Create promotions and contests in multiple languages with the Multi-language Platform

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Does your brand, company or business have customers and followers all over the world? Do your users speak a variety of languages? Do you own a page on Facebook with fans all over the world? If you are running a worldwide business with followers and clients that speak different languages, we present you with the Multi-Language Platform, which will allow you to create a single promotion in multiple languages to provide a unique and personalized experience for your audience.

Users on the Internet receive a lot of advertising impacts of different brands every day. To get a user to pay attention and be interested in our communications implies a very accurate communication work, where you have to work the quality of the content as well as the way to present it. That way, customized content with a specific language will provide a value added to your followers and clients. In the same way, the possibility to show your promotions in the languages your followers speak will become the key to obtain the engagement of your participants and get the maximum impact for your online campaigns.

With this objective in mind, we present you with the Easypromos Multi-language Platform, available in all promotions created with the White Label version, which allows to translate all the contents of your promotion interface and display them in different languages. You’ll have multi-language support for up to 98% of the promotion contents, including: all the texts and graphics, terms and conditions, quizzes, the messages to share and even the automatic emails to send.

You’ll have a comprehensive Editor to easily edit the contents, check the translations and verify every single detail before publishing.


Who is the Multi-language Platform aimed at?

  • At tourism and leisure businesses.
  • At multinational brands brands and companies with clients all over the world.
  • At famous personalities and celebrities with fans all over the world.
  • At language schools and academies.
  • At multi-lingual and bilingual regions.
  • At companies and brands that need to communicate in several languages.


How does it work?

We have to differenciate two types of contents when creating a promotion or contest with Easypromos:

1. Contents of the platform: These are the texts and images of the application that are common to all promotions that are not editable by the administrator (format of the promotion dates, the texts of some buttons, etc.).

Easypromos supports 31 different languages for the contents of the application interface: Arabic, Azeri, Basque, Chinese, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US), English (UK), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Galician, Hebrew, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese.

These contents are adapted automatically depending on the language of the user, which allows the user to always see the application on his own language.

Note: This functionality is supported in all the Easypromos versions: Basic, Premium and White Label.

2. Contents of the promotion itself: These are the texts and images of the promotion. These are the contents introduced by the administrator from the promotion Editor. For example: title, description, terms and conditions, graphics, viral contents, texts for the quiz, buttons, etc.

In the White Label platform administrators will be able to translate the contents of the promotion itself in all the languages they need by using the Multi-language Platform, in order to create a single promotion in several languages.

In this way, when the user visits the promotion the contents will be automatically displayed in their preferred language, based on their browser language setting:

  • If the promotion has been translated into the participants preferred language it will be displayed in this language.
  • If the promotion has not been adapted to the participant’s language, the promotion will appear in the default language.

The participant will be able to change the language, if they wish, by using the tool bar at the top right of the screen or at the bottom of the promotion:

Promotions and contests with multiple languages


Do you want to test the user experience?


Do you want to create your own promotion in multiple languages?

Learn how to set up a promotion with multiple languages on this step-by-step tutorial.


Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-01-17