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Would you like to discover your customers tastes and habits? Do you want to measure customer satisfaction? You are about to launch a new product and want to discover if it’s going to be successful? With Easypromos Surveys you’ll be able to carry out a market research on your Facebook page and get your customers’ feedback to know their preferences and discover what they think about your brand. Easypromos Surveys are visually attractive, fast to answer and will allow you to obtain useful information to make decisions in your company. You’ll have your Survey ready and published in less than 10 minutes. In this post we explain you what are the benefits of carrying out a survey on your page and how Easypromos surveys work.

Attention! The features of the survey have been changed and improved. See the updated information about the survey application here.

Why carry out a survey on Facebook?

Surveys are the easiest and fastest way to do market research on your Facebook page: whether you need to know what your community think about your brand and products, or you are interested in discovering their tastes and preferences and use this information to take decisions in your business, below we explain what are the benefits of conducting a Survey on your Facebook page:


1. Know your users

Asking directly the customers of our brand is one of the most useful ways to know our consumers’ profile, discover what they like, what they think about our products and what are their needs and preferences. With Easypromos Surveys you’ll be able to get their feedback in a more easy and interactive way and use this information to make decisions in your company.


2. Generate leads

Take advantage of your Facebook page to increase your client database: by means of a Survey, you’ll be able to obtain all the details of the respondents (email, city, country, etc.) and incorporate these details into your database. As the page administrator you can customize the users’ entry form with the information you need.


3. Get new fans

If you want to increase the number of fans of your page, while obtaining valuable information about your consumers, invite your clients to complete the survey on your Facebook page: in order to enter and answer the questions of the survey, they’ll need to become fans of your page. In exchange for this action, you can offer them an incentive. For example, they can enter a draw, receive a coupon or a promotional code, etc.


4. Increase participation

Make the action of answering a survey a pleasant, entertaining and a dynamic experience for the  user: Easypromos Surveys are visually appealing and users will be able to answer the questions with just a few clicks. This will increase the participation level.

What’s an Easypromos survey like?

1. Design is important: combine videos, images and text

With a thrilling visual design that will catch your users’ attention, we offer you different types of layouts so you can totally customize the survey. You’ll have the option to add questions with photos, define a series of videos as the answers or, if you prefer, combine photos with videos to create a more dynamic and attractive design for your participants:

Survey example


2. Obtain the users’ information

In order to participate in the survey, users will need to be fans of your page and complete the entry form with their personal details and other information required by the administrator. Administrators will be able to download all this information into an Excel file. Therefore, you’ll be able to easily manage the users’ information and include this data in your database. This Excel file also includes the detail of the answers selected by each of the users individually.

3. Viral effect

The main advantage of conducting a survey on Facebook is the opportunity to take advantage of all the viral tools of this social network to make your survey reach the maximum number of users. Easypromos provides the participants all these tools so that they can invite their friends to participate.

Invitation tools

4. Statistics and results

Once the period to participate in the survey is finished, the administrator will be able to access the general statistics of the promotion, which allow to obtain information related with the users’ participation: how many users have participated, how many users have clicked ‘Like’ through the application, period with higher participation, etc. All this information is essential to analyze and measure the impact of the campaign.

5. Graphs and public statistics

In order to improve the user experience and make the process more entertaining, the administrator can make the survey results public. These results show the survey statistics in overall percentages, and allow the other respondents to know the results of the survey:

Example public results

6. Incentive management

Why not offer a prize in exchange for participating in the survey? This way, you’ll be able to foster your fans loyalty and, at the same time, you’ll attract new users to your Facebook page. For example, you can offer a discount coupon or a promotional code to all those users who complete the survey and finish the entry form. They’ll be able to redeem this code or coupon in your store. If  you prefer, you can also use the same Easypromos application to carry out a sweepstakes among all those users who complete the survey.

7. Create the survey in minutes

Once you have decided the questions you want to ask your users, what information you require from them and have all the material ready, creating the promotion through the Easypromos Dashboard will only take you a few minutes. The dashboard  has been designed to make the configuration process easy, simple, fast and intuitive.

With Easypromos surveys you have a simple and fast tool to conduct a survey on your Facebook page: the viral effect of this social network, combined with a visually attracting design, will enable your survey to reach the maximum number of users. You’ll obtain valuable information about your customers and users and, at the same time, you’ll increase the number of fans.

What is the user’s experience like?

Below we show the screen flow that a user will experience when participating in a survey:

1. Select the answers of the survey

In order to participate in the survey, the user will need to access the promotion main page, where he will find the ‘Enter’ button. When clicking this button, the user will access the survey, where he will see and answer the different questions of the survey:

Select answers survey

2. Register the information

Once the user completes the survey, he will be asked to finish a entry form with his personal details and the information required by the administrator:

Complete registration form

3. ‘Thank you’ message

When completing the entry form with his information, the user will access the final screen, where he can read a ‘thank you’ message. Furthermore, the administrator can take advantage of this page to show a promotional code or discount coupon to redeem in a store.

Thank you screen

4. View results

From the final ‘Thank you’ page, the user will be able to view the results of the survey and discover the answers of the other participants:

View results

Online DEMO of a Survey

View online demo

A few recommendations

1. Combine with other Easypromos mechanics:

2. Offer an incentive for participating: You’ll increase participation if you carry out a sweepstakes among all the respondents or if you offer a coupon or a promotional code.

3. Manage the length of the survey: We suggest you to create a survey that requires a maximum of 2 minutes to complete.

4. Combine pictures with images: Add a support image to make the questions look more attractive, or add images as the questions. A picture is worth a thousand words!

5. Add clear answers: Ask clear and concise questions and make sure the possible answers are not ambiguous.

6. Select a good subject for your survey: Promotional actions on Facebook work better and get good participation levels when they’re aimed at an audience that spends a lot of time on Facebook. Therefore, create a survey related with your brand or product that can interest the greater number of users on Facebook.

Where do I start?

This type of promotion is available with Easypromos Premium and White Label, which will allow you to create your Survey by using the Easypromos question and answer functionality.

If you want to learn how to set up a ‘Survey’, check out this link.

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