Select the winners of a sweepstakes at random using the Easypromos platform

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Have you organized a promotion and now you want to select the winners by doing a random sweepstakes? Do you want to reward the most-voted participants or those who brought most recruited users by giving them additional participations? Or do you want to publish the winners of the contest? All versions of Easypromos – Basic, Premium and White Label – provide a tool that allows you to select the winners of a sweepstakes at random and then communicate the names to the followers of your page.

The tool to select the winners randomly has been designed to respond to the following needs:

  1. Select the finalists of the promotion
  2. Assign additional participations according to participation criteria: votes, users recruited and trivia score
  3. Select the winners and/or alternate winners randomly
  4. Certificate the validity of the sweepstake
  5. Publish the winners within the same Easypromos application

In this post we will explain all these items in detail, as well as outlining the benefits of using the random pick a winner app of Easypromos to select the winners. We will also provide some recommendations for use.


What are the benefits?

  • Saving time and money. The tool for selecting winners makes the process faster and nearly automatic. Within the same application the administrator will be able to select the winners of the contest, carry out a random sweepstakes and, at the same time, publish the names of the lucky winners. This way, you will save the cost of managing the finalists, assigning additional participations, announcing the winners and so on.
  • Transparency before your followers. With the Easypromos selection-of-winners platform you will be able to select the winners by way of a random sweepstakes within the same application. Furthermore, after the sweepstakes has been held, a certificate of validity is issued, certifying that it has been carried out randomly through the Easypromos platform. This way it is not necessary to go to the notary or film the sweepstakes to give validity to the selection of the winners.
  • More mechanisms to select the winners. Do you want to select the promotion finalists according to the score they obtained in the contest? Do you want users with a minimum number of votes to go to the final? Do you want to reward those participants that bring new users to the promotion with additional participations? With the filter tool of the application you’ll be able to combine numerous mechanisms to select the winners, depending on the criteria you establish in the contest’s legal terms.
  • Optimize the management of voting contests. We know that voting contests are an excellent way to attract new fans, but at the same time this type of contest can generate mistrust among participants due to bad practices sometimes used to obtain votes, as we explain in the post. The tool to select the winners allows you to establish rules for the assignment of additional participations. Example: for every n votes obtained, an additional participation for the sweepstake is assigned. This way, all the participants enter the draw, but you’re increasing the chances of users who bring more fans to your page.
  • Publish the winners in a specific page inside the promotion, so you can guide your fans straight to the “Winners” promotion page.  The Easypromos tool allows you to publish the winners within the application and this task is facilitated thanks to specific templates.

How does it work?

Access the system for selecting the winners

The administrator will be able to access the tool for the random selection of winners once the promotion has ended. They’ll be able to access this tool from the management of promotions and administration panel via the “Winners” menu.

Random tool for picking the winners

Below we explain all the different screens that the administrator will find in the tool for selecting winners.

1.  Pick the finalists

The promotion administrator has a list of all the participants, which can be downloaded into CSV or Excel format. With this list the administrator will be able to see the users that have registered in the promotion in order to then select the finalists manually. In order to make this task easier, the Easypromos application provides a tool that enables this selection to be made automatically. The administrator can access the general list of participants, where they’ll see the name of all the users that have registered, next to the information related to their participation (date and time of registration, number of votes obtained, number of users recruited and score in the quiz).

By default, all users that have registered in the promotion become finalists, but with this general list of participants the administrator will be able to use the filters tool to select finalists. Learn more about all the segments that can be applied before start the random sweepstakes.

This way, the administrator will be able to select the finalists of the promotion depending on any of these values and they’ll also be able to decide how many finalists they want to obtain.

Example: In a photo voting contest you can filter all the participants so that only those users who have obtained a minimum of 10 votes become finalists. With this tool you’ll be able to filter all the participations and get a list of those participants that fulfil this requirement.


Once the definitive list of finalists is ready, you’ll be able to select a winner manually or by using the Easypromos platform, as we’ll explain you later on in this post.

2. Assign additional participations

Once the finalists of the promotion are selected, the administrator will obtain a list with the names of the users who enter the draw. By default, the application automatically assigns one participation to enter the draw to each finalist.

