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One of the most important parts of a promotional action is the analysis of the results to determine if the expected outcomes have been achieved. To do so, Easypromos has incorporated a statistics module that will allow you to get your promotion results easily, as well as analyze its evolution and compare the results with other promotions. Throughout this post we will show the statistics module, which it’s available at the administration panel of all Easypromos versions: Basic, Premium and White Label.



Warning! This post is OUTDATED. Check here all information on statistics and results.


1. Which statistics can be obtained with Easypromos?

With Easypromos the administrator will be able to download a CSV file with a complete list of participants, which includes all the registry information of each participant. Additionally, from the control panel the administrator will be able to access the statistics module and graphs, that will allow the user to see all the statistics and results of the promotion, analyze the promotion efficiency, measure the percentage of traffic that comes from a mobile device and answer the following questions: 

  • About participation:
    • How many users have participated?
    • Which is the evolutionary graph of the participation?
    • What were the times and days of the week with the highest participation?
    • In what way have the users participated? With what kind of mobile device?
    • In all the versions the administrator will be able to download and export a CSV file with the complete list of participants.
  • About Likes:
    • How many users have clicked I Like through the application?
    • How have these clicks evolved through time?
    • In what days and times has I Like got the highest participation?
    • How many users have become fans through mobile devices thanks to the promotion?
  • About votes:
    • How many votes have been obtained in all the promotion?
    • What was the evolution of the voting during the votes?
    • How many users have voted through a mobile device?
    • How have these votes been distributed during the hours and the days of the week?
    • In Premium promotions, the administrator will be able to download the total votes of the promotion, as well as the total votes by participants, with information about the Facebook profile of the voters, the IP from where the votes come and the time and day of each vote.
  • About recruited users (only in Premium promotions):
    • How many users were recruited through participants’ invitations?
    • What’s the percentage of participation that comes from recruitment? Recruiters vs. Direct participations.
    • How have the recruited users evolved during all the promotion?
    • When have the most users to participate been recruited?
    • What percentage of users has been recruited through mobile devices?
  • Comparative:
    • Compare participation results between different promotions of the same Facebook page.
    • Comparative graph between the participation evolution, recruitment, Likes and Votes.

Remark: In the White Label promotions the administrator will also have access to Facebook Insights statistics, and he will be able to connect the promotion with a tracking code of Google Analytics.


2. How do I access Easypromos statistics?

Statistics are available from the administration panel of Easypromos. Only the administrators of the Facebook page where the promotion is active will be able to access this control panel. Here we explain how to access the Easypromos control panel in a Facebook page, step by step.

Once we are in the control panel, we’ll be able to access the statistics from two places:

1. From the head of the platform we will be able to access a list of promotions with available statistics:



2. From the options menu of the active promotions and history we will be able to access the statistics of the promotion directly:

3. Description of the available statistics of a promotion

The statistics module for a promotion is divided into 3 pages:

  1. Página 1: Vista general de las estadísticas
  2. Page 2: Statistics detail by day
  3. Page 3: Statistics detail by action

Page 1: General view of the promotion statistics

From this page we’ll get a general view of the statistics of this promotion. The following graphs are available:

A) Graph of the total of actions by day. It shows the evolution by day for each of the statistical actions. These are the statistical actions that are presented:

  1. Users: users that have participated in the promotion, that is, users that have filled the registry form.
  2. Recruited users: users that have entered the promotion through the participants’ invitations (only available for Premium and White Label promotions).
  3. Likes: number of users that have clicked the “I Like” button in the promotion, that is, in the Easypromos application (“I Like” buttons clicked outside the application are not counted).
  4. Votes: number of votes obtained in the promotion. It only applies for the promotions that have the voting option activated.

B) Graph of the recruitment detail (available for Premium and White Label promotions): It shows the percentage of direct participation in relation to the participation obtained thanks recruitment actions. Direct participation refers to users that have not registered in the promotion through a participant’s invitation.

C) Graph of mobile traffic. It shows the use of mobile devices to access and take part in the promotions.

D) Totals. It shows a table with the total numbers of the promotion. These details are shown for these actions: total, average, use through mobile devices and best day.

Filter by date and day’s range

The dates of all the information in the page can be modified (except the general information in the table of totals), by selecting a date range using the upper selectors:

To see the statistical detail of a specific day, we can click in any of the groups of a same day in the main graph:

Page 2: Statistics detail by day

In this screen we show you a page with the statistics of that day divided into hours. As in page 1, we can change the date by selecting it using the selector located at the upper part of the page.

Page 3: Statistics detail by action

Through «View more» links in the total table we’ll be able to see the details of all the actions («Users», «Recruits», «Votes» and «Likes»):

Total of actions by day and its temporal evolution:

Information by weekdays and hours of the day:

Origin of the actions and different kinds of mobile devices:

In the same way, you can modify the dates’ range in order to limit the information in a more customized way.


4. Final thoughts

Easypromos will only show the available statistics for that promotion. For instance, if the promotion is not one of a voting type, then the graphs of the votes will show empty.

Statistics can be visualised for all the promotions that haven’t been deleted, which includes promotions that have expired but are located at the history section in the control panel. Furthermore, take into account that the actions are being captured since:

  • Mobile data: available since 3rd January 2012 at 11:00 h
  • Recruiters: available since 5th March 2012 at 12:00 h
  • Likes: available since 5th March 2012 at 12:00 h

In the same way, take into account that «Likes» only refers to «Likes» performed through the platform (access form for the users and votes in the list of participations, provided that appropriate options for the promotion have been enabled).

We hope that this statistic module will help administrators to show and analyse the results and efficiency of their promotions. Besides, this module will be periodically extended with new graphs and statistics as we introduce new features and Facebook offers new tools.


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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-01-21