Easypromos launches responsive design

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Currently over 750 million of users access Facebook using their tablet or smartphone, and this numbers is growing year after year. In Easypromos more than 70% of traffic comes from mobile devices. With the aim of offering a perfect user experience, we are glad to announce that all promotions created with Easypromos are responsive. This means that the application design adapts to all the screen resolutions in order to offer an optimal view, no matter the device used. We explain the main features of the new Easypromos responsive design and what are the benefits.


Main features of Easypromos Responsive design

From October 2013, all Easypromos apps have responsive design in all the versions – Basic, Premium and White Label. Below we explain the main benefits of using responsive design in the promotions:

1. It adapts to any device and screen size

Desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet… No matter the type of device used to participate in a promotion: the new responsive layout of Easypromos responds to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. Therefore the layout automatically adapts to the viewing environment offering an optimal view of the application in all devices and resolutions.

2. Optimized for mobile devices

responsive design promotion keyboard

With the responsive design, users who access the promotion using their mobile device interact with the application exactly in the same way as users connecting from a desktop computer. Therefore, just using one finger users will be able to navigate across the different options of the application, thus eliminating the need for zooming in/out in order to be able to do common actions, such as view the promotion, click the buttons or register.

Additionally, the keyboard of the smartphone or tablet integrates with the application registration form, making the registration process much easier for the users. Below we can see how users register in a promotion with the new design, where we can see that users can use the smartphone keyboard to write their telephone number, email and date of birth.

3. Preview the promotion in all devices

Do you want to check what the promotion will look like in an iPhone 5? Or what will it look like in a tablet? In Easypromos we have renewed the preview area and now administrators can preview the campaign final result in all devices. The new preview area allows to simulate the user experience when entering a promotion, being able to see what the different promotion screens will look like depending on the user’s environment, the type of device used (microsite, Facebook tab, iPhone, iPad, Android devices) and screen orientation (portrait or landscape).

promotion preview several devices

4. New and improved design

We have redesigned the Easypromos layout: with a more attractive and easy-to-use design, the new Easypromos layout is aimed to make the user experience exactly the same for all users and devices. This way, the application automatically switches to accommodate for screen resolution and fits the different elements of the promotion accordingly. Therefore, the application works seamlessly across thousands of different screens.

5. The same creativities for all devices

It’s not necessary to prepare the promotion creativities in different sizes and resolutions: you can use the same images and these will adapt automatically to each type of device and screen. The application responds to the user’s preferences and adapts the different images of the promotion for an optimal view, no matter the type of device used.

Frequently asked questions about the responsive design

1. Is the switch to responsive automatic? From 23rd October at 12th am (CET) all new promotions will use the responsive design. From the administration area administrators will be able to enable/disable this option. The possibility to disable responsible design will be available until 1st January 2014. All promotions that were already active as for this date, do not switch to responsive automatically.

2. I have an active promotion, how does this change affect my promotion?, Do I need to do any action? The promotion will not experience any change and administrators won’t need to do any action. All promotions that were active with the Easypromos no-responsive design won’t be affected by this change.

3. I have an active promotion and want to enable the new responsive design, can I do it? Yes, in the administration panel there is a new option that allows to switch a promotion to responsive. By default, existing promotions will not switch to responsive automatically. From 1st January 2014 on, all promotions (new and existing ones), will be responsive.

Important note: When switching an active promotion to responsive mode, it will be required to upload again the images of the promotion, so that the platform can adapt the images to the new design. The same creativities can be used, but for an optimal view check question number 6 of these FAQ.

4. Can I try out the new responsive design in an active promotion and then disable the responsive design? Yes, there’s the possibility to enable/disable responsive design of the promotion until 1st Janary 2014.

5. What happens with the promotions from 01/01/2014 on? Both new and existing promotions will automatically switch to responsive. Administrators will not need to do any action; the same creativities of the promotion will be used for the optimal view in responsive mode.

6. What are the new sizes in the new responsive design? In responsive design there are 4 images in the Easypromos layout which change the recommended width:

  • Main image of the promotion: Recommended width 808px
  • Header image in the entry form: Recommended width 808px
  • Final ‘thank you’ image: Recommended width 808px
  • Viral image of the promotion: 1200x630px

7. Do I need to create different creativities for the different devices? No, the application will use the same creativities for all the different types of devices.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-10-23