How to Create a Recruiting Contest on Facebook with Easypromos

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One of the main goals of Facebook fan pages is to dynamize it by improving the user engagement and, at the same time, getting new followers. The recruiting system of Easypromos provides the tool to create a new type of contest where increasing the number of fans is the main objective, taking advantage of the viral effect of Facebook promotions. We are going to explain you how this system works and how to create a recruiting contest.

What are the benefits?

The main benefits of Refer a Friend contests are:

1. Increase in the organic virality of the promotion. Recruiting contests allow you to select the winner depending on the number of users recruited by the participant. A recruit user is someone that accepted an invitation to participate in the promotion. Contest virality increases since the participants themselves have the task of finding new users – recruits – in order to enter the promotion.

2. Increase the number of fans. Users often willingly become fans of the organizing pages.

3. Increase the Database of users. A user becomes a recruit by filling in the entry form. They accept the rules of the contest and provide their details at the end of the registration process. You can download all the leads in an Excel or CSV file.

The user experience of a recruiting contest

For the participant

In order to enter a recruiting contest, users invite their friends and get them to participate in it too. The invited friends have to finish the registration form and provide their personal details. From this moment these invited users become recruit users. As an organizer, you can specify the minimum number of participants that each entrant should recruit.

The Refer a Friend application makes the process of inviting friends to the promotion easy and fast. These inviting tools are 100% compliant with current Facebook rules.

When the participant user has finished the registration process of the promotion they access the final screen, with all the available options to invite their friends:

refer a friend contest

When the user finishes the registration process, the app automatically assigns a unique URL, that corresponds to their invitation link of the promotion. The application provides the user with a series of tools to easily share this URL with their friends.

The participant user has 3 different ways to share this invitation URL to recruit their friends:

1. Social media share buttons. The final page provides social media buttons to share the promotion along with the recruiting link. Any of the user’s friends that register via this link will be counted as their recruited users.

share options for the facebook recruiting contest

2. Share by email. The participant can share their recruiting link via email.

3. Copy/paste the invitation URL. Users can share the invitation URL anywhere on the Internet: forums, websites, e-mails, videos, etc. Any user who clicks on this URL will be automatically redirected to the promotion.

General list of participants

All the users that participate in a recruiting contest can see the general list of all the participants of the promotion; this is so they know how many friends they and other users have recruited. If the administrator set up a minimum of recruited users to enter the promotion, a progress bar will be displayed showing the number of recruited users left in order to complete the contest.

Furthermore, in order to encourage rivalry among the participants of the promotion, the general list of participants can be ordered by “Top recruiters”. This means that the users appear on the top of the list in descending order.


Once the contest is finished, the page administrator can access the list of participants of the promotion in order to analyze the number of recruited users. Furthermore, the administrator has the option to order the list depending on the top recruiters; that is, by placing at the top of the list the users that have obtained more recruited friends. This list can be exported to a CSV file, with all the recruited users obtained by each participant.

This list of participants can be complemented by the statistics module provided by the application, which includes the following graphs: recruiting percentage of the promotion, use of recruiting functionality through mobile devices, participation evolution, recruiting through time, etc.

estadistica usuarios reclutados

How to configure a recruiting contest

Recruiting system broadens the possibilities of contests created with Easypromos and can be applied in the majority of promotions just like another functionality. The recruiting system is available in Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

Do you need ideas?

Recruiting contests widen the possibilities of contests created with Easypromos. Below we give you some ideas to use the recruiting system on your promotions:

  • Get a minimum of recruits. Create a promotion where it’s required to recruit a minimum number of users to enter the promotion and win a prize. In that way, the draw will be carried out only among the participants who have obtained the required number of recruits established in the rules of the contest.
  • Boost rivalry among the users. Organize a contest where the winner will be the user who has obtained the higher number of fans.
  • The higher number of recruited users, the bigger chances to win. Create a sweepstake contest among the participants who have obtained the higher number of recruits, and participations will be assigned depending on the number of recruit users obtained, increasing the chances to win the prize.
  • Send a discount coupon to the top recruiters. Would you like to reward the users that help grow your community? With the recruiting system you can easily identify them, register their information and send them a coupon as a prize via e-mail.

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Publication date: 2013-03-05