How to Publish the Winners of a Promotion within the Easypromos Application

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Easypromos provides for all versions – Basic, Premium and White Label – a tool that allows organizers to communicate the winners of a promotion within the same application and communicate it to your followers. This way, administrators can spread the news of the winners on his/her page with a direct URL to the Winners page.

In order to make this task easier for the administrators and make the process of communicating the winners more automatic, Easypromos provides a tool that allows to publish the winners within the same application once the contest has finished. Furthermore, as we will see in more detail later on in this post, administrators will be able to choose the way in which they want to communicate the winners: by using a customized template, by uploading their own image or by indicating a URL to redirect the users to an external webpage.

Recommendation: Even though we provide a tool to notify the winners, don’t forget to contact the winners directly through e-mail, telephone or private message. Your users will appreciate it.

How do I select the winners of the promotion?

As administrator of the promotion, you’ll be able to pick the winners of the promotion manually using the list of participants that can be downloaded from the application or, if you prefer, you’ll be able to use the tool to select the winners randomly with Easypromos, that allows to do a draw among all the participants of the promotion, with the possibility to assign additional participations depending on different criteria (number of votes obtained, number of users recruited, score of the quiz, etc.).

If you decide to select the winners using Easypromos, at the end of the draw you’ll get a certificate of validity that guarantees the randomness of the selection and the use of the Easypromos platform to do this selection. Without a doubt, this certificate of validity is an excellent way to give your sweepstakes transparency and credibility among your users. On the contrary, if you have done the selection manually, no certificate of validity will be issued.

What happens to the promotion when the contest ends?

When a promotion ends, it is automatically situated on the “Old” tab at the administration panel. When a promotion is located in “Old Promotions” in the promotions list, the administrator has the possibility to publish the promotion again but in a closed state, for instance, to notify the winners or show the participants gallery. Here you will learn how to show again the promotion.

Note: You have the control of the end of registration date and the end of publication date: the end of publication date will let us determine the date when the promotion will disappear from the microsite url and, consequently, will no longer be visible to the users. The end of registration date determines when the users will no longer be able to enter the promotion.

In this way, the control of the end of publication date allows, for instance, to program in advance to hide a contest if you plan to launch a new promotion and want your users to focus on the new contest.

How can I publish the winners of a promotion?

When you have found the winners of the promotion, whether you have selected them using the Easypromos random selection tool or whether you have done the selection manually, Easypromos provides a tool that allows to publish the winners within the same application. Follow this tutorial to learn how to publish the winners.

You can publish the winners using one of these two methods:

1. Use the Template of a sweepstakes winners. Easypromos provides a template that you can use to notify the random winners. You can customize this template with an image and a message. Furthermore, once the template is configured you’ll obtain a unique URL of the page where the winners are displayed, which you can use to share with your followers in different places (Facebook timeline, external website, blog, newsletter, etc.) and redirect them directly to the template where you notify the prize winners. Also, it has a link to the certificate of validity.

2. Customizable winners page. This template can be used to announce the manually-chosen winners of a competition. For example, if you have a jury that will select the final winner.

3. Redirect to an external URL. If you want to publish the winners on an external website, you can indicate a URL to redirect your users to this website (company’s website, blog, etc.).

When you have decided how to publish the winners, you click on the “Publish winners” button, located in the Editor. The name of the winners will not be visible until you click on this button. From this moment, the winners of the promotion will be published.

Note: Once winners are published, you will be able to unpublish them at any time by just switching off the button “Publish winners”.

How do the users access the page with the winners?

Once the winners of the promotion are published, users will be able to access the page with the publication of the winners by means of:

1. Going to the promotion again. In this case, when a participant goes to the promotion, they will find the “Winners” section in the menu, and also you can enable a “Winners” link on the promotion welcome page. If the user clicks on the button or the link, they’ll be redirected to the screen on which the winners are announced.


2. Going directly to the winner’s page through the unique URL. As the promotion administrator you’ll get a unique URL that corresponds to the winner’s page, which you can use to share with your users and redirect them directly to the page where the winners are displayed, with no need to go to the promotion first.

Tip: Use this URL to include it in your communications, for instance, if you want to send a Newsletter, on your blog, on your Facebook timeline, on Twitter, etc.

Carles Bonfill

CEO and co-founder of Easypromos. He holds a degree in Computer Science, with a focus on network management, architecture and security. In 2009, he developed Easypromos, one of the first global platforms for promotions and since then he has been the technical and development director. He closely follows the evolution of digital marketing in order to adapt the promotions to it. Carles loves sports and his family.

Publication date: 2013-04-02