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A promotion created with Easypromos consists of a series of graphic and textual elements that give shape to your promotion. Before starting to create the promotion with the Easypromos application, it’s important to bear in mind what material is needed, depending on the type of promotion (a photo contest, a prize draw, discount coupons, a trivia contest…). That way we save time and can create the promotions more quickly. In this post we explain all the creativity requirements, both in terms of graphic material and content which you must consider before creating your promotions.

Note: This post is out-dated with the new design for the promotions’ layout applied on the Easypromos platform as of December 2014.

Download here the complete design guide with the specifications of all the images needed to create a promotion.

Before starting

This post is a complete guide of all the material needed to create a promotion with Easypromos. If it’s your first time with Easypromos, we suggest you first check:

These are the contents of the post:

What material do I need to create my promotion?

Promotions created using the Easypromos application are made up of different customized elements. It’s advisable to have these prepared beforehand as this will save time when accessing the application and creating the promotion. These elements are both textual and graphic requirements. This material  consists mainly of  images, which must be prepared at the time of creating the promotion.

You can download a summary of all thegraphic material required, with specifications: Download pdf with image specifications

Below we show you how to prepare these contents.


Essential material for creating my promotion

There is a series of graphic and content elements which are essential for creating a promotion, as they will help you communicate the goals of your promotion to your users. Below we explain in more detail the basic material needed.



When creating a promotion with Easypromos there are three essential texts. Try to have them ready before starting to build your promotion. These texts are added in the creation form of the promotion and must be easy to understand, striking, correct and precisely written, without any spelling errors. Texts are the same, regardless of the layout used. Essential texts are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Legal terms and conditions

1. Title

It’s very important to figure out what title you want for your promotion. This field of the form is mandatory. Title must describe the promotion you are about to create. It’s advisable for the title to be descriptive and easy to understand and it should attract the users’ attention. For instance, if it’s a contest, it’s better to indicate this in the title, likewise if it’s a promotional code and so on.

Maximum length: 255 characters.

2. Description

The description is the main text of the promotion and it goes with the image. With this text  you have to describe what the promotion is about, depending on the type (a photo contest, sweepsteak, etc.). This field is also mandatory. Text is HTML-based, so you can include text in italics, bold and other styles to make the description more striking and get your users’ attention. We recommend you explain the instructions of the promotion, that is, what the users have to do, with a step by step list (first become fan, then send us a photo and so on) or with a descriptive text. You can take advantage of all the opportunities that the HTML format gives you. You can even embed a YouTube or Vimeo video code directly.

Maximum length: 65.535 characters

3. Legal terms and conditions

Legal conditions of the promotion are very important, especially when you ask users for sensitive information, such as their e-mail, gender, date of birth or telephone number. It’s also advisable to indicate legal terms of the sweepstakes or contests, for instance, the way a winner is picked. Remember that Easypromos doesn’t manage the results of this kind of promotion, this task belongs to the promotion administrator. That’s why it’s so important to explain legal terms and conditions. This field is not mandatory, although it is advisable to write it.

Maximum length: 65.535 characters

4. Final message with HTML

This text is displayed on the last screen of the promotion, right after the user completes the registry form. By default, the text “Thank you for entering!” is displayed, but you have the opportunity to change this final text using your own HTML code. Use this option to write your own thank-you message, include links or embed videos to encourage users to carry out further actions.

Edit final message with html code



Images are one of the most important parts of the promotion, as they allow you to customize it and, furthermore, they get the users’ attention. That’s why it’s so important to choose them carefully, preferably before creating the promotion. Bear in mind that the available image formats are JPG, PNG and GIF and the maximum size is 2MB. The essential images are:

  • Main image
  • Header image
  • Final image
  • Viral image
  • App image

1. Main image

Promotions have a main image, which is the image that represents the promotion, along with the title and the descriptive text. This image is optional; if you don’t want the promotion to have this image, you can ignore it, although the promotion will have more visibility with an image. This image can be a picture, a flyer or a poster, depending on what you need. Remember that you should hold the copyright of the image.

The main layout of Easypromos has been designed to take advantage of the full available width that Facebook offers applications.

Promotion main image


Size: 808px width / 300px – 580px height (recommended).

If the application detects that the image has a greater width, it will automatically resize the image to 808px and will keep the height in proportion.

Easypromos Premium

With Premium and White Label promotions you can add a presentation video (YouTube or Vimeo), which will play over this main image. When the users click on the image, the video will start playing over it.


Note:  You have a second layout available to present your promotion (“Classic” layout). If you choose this layout, the size of the main image is 480px width / 300px – 580px height.

classic layout


2. Header image

This image is the banner that appears on the upper side of the registry form.

Size: 808px width / 110px height (recommended)

Header image


Note: This banner also appears on the screen that gives the list of participants, if the promotion is a photo contest, for example.


3. Final image

The final image is the one the user will see on the last screen, when he or she fills in the registry form, and goes down to the message “Thank you for entering”. You can personalize and enhance the final message you want to give your users even more by adding a final image of your choice.

Note: You can use this image to give a coupon. For more information, check this  link.

In Premium promotions, you can add a link to this image.

Size: 808px width / 250px – 350px height (recommended)

Final image

4. Viral image of the publication on the Timeline

This is the image that is shown when the promotion is shared on the Timeline, and it goes with the title and description of the promotion. It’s not mandatory, and if you don’t specify any image, the application uses the main image resized.

