Easypromos launches Instagram/Twitter contests

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One of the most popular features, used by our clients with the Easypromos application, is the photo contest.  Those contests are incredibly viral and create a high level of engagement with the Facebook fans. We have been thinking about how to make the user experience even better and are happy to announce we have developed an integration with Instagram and Twitter, which allows fans to upload pictures onto the contest directly from the Instagram or Twitter application on their mobile phones.

Twitter and Instagram plugins is included in Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos without any additional cost.


This post has been updated with new features and configuration system on July 2014. Read here the most recent information.

What are the benefits?

We are mobile: Considering the over 425 million users a month who access Facebook from a mobile device, the 30 million Instagram accounts and that 60% of the 140 million active Twitter  users tweet from mobile, it has been a win-win combination.

– Fast and easy: Having to take a picture, upload it on your computer and then to the contest was a process that takes a certain amount of time and effort and required a really attractive prize to compensate it, increasing the cost of the promotion. Now, fans can submit their entry on the go in a few seconds.

Increased virality: Being able to use three applications for the same purpose significantly increases the virality of the contest. Twitter and Instagram followers of the participants will be able to see the entry and will be curious about the meaning of the picture and the hashtag.

Increased engagement: Taking pictures is fun. Having filters to make them look nicer is even better. This is the reason for the success of Instagram. Having your fans go through a creative process associated with your brand is a whole new experience in terms of engagement.


How do I create a contest with Twitter and Instagram?

Once you have created your photo contest with Easypromos application, you can link the contest to a Twitter or Instagram hashtag, which you will have created already specifically for the occasion. Follow the steps below to link a hashtag to your photo contest:

1. Go to the configuration options of your promotion and locate the option “Registry form – Contest data”.

2. In the question “Do you want the users to upload graphic media?” select one of these two options:

  • Only pictures.
  • Either a picture or a video.

twitter instagram registry contest

3. Click the link “Image advanced settings”.

twitter instagram contests

4. A pop-up window will show up, where you have to create the hashtag for your promotion. You can write it on the provided space.

Easypromos - Hashtag for the contest

Important: Do not include # and be sure not to leave any blank space.

Tip: When you specify the hashtag for the promotion, think of a specific hashtag for your contest and do a search to make sure that it  hasn’t been used before. This way you’ll make sure that the user that tags their pictures with this hashtag really wants to participate in your campaign.

5. If you want to limit the participation of the users who participate from Twitter/Instagram, select the corresponding check-box. This way, you’ll allow only one entry per Twitter/Instagram account:

Easypromos - Limit participation

6. If you don’t want the retweeted images of the participants to be published in the pictures gallery of the contest, you can select the check-box “Exclude retweets”. This way, even if some picture is retweeted several times by the friends of the participant, the only picture that will be published in the picture gallery of the contest will be the one of sent by the participant. This will prevent that the user take part in the contest with more than one picture.

Easypromos - Exclude retweets

7. Finally, in order to active the Twitter/Instagram module, the last step is to enable the plugin, which is what will allow your users to participate by using the specific hashtag for the contest.

Easypromos - Enable plugin

Once the photo contest is created and linked to the hashtag you have previously specified, you must make your users know the hashtag they need to use in order to participate in the contest. To do so, use the Description field of the promotion to inform about the hashtag and encourage your fans to participate.

In the picture below you can see a real example of a photo contest created with Easypromos Premium, with the option of participating with Twitter and Instagram:

facebook twitter instagram contest

The option of participating through these platforms will be active when you activate the promotion and will end on the end of registration date of the promotion.

If for any reason you need to disable the participation through Instagram or Twitter, you can do it at any time from the administration panel of your promotion. To do so, go to the configurations of your promotion again and at the “Registry form – Contest data” section, click the link “Image advanced settings”. A pop-up window will show up, where you can disable the option of participating through Twitter or Instagram. Just check the corresponding box and the hashtag will be disabled. You can also do it by directly deleting the hashtag you had previously created. If you wish, you’ll be able to activate the hashtag later on, by following the same steps.

Easypromos - Disable plugin


As occurs in all Easypromos promotions, at the end of the promotion you can download a complete list of all the participants of the contest. Users who have participated through Twitter and Instagram appear on the list just like another participant and you can distinguish them by the user names (@user_name) of their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Your list of participants with their pictures looks like this:

list of participants contest


What’s the user experience like?

With Twitter and Instagram contests you allow your users to participate in the contest through these platforms and, therefore, with no need to enter the Easypromos application. This makes the participation process faster and easier: the users just need to take a picture and add the hashtag you’ve created for the promotion. As simple as that!

Participants have to use the hashtag when uploading the picture from their Twitter or Instagram accounts and the images with that hashtag will automatically be placed to the gallery of the contest, that is, when a user sends a picture through Twitter or Instagram, he will appear as a new participant.

With Twitter, participants can upload pictures using the native mobile application (with Tweetpic) or Yfrog or, if they wish, directly from the Twitter website.

twitter photo contest

When using the Instagram application, users can take advantage of all the creative options this tool offers and take more original pictures:

instagram photo contest

Users can see their participations by using the integrated search tool. The name of the participant of the application will be their Twitter or Instagram user names.


Who can participate?

First condition is to have an Instagram or Twitter account. Remember that in both cases the profile of the user must be open.

With this kind of participation the administrator of the page doesn’t get any information of the users that have participated in the contest, as they are not participating using the Easypromos application, but through an external application (Twitter or Instagram). In that way, the only information the administrator receives is the users’ names of their Twitter or Instagram accounts.

This kind of participation a more open one, as the user just needs to have an active account in one of these two platforms to participate.

list of participants contest


From where can users participate?

When creating a photo contest, you can decide from where you want your users to participate. You can establish that the users participate by sending their pictures from the Facebook Easypromos application, as well as encourage the participation by allowing them to participate through Twitter and Instagram.

If you want your users to participate only through Twitter or Instagram, you can configure it by following these steps:

  • On the configuration options of your promotion, go to “Promotion dates”.
  • On the field “End of registration date, select a future date, that is, the end of registration date must be later than the “End of publication date”.

In that way, when you activate the promotion, users won’t be able to participate through the Facebook application, as the registry date (the date that allows the user to register in the promotion) will be a future date.

In the image below you can see a real example of a photo contest where users can only participate through Instagram:

instagram photo contest


Need some ideas?

Instagram/Twitter contests contests are perfect to combine with offline events: conferences, parties, catwalks, exhibits, you name it. The attendees can upload pictures which you can project and the brand can give prizes/coupons to the ones who get a minimum number of votes. You can also use it in a hidden objects game: challenge your fans to find an object following your hints and upload a picture of it.

Marineda City shopping center, for example, has created a photo contest with the option of participating through Twitter and Instagram. The contest is original because the users have to take a picture with their couple on a photocall which is located at the same shopping center and then send the image to the promotion. In this case, Twitter and Instagram plugin is a good option because users can send their pictures almost immediately, with no need to register. Simply using their mobile device and their Twitter or Instagram accounts, the user can send the picture to the promotion right after taking the picture. It’s that fast!


Would you like to see a demo?

View a demo of Twitter and Instagram contests.

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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-02-06