Although each user receives one participation by merely registering in the promotion, the administrator has the opportunity to assign additional participations to users depending on the number of votes they’ve obtained, the number of users they’ve recruited or, in the case of a trivia or questionnaire contest, the score they’ve obtained. This is an excellent way for rewarding users who have achieved good results in the promotion, since the more participations they have, the more chances they have to win the prize.

Example: In a recruiting contest, the administrator can choose to give every participant an additional participation for each 5 users recruited, which will increase the participant’s chances of winning the prize.

3. Select the winners

Once the administrator has the list of finalists, it’s time to select the winners of the promotion. Administrators can select the winners by means of:

  1. Manual selection. The application allows administrators to download the complete list of finalists in Excel format, together with their participations. This way, the administrator will be able to select the winners manually (by going to a notary, jury selection, popular voting, direct prize, etc.).
  2. Random selection using Easypromos. If your winner selection is based on a draw, Easypromos provides a mechanism with which to choose the winners and/or alternate winners at random.

3.1. Easypromos random system

Once the administrator has the finalists of the promotion with their participations, they will need to indicate the number of winners and alternate winners they want to obtain. The application will automatically obtain the list of winners and alternate winners randomly. The application works using an algorithm that manages and solves any conflict that might take place during the draw. The specifications of the algorithm are defined in detail in the section 13.6 of Easypromos Terms and Conditions.

Important: The Easypromos random system only can only be used once per promotion. Easypromos issues a certificate of validity at the end of the sweepstake certifying that the selection of the winners has been carried out using this tool.

3.2. Certificate of Validity

Easypromos provides a certificate of validity for the sweepstakes that have been carried out randomly using the Easypromos platform. This certificate guarantees that the winners of the promotion have been selected randomly using the Easypromos platform, in accordance with the conditions established in the contest’s legal terms.

Furthermore, the certificate indicates the date and time at which the sweepstake has been carried out as well as the list of winners and alternate winners. The certificate has a public URL that the administrator can use as a guarantee of validity for your followers.


4. Publish the name of the winners

When the administrator has the winners and alternate winners of the promotion it’s time to announce the name of the lucky winners. Whether the administrator has obtained the winners using the Easypromos random platform, or whether the selection has been made manually, the Easypromos application facilitates the publication of the winners on the page. We explain it in detail on this link.

The administrator can publish the winners in three different ways:

1. With the sweepstakes winners template. In order to announce the winners Easypromos provides a template that can be customized with a supporting image and message. If the administrator doesn’t upload any image, the application will use the default image. The name of the winners and alternate winners appears just below the image. Furthermore, if they wish, users will be able to check the certificate of validity by clicking the link at the bottom of the page, as we show in the following image:


2. With a customizable winners page. The administrator will be able to upload a previously designed image with which they can indicate the names of the winners and alternate winners, as well as all the relevant information related to the promotion.

3. With an external URL. The administrator will be able to use an URL to redirect the users to an external website, such as a blog or the company’s website, where they can find the names of the winners and alternate winners.

We explain how you can publish the winners of the promotion, while strictly complying with Facebook guidelines, at the following link.

How the users visualise the publication of the winners

When the promotion entry process is finished and the administrator has published the winners, the participants will be able to access the promotion again to find out if they are the lucky winners. So when a participant goes to the promotion, they will find the “Winners” section in the menu, and also you can enable a “Winners” link on the promotion welcome page. If the user clicks on the button or the link, they’ll be redirected to the screen on which the winners are announced.



Recommendations of use

How can you make the most of the Easypromos winners’ system? Below we show you some practical ideas:

  • Photo contest with voting: Organize a sweepstakes among the photos that obtained a minimum of 20 votes.
  • Trivia: Organize a sweepstakes among all the participants that have correctly answered all the questions in the questionnaire.
  • Recruiting sweepstakes: Organize a sweepstakes among all the participants of a promotion and assign additional participations for every new user recruited.
  • Voting contest: Assign additional participations for every 20 votes obtained. All the participations will enter the draw.
  • Most voted: Organize a sweepstakes among the first 100 most voted.
  • Top recruiters: Organize a sweepstakes among the top 20 recruiters.
  • The most expert: Organize a sweepstakes among the 5 users who obtained the highest score in the quiz.

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