How to make the most of your promotions with Easypromos Basic

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Do you already use Easypromos Basic to create sweepstakes on your Facebook page? ¿Is it your first time with Easypromos and want to test the application? Basic version is the recommended tool to manage sweepstakes and promotional coupons. And for the administrators that start with the application, this is the ideal version to learn how to use the application: you’ll be able to install Easypromos Basic in any Facebook page and create as many tests as you wish. In this post we will explain you all you need to know to make the most of your Basic promotions.

This post is outdated! You can still choose between basic, premium and white label version of our apps. We recommend to first choose the kind of app you need and then the version. If it’s the first app-based promotion you create and you choose to create it in basic version, it’s free. The apps available in basic version are: Sweepstakes with entry form, Photo contest, Writing-based contest and Coupons app. You can read much more about How to create a promotion with Easypromos Basic here


Did you know that…?

1. Easypromos Basic can be used in any Facebook page, regardless of the number of fans or the duration of the promotion.

2. The first Easypromos Basic promotion is free for each page. This will allow you to test the application and become familiar to the system.

3. From the second promotion on, the Price is $15 per promotion, with no cost for the new fans you get.

4. Easypromos Basic allows you to limit the promotion to fans only, so that creating a promotion becomes an excellent way to get new followers.

5. You’ll have the same options of graphic personalization than with Premium version.


Below we present a list of all the essential points you should not forget in order for your promotion to be a 10.


How to make the most of Easypromos Basic

Easypromos Basic is ideal to create simple promotions, such as to draw a prize among all the users who fill in the registry form of the promotion or offer promotional coupons to the users. Another type of contest that works perfectly well with Basic version is the photo contest or the short story contest, with the possibility to draw a prize among all the participants.

Do you want to know what type of contests you can create with Easypromos? Check out this link.

Once you have decided what type of promotion you want to create, these are the main items you should take into account in order to squeeze the most juice from Easypromos Basic:


1. Main image

This is the first image that users will see when they access your promotion, thus the importance to think about an attractive image that invites the users to take part in the contest. Don’t forget the image proportions, which are of 810px width and a recommended height of 350px. when using the main template.

Check out all the graphic requirements to create your promotion.


2. Description with HTML

The description of the promotion is the text which is displayed next to the main image. Use this text to describe what the promotion is about. Don’t forget to be creative when writing the description with a text that encourages users to participate. Furthermore, bear in mind that this text supports HTML code, so you’ll be able to take advantage of all its benefits to enrich the description with links, embed videos, bolds, lists, etc., so that your promotion looks creative and gets your users’ attention.

Easypromos - Enrich description with HTML code

3. Don’t forget the Terms and Conditions

Although this isn’t a mandatory option, it’s recommendable to include in your promotion the Terms and Conditions that should be available to all the users. This text should include information related to the promotion, such as the mechanics of the contest, the dates in which it will be possible to participate, the selection of the winner, the way in which the information of the users will be managed, etc.


4. Header image

This is the image which is displayed in the registry form, that is, when the users fill in the participation form with their information. Take advantage of this image to customize your promotion even more and keep the same look in all the screens.

The size of this image must be 740px width / 150px height.

Easypromos - Header image

5. Limit the participation to fans only

Do you want to increase the number of followers of your page? Don’t forget to select the option “Only fans” to make your promotion exclusive to fans. This way, the users will be asked to “Like” your page in order to participate in the contest. This action is done right after the registration and it’s an excellent way to boost your number of followers of our page.

Easypromos - Only fans promotion

6. Ask the users’ e-mail

Ask the participants their e-mail in the registry process. This will allow you to communicate with the winner and, additionally, if you wish you’ll be able to increase your database of contacts and possible clients. In case that you require the e-mail, this field will be mandatory to take part in the contest.


7. Customize the Thank You image

When the users finish the registry process to the promotion, they access to the final screen with the Thank You message. If you have created a contest with promotional coupons, the coupon will be displayed in this screen. Use this final screen to thank your users for participating and customize the final message with an image of your election. The result will be much more customized and will complete the promotion look & feel.

Easypromos - Customize image final screen

8. Personalize the “Thank You” text with HTML code

By default, when a user finishes the registration of the promotion the text “Thank you for entering!” is displayed, but you will have the possibility to change this final text with your own HTML code. Use this option to write your own thank-you text, include links or embed videos, so that you encourage your users to do other actions.

Easypromos - Customize thank you message

9. Customize the viral image of the promotion

This is the image that will be displayed when a user that has entered the contest shares the promotion on their Facebook wall. If we personalize this image the viral message will look much more attractive, increasing the possibilities that their friends decide to enter the promotion too.

