How to publish simultaneous promotions in a Facebook fanpage

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If you administer different promotions in the same Facebook fanpage simultaneously, Easypromos application allows you organize the promotions in different tabs within the page. So, for example, with multitab functionality you’ll be able to gather the promotions you create on the page in different categories: by contest type, topic or language. In this post we explain you how multitab Easypromos functionality can be useful for you and how does it work.

When can I need different tabs?

Easypromos application allows you to create several promotions right on the same Facebook page and activate them simultaneously. For instance, you can create a photos contest and, at the same time, run a question and answer promotion. Probably these promotions give different prizes; therefore it’s very likely that these promotions are also addressed to a different audience.

To facilitate a direct access to Easypromos promotions, Facebook pages have the tabs, located on the top of the page, and on the left column, as it’s shown on the figure.

In order to have a bigger control of the different promotions on your page, you have the multitab functionality, which will allow you to organize the promotions you create in different tabs.

Below we give you some situations in which organizing promotions in different tabs can be useful for you:

organize different sweepstakes

1. You want to organize different sweepstakes in different campaigns

If you usually organize different sweepstakes on your Facebook page depending on the time of the  year, multitab functionality will allow you to manage the promotions you create in different campaigns, for instance, Mother’s Day sweepstakes, Christmas sweepstakes, etc. So thanks to the different customization possibilities of the tabs, you will be able to group your promotions by topic, being much easier to find by your users.

promotions for different advertisers

2. Promotions for different advertisers

If you have different advertisers that want to announce on your Facebook page simultaneously, you can organize their promotions in independent tabs. This way you can have all the promotions ordered and organized depending on the advertiser.

promotions different languages

3. Promotions in different languages

If you manage promotions in different languages a very interesting option is to arrange them in independent tabs depending on the language. For instance, you can enable a tab for the Spanish language promotions, along with another tab for the English language promotions, so your users can find the promotion which corresponds to their language quickly, with no need to search within the page.

contests with different categories

4. Contests with different categories

If you have created a contest with different categories, a good option is to organize the categories in different tabs. For instance, you can create a photos contest with two different categories: a first category, where users have to upload a picture with their couple, and a second category, where users have to send a picture of their pet. In order to easily distinguish these two promotions you can create two independent tabs, so your users will find the promotions quickly to decide in which category they want to take part.

General functioning of multitab system

For each Facebook page Easypromos application provides:

  • 3 tabs for Basic promotions.
  • 3 tabs for Premium promotions.
  • 3 tabs for White Label promotions.

When you install the application for the first time, you have the first tab enabled by default under the name “Promos”, although you have the possibility to activate the two other tabs later. Furthermore, as we will see later on this post, you have also the option to edit some options of the tab, such as the name, the image, etc.

When you create the first promotion with the application, the promotion will be published at the first available tab you have, which is the tab that’s enabled by default. This means that the promotions you create will all be published at the first tab by default.

Once the promotion is active, you have the possibility to change the promotion into another tab.

How does multitab functionality work?

In order to manage the different available tabs of the page, it’s necessary to access the Easypromos administration panel of the page.

Once situated at the administration panel, we can access the tabs management by clicking on the “Edit” of the Tab options.

Next we access the tabs management page, where you have different available options to organize your promotions.

Below we explain you the different available options to manage your tabs, step by step:

  • Publish/unpublish tabs. You have the option to disable the tabs, that is, to temporarily hide them with the possibility to activate them again at any time. To hide and/or show a tab, slide the button located at the upper right part of the tab.
disable tab option
  • See active promotions of each tab. For a bigger control of all the active promotions you have on the page, there’s the option to see the promotions you have and how they are organized, that is, what promotions are in each tab. If you have active promotions in any of the tabs, you can see them by clicking on the link situated next to the tab, which shows you the number of active promotions for each tab.
see active promotions for each tab
  • Order promotions for each tab. The order of the promotions on the tabs management is the same order that users will see on the Facebook page. If you want to change the order of the promotions to highlight any of them, you can do it by drag&drop: mouse over the small icon similar to three small hyphens, located on the right side of the promotion name and drag the promotion up and down depending on the place you want the promotion to appear.
order promotions of the tab option
  • Edit tab configurations. You can edit the tab configurations of each tab. Just slide the mouse over the tab you want to edit and click the small pencil icon that appears right next to the disable tab button. This is where you can change tab’s name and image, amongst other options.
edit tab configurations

Below we show you an image of what the different tabs look like on your Facebook page once you have organized and ordered them:

If you want to change the position of the tabs on your Facebook page, you can do it from your Facebook main page “settings” following these instructions.

How can I customize the tabs?

In addition to organizing the promotions of the tabs, you have also the possibility to customize the tabs.

Below we detail you the aspects of the tabs you can edit:

  • Tab name. This is the name that appears right under the tab. The default name of your promotion is “Promos”, but you can change this name at any time and adapt it to the type of promotion you are running.
  • Tab image. This is the image that identifies the tab, which by default is represented by a logotype of Easypromos. You can upload an image of your choice to customize the tab even more.
  • No Fans image. As the administrator of the page you can decide to show a specific image when a user that’s not fan of your page accesses your promotions from the promotions tab.
  • “No active promotions” image. You can decide to show a specific image when you don’t have any active promotion. By default, when you don’t have any active promotion the application shows this message: “Currently there are no active promotions”.

Learn how to configure the contents of your tabs on the following post.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-02-25