How to create a category-based contest on Facebook

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Are you thinking about launching a contest on your Facebook page? With Easypromos Premium and White Label versions you can now create photo, video or short story category-based contests. For example, if you organize a photo contest, create as many categories as you need (landscapes, sports, animals, etc.) and let the user decide in which category he wants to participate. By publishing the image gallery of the contest, users will be able to filter the entries by category to see and vote the photo they want. We give you some practical ideas about how to use this functionality in your contests on Facebook.

1. Some practical ideas

1. Recipe contests

Create a contest where users are asked to submit a photo of a meal they have prepared, together with the cooking instructions. Create several categories for the contest, for example, salads and starters, meat and fish, desserts, etc. and let users decide what meal they want to cook. This way, you’ll not only organize the content sent by the users to the application, but you’ll give the users the liberty to choose the type of meal they prefer by selecting the category in which they want to participate.

Additionally, once the photos of the contest are published, and to make the voting process more thrilling, users can filter the images by categories to see, for example, which of the desserts has been the most voted.

2. Contest run among different shops and stores

If you have different shops or stores in your company spread across the country, you can carry out joint activities and gather the users of the different stores by organizing a photo contest where participants are asked to take a picture in one of the shops. Create a category for each of your shops, so when the users submit their photo to the image gallery, they’ll need to select in what shop the picture was taken. With this simple action you’ll not only attract your customers into your Facebook page, but you’ll work together to promote the different stores of the company.

3. Video contest

Encourage your users to enter a video contest with their favourite video clip. Create a new category for each musical style, for example, rock music, pop, country, and so on. This way, users will be able to enter the contest with the type of music that best suits their style.

The public video clip gallery will enable to filter the different videos by music style, which will make your contest more attractive to your users.

4. Pick your favourite

Do you want your users to vote the solidarity project which they consider more useful and interesting? Add each of the solidarity programs as a new category. This way, it will be much easier for the users to vote for the project they prefer. You can also ask them to give a reason for their choice.

2. What’s the user experience like?

Once you have decided the type of contest you want to create, you’ll be able to create a category-based contest by accessing the edit form of the promotion.

The categories you add will be displayed in the users’ registration form as a dropdown list:

Users select category

Once the entries list is published, users will be able to filter the entries by categories, so that users can see the entries of each category and vote the one they prefer. Additionally, entries of each category can be listed by ‘most voted’:

Entries list

Once the promotion is finished, administrators will be able to access the list of participants, where they’ll see the number of users that have registered in the promotion, as well as all the information provided during the registration process. This list also includes the category in which each user participates. Additionally, administrators will be able to export this list into an Excel file.


3. How can I set up a category-based contest?

Category-based contests are available with Easypromos Premium and White Label versions, which enable to add dropdown lists in the registration form to create the different categories.



Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-07-30