personal information in order to complete the register and discover the final scoring. From the administration panel you’ll be able to configure what information you want to ask to your users. For example, you can ask them their e-mail or telephone number, so thanks to the quizzes you’ll obtain more data about your fans.

Think the questions you want to ask to your users. Define the possible answers. Set up your questions and answers from the quiz editor. Be inventive and create a visually appealing contest. You can preview what the questions will look like, as well as the final screen, where you show the message result you have configured according to the final scoring. Once you’ve previewed the final result of the contest, it’s time to publish it, make the users know it and encourage them to participate.

How to set up the quiz

Quizzes are available for Easypromos Premium and White Label versions.

You can create four types of Q&A contest:

  • Quiz: Test your users’ knowledge with a question and answer contest, where the participants will be asked to choose the right option.
  • Multiple-choice test: Create a quiz with questions and answers and challenge your users to take part by choosing the answer they prefer among the suggested options. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s all about preferences. Use this tool to set up for example a Q&A personality test.
  • Survey:  Identify your users’ profile, get feedback about their consumer habits and get their opinions about your brand and products.
  • Predictions: Challenge your social followers with a betting pool where they have to try to predict the results of a series of events, like football matches, The Oscars’ awards, etc.

Easypromos platform will guide you on the first steps to set up any of these contest apps. Also, all the apps have a complete tutorial to check any doubt and a support team with which you can contact from the Editor whenever you want. It’s free to create your account and to create promotions in draft mode, you will only be asked for payment when you want to activate your promotion.

Test the quiz

Once you have configured all the questions, answers and results, it’s time to preview what the quiz will look like within the promotion.

There are three different ways to preview the quiz:

1. You can test your quiz from the quiz editor, a feature to check the behavior of the quiz as if it was activated, and check if correct answers are setting up correct and the quiz shows the right result message.

2. With the preview tool within the administration panel you can preview the whole quiz, obtaining a global experience of what your quiz will look like. In preview mode, the final result displayed, do not correspond to your answers selected in the quiz. It is only a tool to check the design and the screens of the promotion.

3. You can also activate the promotion and do a real test before disseminate it on social networks and other channels. Share the promotion’s main link to a little group of coworkers or to your client to show how it works.

Statistics and graphs of the quiz results

As the administrator of the quiz, you can obtain information of all of your participants, with all the personal information they have previously introduced when registering to the promotion (e-mail, telephone number, etc.). Furthermore, you’ll have also the possibility to download the general list of participants in an Excel file, so that you can save all your users’ information.

In addition, you’ll have the possibility to see the quiz results obtained by each participant, as well as a detail of the answers given for each question. Check the statistics section of your promotion to review visits stats, sources stats, etc.


In all the question and answer contests general statistics of the quiz are generated, which will allow you to see in a graphic format the results of each question. This statistics are shown in overall percentages, that is, we’ll be able to know how many users have responded correctly each question or, in quizzes with open questions, we’ll be able to check what the favorite answer among the participants is. We show you below an example of what the graphs look like:

Furthermore, you have the possibility to publicly display the statistics of the quiz results. This way, curious users who have entered the contest will be able to see the results for each question. This is especially useful in a quiz that has been designed as a survey. Check here how quiz stats will be shown.

What type of contests can I create with Easypromos quizzes?

Try the following DEMOs and you will discover their differences.

  1. Trivia with question and answer contest. Choose the right answer.
  2. Multiple-choice test to obtain personalized result depending on your answers.
  3. Survey app to get the opinion of your users.
  4. Prediction and betting pool app to predict the results of a future event.

Do you need more inspiration? We give you some ideas.

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