The size of this image is 200px / 200px.

Easypromos - Personalize viral image of the promotion

10. Share the promotion to make it compatible with mobile devices

Designing and configuring a promotion is as important as letting your users know about it so that they start entering. Therefore, once you have configured and activated the promotion, it’s time to publish it on the wall of your page. To do it, you can use the tool “Promote” from the administration area or, if you want to use the direct link of the promotion, remember to share the link which is compatible with mobile devices (main link of the promotion). You can also use this link to share the promotion through other means of communication, such as your Newsletter, website, Twitter, etc.

Check out this link to learn how to correctly publish your promotion.


11. Customize the tab

This is the image that represents the application and it’s displayed at the top of our Facebook main page. It’s important to customize the tab with an image that catches our users’ attention. If any image is used, the application will show the default image, which is represented by the Easypromos logo. Furthermore, you’ll also be able to change the name of the tab to adapt it to the promotions you create.

Easypromos - Customize the tab

We explain you how to personalize the tab in the following post.

12. You don’t have any active promotion?

Another option to customize the tab is the possibility to show a specific image when there are no active promotions on the page. This way, you can take advantage of this possibility to upload an image to inform your users that you don’t have any active promotions at the moment, and suggest them to keep an eye on the page if they want to know about future promotions. This is a funny way to keep your users informed, since if you don’t upload any image, the application will show a message that says: “Currently there are no active promotions”. Think of an original message able to get your users’ attention together with an attractive design to attract their interest.

Discover how to customize the tab when there are no active promotions in this link.


13. Show an image for Non Fans

Did you know that you can show a different image to those users that are not followers of your page? This way, while your fans will access the promotion directly when clicking on the tab, a Like Gate image will be displayed to those users who are not fans of your page. That is, a specific image that is displayed only to the users who don’t “Like” the page. Use this option to upload an image explaining the user what the promotion is about and encouraging them to become fan to participate.

Easypromos - Like Gate image

14. Do you want to give your promotion more visibility?

You have already published the promotion on the wall of your page but want to get more potential followers? Do you want to get the maximum diffusion for your promotion? If you want your promotion to arrive to the maximum number of users, a good option is to create a featured campaign with Easypromos, so that your promotion is displayed as a featured promotion in the public list of Easypromos active promotions.

Discover how to feature your promotion by creating a campaign.


15. Measure the results of your promotion

When the promotion ends, it’s time to analyze the results to check if we have achieved the goals fixed. To facilitate this task you’ll be able to access the general list of participants, with which you’ll obtain all the information required on the registry form (e-mail, telephone, city, etc.). If you have created a photo contest, we’ll be able to see the pictures of the participants. In order to work in a more comfortable way, we can export this list into a CSV file, which will be really useful if you want to obtain the users’ information for database purposes. Furthermore, you’ll be able to complete the analysis of results with the statistics and graphics module of the application, which allows you to obtain information related to the users’ participation, such as the evolution of the participation.

We explain you how to measure the results of your promotion with the statistics and graphs.


16. Use the finalists and winners tool of Easypromos

Do you want to run a draw among all the participants of the promotion? With the winners’ selection tool of Easypromos you’ll be able to select the finalists of the promotion and run a random draw to select the winner of the promotion. In order to give the contest the maximum transparency, at the end of the draw a certificate of validity will be issued, ensuring the randomness of the contest. Use this tool to save time and money: with just 2 clicks you’ll obtain the winners and alternate winners to publish them.

If your selection of the winners is based on a draw, discover how to use the tool to select the winners randomly with Easypromos.


17. Customize the winners’ publication

Did you know that you can publish the winners of your promotion within the same Easypromos application? Easypromos makes this process easier with a tool that allows you to publish the winner within the same application strictly complying with Facebook guidelines. To make this task even easier, you can use the available template, which can be personalized with an image of your own or, if you need complete customization, you’ll be able to upload your own designed image to notify the winners.

Easypromos - Customize winners publication

If you want to know how to publish the winners of your promotion using Easypromos, check out this link.

Do you want to start creating your first Basic promotion?

Try out the Easypromos Basic version with no need to register nor make any payment: just install the application on a Facebook page you’re administrator of and you’ll gain access to your own administration panel. From there you’ll be able to start creating your promotions, preview them and get used to the platform.


To start now, install Easypromos Basic on your page.

To install the application, you can follow this step by step installation guide.

If you have the application already installed, start creating your first promotion.


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