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Have you just launched a new promotional video? Would you like it to reach the maximum number of users? Or do you simply wish to improve the presentation of your promotion with audiovisual content? Use the power of online video and combine it with Facebook’s remarkable ability to go viral: in this post we will offer you some ideas and suggestions to present your Facebook page promotions with a video.

Imagine that your company has just launched a new video promoting one of your products. You know that a well-designed video can help transmit information in a fun way that increases the engagement with your users. It’s a proven fact that videos are one of the users’ favorite forms of content, accustomed as they are to receiving and sharing audiovisual information online.

You want your video to reach the maximum number of users, and get as many views as possible, so you have begun a publicity campaign via your usual channels. However, this time you want to go further.

We recommend that you use Facebook’s remarkable virality to promote your videos on your Facebook page. There are many ways of presenting a video in Easypromos promotions and how you choose to do it depends on the objectives that you set yourself. In this post we want to give you some ideas which will show you how to use video in your promotions. Towards the end, we will also offer you a guide to decide which method will best help you achieve your objectives. 

1. Add a video to the home page

One of the great advantages of Easypromos’ promotions is that they offer the opportunity to customize every page that makes up the promotion with your own designs. This allows you to give your promotion the desired look & feel on every occasion, always in accordance with the theme of your campaign.

If you would like to enhance the graphic and visual aspect of your promotion even further, the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos enable you to include a video presentation that will play on the promotion’s home page, in the space reserved for the main image. When the user clicks on this image, the video will begin playing over it.

Here’s an example of a presentation video inserted into the main page of a promotion:

Add a video to the home screen

When a user shares the promotion on his or her wall this generates a publication that includes both the promotion text and the presentation video. This video can be played directly on the user’s Facebook page, thus increasing the virality of the video.

2. Embed a video in the description

In all versions of Easypromos – Basic, Premium and White Label – the administrators can write a description of the promotion to explain what the contest consists of, providing all the information they consider relevant to the user. This text is in HTML format. The usefulness of HTML code is that it offers the possibility to enrich the description with bold letters and different types of font, as well as enabling you to embed a video within the body of the description.

This option could be interesting if you want to present a video to your users, while at the same time maintaining the other creativities on the home page of the promotion, since it offers the user the chance to play the video in the same window:

Embed a video in the description

3. Ask questions about a video

If you have a video about one of your products and you want your users to see it all, prepare a series of questions about it and encourage your fans to take part in a fun game of trivia, asking questions about the video and run a prize draw among the fans who achieve a minimum number of correct answers.

With the Easypromos surveys and quizzes, available in Premium and White Label versions, you can prepare questions about a video for your users since it enables you to combine text with video and images:

Ask questions about a video

If you want to ask questions about a video by means of a trivia contest, consult our tutorial to learn how to create question and answer questionnaires and get some ideas for promoting your videos.

4. Present a video on the final ‘Thank You’ page

In all versions of Easypromos – Basic, Premium and White Label – there is the chance to customize the final ‘Thank You’ message so that the administrators can include their own message. As with the ‘Description’ field, this final field accepts text in HTML format, allowing you to get creative when thanking your users.

Make the most of the HTML format to embed a final video and encourage your users to carry out another action before leaving the application. Invite them to receive more information about your products or services for example, or why not show a new ad or promo video that you’ve launched recently?

Here we show how an embedded video is displayed on the final page of the promotion:

Present a video on the final screen

Which is the best method for me?

1. Do you want to maximize the number of views that a video receives?

Play video in the user wall

If your objective is for your video to be seen by the maximum number of users, harnessing all the viral power of Facebook, then the best method is to insert a presentation video into the main image. With this option the users themselves help to promote the video, since by sharing the promotion on their Facebook wall, they will be generating a post that shows both the promotion description or viral message as defined by the administrator, as well as the video presentation. This means that users’ friends can click directly on the post and watch the video playing on the users’ wall. This can be seen in the following image:

Tip: Combine this system with a recruiting contest, also available in the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos. Recruiting contests enable you to enhance the virality of the promotion in order to attract fans.

2. Do you want to maximize the viewing time of a video? If your priority is for users to pay the maximum amount of attention to your video, then ask them a series of questions about it. The best way to do this is via a question and answer contest. In a standard trivia questionnaire the participants must respond correctly to questions related to the video. This type of system ensures that the user doesn’t miss any details in the content of the video.

If you need more ideas about how to use Easypromos’ questionnaires to promote your video, check this link.

3. Would you like to accompany the information of the promotion with a video? If you want to improve the presentation of a promotion and make it more attractive to your users, or if you’d like to use the promotion to introduce a video about your company or product, an excellent way of doing so is to add a video, either to the description, or to the final ‘Thank You’ page that a user sees once he or she has registered. The video will help fulfill the potential of your promotion’s home page while getting the attention of your users.

Carles Bonfill

CEO and co-founder of Easypromos. He holds a degree in Computer Science, with a focus on network management, architecture and security. In 2009, he developed Easypromos, one of the first global platforms for promotions and since then he has been the technical and development director. He closely follows the evolution of digital marketing in order to adapt the promotions to it. Carles loves sports and his family.

Publication date: 2013-06-21