5 merry and bright ideas for Christmas giveaways on social media

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Christmas is just around the corner. And as we celebrate peace, generosity, and goodwill, it’s a wonderful time to reach out to your followers with Christmas giveaways on social media. Here’s a suggestion for every social network – plus one extra Christmas promotion to bring them all together.

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Each social network has its own audience, style, and strengths. To help you make the most of your social media marketing, we’ve collected inspiring promotions for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Finally, if you want a joined-up strategy that works on any platform, we’ve given you a quick introduction to the multi-network giveaway app. Read on to learn how to increase engagement, attract more followers, and maximize your impact online.

5 Christmas giveaways for social media

1. Facebook

Facebook: the most popular social network in the world. It’s full of people, of all ages and from all walks of life. That’s why our favorite Facebook giveaways start by asking your followers a question. Find out more about their experiences, opinions and tastes!

For the holiday season, you can make that question serious or silly. Here’s an example where the brand simply asked people to describe their favorite Christmas treat. One lucky commenter would win a set of luxury Christmas chocolates.
Christmas giveaways on social media Facebook
But here’s a more family-focused example. This hardware brand asked: How exactly does Santa get into your house? The comments section was full of creative ideas from kids and parents – one of whom won a festive hamper.
Christmas giveaways on social media Facebook
Finally, here’s a really creative idea from a homeware brand. They posted 4 photos of different products, and asked their followers to pick a favorite. So they learnt more about their customers’ tastes, while increasing engagement. Oh, and there was another hamper on offer!
Christmas giveaways on social media Facebook

Christmas hampers are a classic seasonal gift. But you can think outside the box! Share one of your favorite products or team up with another brand. Giftcards are always popular online and at Christmas, too.


2. Instagram

Instagram is the network for sharing photos on social media. And its audience tends to be relatively young and tech-savvy, with sophisticated taste. So you can challenge your followers to be creative and original!
Christmas giveaways on social media Instagram
Start with a simple Instagram comments contest, just like on Facebook. But once you’ve built a base level of engagement, ask your followers to share their own photos for a chance to win prizes. This is a great strategy to collect user-generated content, and tap into the Instagram aesthetic.
Christmas marketing ideas Instagram photo contest
What’s more, if you use the Instagram photo contest app, you’ll be able to collect contact details and image permissions at the same time. Then you can reuse your users’ original photos and artwork for your own media strategy and ad campaigns.

3. Twitter

Twitter might have a smaller audience than Facebook or Instagram, but it’s still a powerful force in the world of social media marketing. And it offers a golden opportunity for your Christmas campaigns.

Twitter giveaway rules are more flexible than on other networks, so you can engage with your fans in a whole variety of ways. Ask them to follow you, retweet your posts, reply to questions, or share their own comments and photos.
Christmas retweet Twitter giveaway
If you decide to run a mention + hashtag contest, remember that entries can be combined with Instagram, too. This is an excellent strategy to save time and increase the viral reach of your Christmas giveaways on social media.

4. YouTube

Let’s talk video. Marketers have been slow to wake up to the possibilities of YouTube – but we’re convinced that 2019 will be the year of the video. Time to get ahead of your competition with a YouTube giveaway.

Post a video and ask your viewers to comment. Be creative! They could answer a question, or look for a hidden code word in the clip.

5. Multi-network giveaways

Time to wrap this post up and tie it with a Christmas ribbon. You want to run Christmas giveaways on social media – but you also want to save time, maximize efficiency, and enjoy your holidays.

The solution? Multi-network giveaways. You can set up a single contest to collect entries from multiple posts, on multiple profiles, across multiple social networks.

Take a look at this example, from a small independent bookshop. They asked their followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to share their favorite Christmas story. Everyone who commented, on every network, had the chance to win a generous Christmas gift card.
Multinetwork Instagram Twitter comments Christmas
What’s more, when the bookshop created Instagram Ads and posted reminders about the contest, they could collect comments from those posts too.

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