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How to create a quiz to promote and spread a new website


How to create a quiz to promote and spread a new website

Posted in: Success casesUpdated on the 12/05/2015

The Client



Macau.com is the largest travel and entertainment online booking platform and provides hotel accommodation, shows, travel activities and packaged tours to the city’s tourism market.

Being a multilanguage website, the platform gives answer to visitors with varied interests and from many different countries, thus becoming a user-friendly source to find online information for trip-planning.

Macau.com Facebook page.


The Campaign

Under the title “Getaway to Macau”, Macau.com launched a game contest offering Facebook fans and followers a chance to win a free stay for two at StarWorld’s 5 star hotel and/or a meal for two at the prestigious Inagiku Japanese Restaurant. Prizes were valued at over HKD 30,000 ($ 3,864 USD).

The contest, which started on the past 6th March and lasted until 28th March, consisted of four trivia questions that the entrants had to answer related to Macau.com newest features, so users had to find the answer on the website. Furthermore, a final question was included, giving the users the opportunity to be creative when explaining what they would like to do on their trip to Macau. Winners were selected by highest scores and the most creative answer to last question, this way rewarding the users’ originality.

Getaway to Macau contest


The main purpose of the contest was to let the people know the newest features of Macau.com online platform, such as the Things to Do section, the Dining Section and the Innovative Maps section, which were recently launched, and encourage audiences to interact with these different sections at Macau.com website, so that they became familiar with the information and sources provided on these new sections.

As Macau.com is conceived as a multilanguage platform and gives information both in English and Chinese languages, the challenge was to run a contest on a Facebook fanpage which has followers who speak these languages. The contest had to follow this dynamic, thus being able to show the content in English and Chinese at the same time to provide a personalized and unique experience to the user.


The Solution

Macau.com used the Easypromos White Label solution and enhanced these functionalities:

Macau.com published the game contest on its Facebook page and decided to run a trivia contest asking their fans some questions whose answers were to be found on Macau.com’s hottest new features. The trivia contest consisted of four questions with closed answers which were presented with support images. The trivia contest, which makes possible to include in the question direct links to external websites, allowed to generete traffic to the new sections of the website, while testing the users’ knowledge on Macau.com. For instance, participants were asked to visit the Things to Do section and tell the names of the different sections featured on the page.

Thanks to multilingual support of Easypromos White Label solution, the contents of the promotion were shown in each of these languages, depending on the language configured by the user on their Facebook profile, so that by creating a single promotion the same contents were shown in both English and Chinese languages.

Macau.com team worked together with Easypromos team to ensure the proper functioning of the application concerning Chinese language function.


The Benefits

  • Increase in the fans database: 5,000 new followers for Macau Facebook page.
  • Macau.com increased page views by more than 30,000.
  • Setting up a single trivia contest, with contents that were shown both in English and Chinese language at the same time, made possible to give the users a personalized experience concerning their own language.



“Easypromos is very experienced & ambitious, flexible team – they are all familiar with the situations we would face (i.e from technical to marketing), and provided us instant support even we just communicated through emails, they give us confident that their app is well-fit into our business model. I have no doubt to recommend Easypromos to any companies. They definitely helped us to acquire our KPIs.

Amas Li
Marketing Manager, Macau.com


More ideas

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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder