Widgets: Embed Photo, Video or Writing Contest Gallery on a Website

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Have you launched a photo contest on your Facebook Page and would now like to embed it in your blog to give it greater visibility? Would you like to organize voting photo or video contest in your website? Easypromos’ Widget Media enables you to embed and display a gallery of contest images on any website, blog, online store or microsite. With Widget Media you can extend the impact of your contest by reaching all the visitors to your website, thus making it an excellent new tool for dynamizing the page and improving the experience of visitors.

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Below we share an example of a photo gallery embedded on a blog. The user is able to view and navigate between different photos, vote for their favorite photo, share, or even take part:

Let’s take a look at different ideas for embedding photo, video and text galleries on websites, blogs and e-commerce sites.

Photo, Video and Writing Contest on Twitter and Instagram

You’ve organized a contest where participants upload photos directly from their Twitter or Instagram? Users participate by taking a photo with their smartphones and tagging it with the contest hashtag. The app will automatically include their photos in the contest gallery. With Widget Media you can display the contest gallery on your website or blog, to promote your contest outside of social media channels.

The photo gallery embedded on your website becomes an effective method of updating the contents of your page. Participants upload new photos to the gallery, contributing to the improvement of the look & feel of your page, keeping it automatically up-to-date.

Convert website visitors

If you’re planning to launch a new product and would like to find out what potential customers think about it, create a Pick your Favorite contest. With Widget Media you’ll be able to embed a photo gallery of your new products into your page, allowing you to obtain feedback from your website or blog’s visitors. Additionally, you will get to convert them into leads as in order to participate they must share their contact details. To encourage more users to take part you should reward them for providing their opinion. You could give them a promotional code or carry out a giveaway among all users who have voted.

Photo or video contest on your website

You’ve organized a photo or video contest on social media with the aim of dynamizing your page and increasing your number of followers? With Widget Media you can increase visibility and diffusion outside of social media networks! By embedding the photo gallery in your website, blog or e-commerce you enable users to interact with the photos the same way they would in the app. They can view and navigate through the photos. They can also vote, share the entries, or even take part in the contest.

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Publication date: 2014-02-25