Easypromos new features April 2013

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April has been a very intensive month in Easypromos and we have introduced a lot of improvements and new features in our products, from the redesign of the administration area of the promotions, to the introduction of new functionalities in all Easypromos versions – Basic, Premium and White Label. In this post we keep you up to date and we explain you what all these newest features are about.

1. New notifications in recruiting contests

One of the main goals of recruiting contests, available in Premium and White Label versions, is to recruit friends to the promotion, that is, participants must invite their friends to enter the promotion and get them registered. To do so, participants have different available tools to invite, for instance, they can send direct invitations or, if they prefer, they can send a private message to their friends. Up to now, when a user was invited by a friend to enter a promotion, a notification informing about the promotion was sent to the user. But now, additionally, the participant will know the friends that have registered in the promotion, since a Facebook notification will also be sent to the participant when any of the invited friends completes the registry process.

As it’s shown on the following image, the name of the friend that has been recruited is displayed in the notification, next to the title of the promotion. Furthermore, since the notification is sent automatically when the user finishes the registry, the participant will also know at what moment their friend has registered in the promotion.

Easypromos - Facebook notification new recruited user


2. New design for the administration area

We have redesigned the administration area of the promotions: with a fresh and neat design, the new administration panel is aimed to facilitate navigating among the different sections.

Easypromos - New design administration area

This way, we have included a menu to browse the different Easypromos applications. This is especially useful for those Facebook pages that have the Basic and the Premium application installed on the same page: now it’s possible to navigate among one application and the other with no need to leave the administration panel:

Easypromos - Browse applications in admin panel

From the “Options” drop-down menu, located at the top of the page, administrators will find all the sections needed to manage their promotions: tabs management, statistics analysis and list of invoices.

Easypromos - Browse options in admin panel


3. Customize the final message with HTML

By default, when a user completes the registration to the promotion the text “Thanks for entering!” is displayed, but you’ll have the possibility to edit this final text with your own HTML code. This option will allow you to write your own Thank-you message and, additionally, enrich this message by including, for example, links to external websites or even embed videos. This way, you’ll encourage your users to do other actions while you thank them for entering your promotion.

This option is available in all Easypromos versions – Basic, Premium and White Label – and, together with the possibility to include a final image, you’ll increase even more the customization possibilities of the promotions created with Easypromos.

Easypromos - Customize final message of the promotion


4. The Easypromos White Label version is now self-service

We have automated the installation process of the promotions created with the Easypromos White Label version and now White Label is a completely self-service product, as happens with Basic and Premium versions. This allows administrators to manage the contests in a totally autonomous way: by simply installing the White Label application on a Facebook page, administrators will gain access to their administration panel, from which they’ll have full control of all the phases of the promotion, from the setting up, the activation and the publication of the contest.

Furthermore, administrators will be able to create their own Facebook application with just a few clicks, which will allow them a full customization of the application (name and image of the application, icons, etc.).

This automatic installation process makes possible to significantly lower the price for the users: now each White Label promotion has a cost of $250.

If you want to try out the White Label application and discover all its functionalities, check out this getting started guide.


5. Default language

Up to now, in promotions created with Easypromos Basic and Premium version the contents of the application interface, that is, the texts and images of the application, were displayed depending on the language that the users had configured on their Facebook profile. For a better control of the contents of the promotion, we have incorporated in Basic and Premium promotions the option to select the default language we want to use to show the contents of the promotion. This way, we can force the language of the application, a functionality which was only available in White Label version.

Furthermore, in White Label version administrators will be able to create the same promotion in several languages thanks to the multilingual support of White Label application, which allows to add the same contents of the promotion in different languages.

If you like the new features, you can create your account and begin creating your promotions.


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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-05-08