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One of the main goals of the administrators of a Facebook page is to dynamize the fanpage and improve the interaction with their fans, and creating a voting contest becomes an excellent way to do it: whether if the users upload their own content to the application, or if they are asked to vote their favourite image among a selection suggested by the administrator, votes help generate much more activity on the page, while improving the own virality of the contest.

Attention! This article is out of date. Follow this link to read the updated information about Easypromos voting system.

Up to now, the administrator could only get the e-mail from those users who actually took part in the promotion and completed the registry process by filling in the form with their personal information. Therefore, regarding those users who only accessed the promotion to vote, since they were not asked to fill in the registry form, the administrator could only get their Facebook profile, IP address and the time of the vote.

Now, we have recently added a new option in Premium and Whitel Label versions: the possibility to also obtain the e-mail of the users who vote, as well as their user names. Therefore, all the users that wish to vote have to access the entries list, where they’ll be required to accept the application permissions in order to automatically obtain their Facebook e-mail, and they will also need to accept the own terms and conditions of the promotion:

obtain voters email
The administrator will be able to configure this option from the promotion’s Editor, where they’ll be able to select if they want to ask the e-mail to the users who access the promotion to vote. Learn how to activate this option on “Votes” settings.


This way, the administrator can obtain the following information about the users who vote:

  • User name
  • Facebook e-mail of the user
  • Facebook profile picture
  • Link to Facebook profile
  • Time of the vote
  • IP address
  • Device used

Furthermore, in order to facilitate the management of all the information related to the users who vote, the administrator will be able to export all this information into a CSV file, which will certainly become an excellent tool if we want to add this data in our users’ database.

Note: It’s very important to specify the usage of the users’ email in the terms and conditions of the promotion.


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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-05-13