Increase the number of fans of your Facebook Page with the Easypromos Friend Gate

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With the aim of increasing the number of Likes of a Facebook Page, we are offering you Friend Gate: a new Easypromos tool for capturing fans that can be implemented with any type of promotion or contest. In order to participate in the promotion the user must have a minimum number of friends who also Like the Page. The user can then invite friends to help them reach this number. In this post we will explain how Friend Gate works, what the user’s experience will be like and which are the principal benefits.

Easypromos Friend Gate

This feature is out of date. Review our ‘My Networks’ feature, which enables you to encourage users to like your Facebook Page following Facebook’s rules.

The contents of this post are as follows:

1. What is Friend Gate?

2. What are the principal benefits of Friend Gate?

3. What will the user’s experience be like?

4. Frequently Asked Questions

What is Friend Gate?

Friend Gate is a  feature from Easypromos that permits administrators to make it a requirement for users to have a minimum number of friends who are also friends of the same Facebook Page before the user can take part in a promotion. In this way the user can only enter the promotion when he/she obtains the required number of friends who are also fans of the Page.

The user will know at every moment exactly how many of his or her friends are fans of the Page, and, if lacking the required minimum, can invite friends from the application itself.

Friend Gate is available for all promotions created with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos.

Friend Gate landing

What are the benefits of Friend Gate?

Friend Gate is particularly suitable for actions in which the aim is to increase the fan base. The main benefits of Friend Gate are the following:

1. Capturing fans.

For a new user to enter a promotion it is necessary that some of his or her friends are also fans of the Page. In this way, Friend Gate serves as a new mechanism for capturing fans and it is specifically designed for the type of contest in which the objective is to increase the number of fans of a Page. Those users interested in taking part in the promotion will become brand ambassadors, since they will be the ones making the effort to find new fans for your Page.

2. Optional addition.

Sweepstakes, voting contests, trivia and quizzes, Instant Win promotions… Easypromos Friend Gate can be applied to any type of Easypromos promotion – with the exception of ‘Pick Your Favorite.’ It comes as an added extra which enables you to give a boost to your Page and increase your number of fans.

3. 100% compatible with Facebook guidelines.

The Facebook promotion guidelines do not allow you to incentivize participation or give a prize based on whether a user shares, invites or publishes the promotion to his or her Timeline. However, the guidelines do allow you to reward participants if, after accepting an invitation, friends of the user become fans of the page or end up taking part in the promotion. Easypromos’ Friend Gate enables users to send invitations in order to capture more fans and enter the promotion. This new feature therefore complies strictly with Facebook’s guidelines.

4. Virality.

The Easypromos application places all the tools for getting the most out Facebook’s virality at the disposal of participants: if a user doesn’t yet have the minimum number of users required to take part, he/she can invite contacts from the application itself: the share button will facilitate his/her mission to capture new fans for the Page from which the contest is being organized.

Also, each time a friend accepts an invitation, the participant will receive a notification from Facebook with the name of the friend who has become a fan of the Page. In this way, they can keep track of which of their friends have accepted the invitation.

5. Customization of viral content.

The administrator can customize the content of the publication when a participant shares the promotion to his/her Timeline to encourage friends to become fans of the Page. Also, friends who accept the invitation will be redirected to the Invitation Page, which the administrator can further customize with a message. This text will be shown as a personal message from the user.

6. Compatible with mobile devices.

Thanks to Easypromos’ responsive design, Friend Gate permits users who connect from their mobile device to participate and interact with the promotion in exactly the same way as users who connect from a desktop computer. In this way, users can send invitations and capture fans for the Page wherever they are and in the easiest way possible.

7. Non-intrusive.

Friend Gate has been designed to be completely integrated with the promotion design as just another requirement. In this way, the user who wants to take part in a promotion will see, in the lower part of the screen, the number of friends needed in order to enter. After sending the invitations, the user will follow the natural flow of screens common to all Easypromos promotions.

8. Social experience.

Friend Gate is based on the user’s social connections with friends on Facebook and, to strengthen this link, all the screens of the promotion incorporate the name and profile photo of the participant’s friends. In this way the user’s social experience is maximized when they participate in the promotion: the participants will be able to discover how many of their friends are also fans of the Page, while at the same time putting into practice the essence of Facebook: recommending and inviting friends to ‘Like’ a Facebook Page.

What will the user’s experience be like?

For the participating user

To be able to participate in a promotion with Friend Gate enabled, the user should have a minimum number of friends who are also fans of the Facebook Page before they can complete the entry process. Upon accessing the main page of the promotion, the user will be able to see the minimum number of friends required by the administrator:

Friend Gate

The user will be able to know how many of his/her Facebook friends are fans of the Page already. To do this, he or she must accept Facebook’s additional conditions and, in the case of not having the minimum number required, the application itself will present users with the task of inviting their friends to become fans of the Page:

Share promotion and invite

Each time a friend accepts the invitation and ‘Likes’ the Page, the user will receive a Facebook notification so he/she can keep track of how many friends have accepted the invitation. Finally, when the user has managed to gather the necessary number of friends, he/she will be returned to the promotion and permitted to enter.

For the invited user

A user can be invited to become a fan of the Facebook Page if he or she clicks on the invite link received by private message or after seeing the promotion posted to the Facebook Timeline of the friend.

After clicking on the invite link the user is redirected to the invite page, where he or she will be able to see the name and photo of the friend who invited them, the ‘Like’ button and a message indicating why he or she should become fan of the Page. This is shown in the image below:

Friend Gate invitation page

After clicking on ‘Like’, the participant will automatically receive a Facebook notification revealing the name of the friend who has accepted the invitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Friend Gate be applied to any type of contest?

Friend Gate can be applied to any type of promotion and contest, with the exception of ‘Pick Your Favorite’ contests or photo contests via Twitter/Instagram. More information

How can Friend Gate be set up?

To learn how to set up Friend Gate and get to know all the options available, check this link.

Can I apply Friend Gate to the act of voting?

The requirement of having a minimum number of friends in order to take part in the promotion applies only to those users who complete the entry form, but it does not apply to users who vote.

How can users invite friends to become fans of the Page?

In the case of not having the minimum number of friends who are fans of the Page, the user can invite his/her contacts to become fans. We explain the process for inviting and sharing the promotion in the following link.

Can I personalize the invitations that are sent to friends?

The administrator can completely customize the content of the invitation which is sent to friends, as well as the publication of the promotion to the Timeline of users. Discover all the customization options in this tutorial.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2013-12-13