Size:  1200x630px.

This is the recommended size by Facebook to share the link of promotion on the Facebook Timeline. Facebook will automatically adjust this image depending on the type of device. For more information, check this link.

Viral image


5. App image

The tab image is the icon that represents the application on the upper right hand side of the page and it is displayed in the left column of the Facebook page, in ‘Apps’ section.

Size: 111x74pxApp image


More information about the configuration of the tab image.

Promotion backgrounds

In all promotions created with Premium and White Label versions there is the possibility to customize the backgrounds of the promotion. You can set up a different background for each screen of the promotion.

You can set up the following promotion backgrounds:

a) Single solid color.

b) Border with a repeated image pattern.

c) Single image.

Check this tutorial to learn how to correctly set up the promotion backgrounds.

Note: You can set up a different background for each screen of the promotion.

Other additional creativities

The Easypromos Premium and White Label applications gives you the opportunity to add other creativities, both textual and graphic, which enable you to customize your promotion even more. So, for instance, you can add a background image or set an image that goes with the message for sharing the promotion on the Timeline.

Furthermore, in all Easypromos versions – Basic, Premium and White Label – you can customize the screen on which the list of winners is published with the template that Easypromos provides or, if you prefer, with a designed image of your own.

These creativities are not mandatory, but if you decide to use all of Easypromos’ options and possibilities, you will create an original and customized contest and the result will be a visually appealing promotion.

The supplementary creativities are:

  • Image for Non-Fan users
  • “No active promotions” image
  • Image to publish the winners
    • Easypromos template
    • Customized image



1. Image for Non Fan users

You can set a specific image that will appear when a user who is not a fan of your page enters the promotion. For example, you can create a customized image to invite the user to become a fan.

Size: 810px width

image no fan users

Learn how to activate and configure the image for Non Fan users.

2. “No active promotions” image

This image will appear when you don’t have any active promotion. You can select a customized image to show your users.

Size: 810px width

In the picture below we show you what the message of active promotions looks like if no customized picture is selected.

No active promotions

Learn how to activate and configure the “No active promotions” image.


3. Image to publish the winners

If you decide to publish the winners of the promotion using the tool that Easypromos provides for this purpose, you’ll have the opportunity to customize the screen where the name of the winners will be displayed, by using one of these two options:

  • Easypromos template. You can use the template that the application provides to publish the winners, which you’ll be able to customize with an image.

Size: 808×320 px.

If you don’t upload any image, the application will use the default image, as we show you in the example below:

Winners image template

  • Customized image. If you already have an image designed for publishing the name of the winners, you’ll be able to upload it directly from the application. This image will be displayed when users access the winners’ screen.

Size: 808×380 px.

Winners image customized

Material for Question and Answer contests


1. Material for the questions

If you plan to organize a Question and Answer contest, you can add some graphic material to the questions. If you want to add a photo, you have two different formats:

  • Horizontal image.

Size: 708 x 300 px.  Although we recommend a 300px high image, you can add a picture with any height you choose.

Question quiz landscape

  • Vertical image.

Size: 347 x 525 px. Although we recommend a 525px height image, you can add a picture with any height you choose.

Question quiz portrait

Note: If you wish, you can add videos to your questions as well. To do so, you can directly copy the link of a YouTube or Vimeo video.


2. Material for the answers

You can also add images to the answers of the questionnaire. These images will have a width of 350px.

Images results quiz

3. Material for the results

You can configure a specific final message depending on the score obtained, which is shown to the participants once they have completed the questionnaire. If you decide to customize this final message, you should prepare:

  • Texts: You can set one or more messages depending on the number of right answers or the score obtained by the users.
  • Images: You can add images to the message results. The size of the images is 808px.

Quiz results message

Material for Promotions Groups

If you have created a Group of Promotions to organize and display a collection of promotions on the same screen, you can customize the landing page of the Group with the following options:



1. Header image

This is the image that represents the Group and it is displayed in the landing page of the Group, right above the individual promotions.

Size: 810x360px

2. Image for individual promotions

You can customize each individual promotion of the Group with an image that helps identify the promotion in the context of the group.

Size: 300x245pxImage individual promotion Group

3. Background image

You can customize a background image for each Group of Promotions which will be displayed in the landing page of the group.

Size: Minimum width 2000px x 800px heigth



4. App image

The app image represents the Group of Promotions and it is displayed in the left column of the Facebook page, in the ‘Apps’ section

Size: 111x74pxApp image

5. Viral image

This is the image that will be displayed when sharing the Group of Promotions on the Timeline of the page, which comes with the title and description of the group. It is not mandatory and in case you don’t include any image here, the application will use the header image of the group.

Size: 1200x630pxViral image

6. Non-Fans image (Like Gate)

You can set up a specific image when a user that is not fan of your Facebook page accesses the Group of promotions. In this way, for instance, you can create a customized image that invites the user to become fan.

Size: 810px width x 510px heigth


Discover how to create a Group of Promotions to display and organize a collection of promotions


Designers guide

We have prepared a document with all the image specifications. With this document designers can start working on the creativities for the promotion.

Download here the guide to designing your promotions with Easypromos.

If you don’t know where to start and want to check some active and running promotions to see what they look like, visit real examples of active promotions.



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