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Agency Case Study: Oysho – Multilingual photo contest


Agency Case Study: Oysho – Multilingual photo contest

Posted in: Success casesUpdated on the 22/03/2017

The Client

OyshoOysho, from Inditex group, offers collections of woman’s underwear, lingerie, homewear and beachwear.

Oysho Facebook page: 416,380 fans (12th March 2013).

The Campaign

Under the name “Lovely Parents, the aim of the campaign was to increase the number of fans and create  engagement with the followers of the page. The promotion consisted of a photo contest where users had to upload an old picture of their parents. The campaign lasted 25 days, time during which the followers of the page had the possibility to send their images. Among all the pictures received, five finalists were selected by a jury, who won as a prize a Canon G15 digital camera.

lovely parents oysho facebook contest


Running a photo contest in a Facebook global fanpage with followers who speak different languages and with different country origins. Photo contest had to host the pictures of all the participants, regardless of their language or origin, but at the same time giving a personalized and unique experience to the user, showing the contest on their language. 

The Solution

Oysho published the contest on its Facebook page and filtered the promotion by country in order to limit participation to the users from Spain, Portugal, Germany, Great Britain and France.

Thanks to multilingual support of Easypromos White Label solution, same contents were shown in each of these languages, depending on the language the participant had configured on their Facebook profile.

To broadcast and give the promotion the maximum visibility, Oysho used their own means of communication to inform their users about the contest: social networks (Facebook and Twitter), newsletter to Oysho database, communication on the blog, and even a direct link to the promotion from the main page of Oysho website. All these communications were also customized depending on the language and origin of the user.

The Benefits

The campaign achieved a total of 4,694 unique participants, all of them contributing with their own picture.

By setting up a single contest, a unique database with all the registered users was obtained, as well as a single photo gallery. Furthermore, it was also possible to offer the user a personalized experience concerning language and contests on their country and language on Facebook.



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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder