World Health Day campaign ideas to celebrate online

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The 7th of April is World Health Day – so how will you celebrate? From personal trainers to public health, dental practices to DTC beauty brands, we’ve got ideas for your World Health Day campaigns.

This year we celebrate the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. For this reason this year, World Health Day will support people in these two professions. Everyone deserves to be appreciated for their hard work – so it’s time to join the celebrations and get involved with World Health Day campaign ideas.

Whether you are promoting a brand or raising awareness for a non-profit, in hospitals, offices or schools, we’ve got World Health Day resources and activities that will engage your target audience. Take a tour through our full list of ideas.

Want more World Health Day resources? Get free templates for World Health Day social media giveaways on Facebook and Instagram.

1. Collect World Health Day photos or quotes

User-generated content is a big trend in online marketing. The idea is simple: instead of producing all your own messages, images, and materials, you can ask your followers to help.

User-generated content makes your brand seem more authentic and open. And we know that people listen to each other more than they listen to brands. This also leads to increased brand loyalty.

So if you want to share a message for World Health Day, then speaking through your followers is more effective than making your own announcements. And our Writing Contest app is a great tool to collect messages of gratitude and support shared by your online community.

World Health Day promotion idea, writing contest

Here’s an example of a promotion that you can create with one of our apps. Encourage users to share thank you messages, stories, words of gratitude and texts of support for healthcare workers. And as always, to encourage more people to enter and make the promotion go viral, incentivize the participation. Once you collect all the messages you can share them on your social media pages. This high-quality content will reinforce customer loyalty and trust, and make your brand more humane.

World Health Day promotion idea, writing contest

Try our World Health Day DEMO to understand how you can collect UGC with our Writing Contest app. And if you’re interested in creating your own promotion use our ready-made template.

Are you more into Photo Contests? That’s fantastic and World Health Day is also a great opportunity to collect and share pictures taken by your online community.

World Health Day campaign ideas: a photo contest. The image shows a full English breakfast, attractively laid out on a table with flowers. The title text reads, "Share your healthy breakfast and win a nutrition consultation with a qualified nutritionist".

We like this example from a nutritional consultant. They asked people to share photos and ideas in a contest to find the healthiest breakfast.

Anyone could view the gallery full of entries to get some fitness inspiration. And the most popular suggestion won a free consultation!

World Health Day is also an opportunity to celebrate health care professionals and the vital work that they do.

Banner announcing a World Health Day selfie contest for medical students. The image shows some of the prizes on offer, such as a stethoscope, DVD boxsets, and medical journals. The overlay text reads: "The MedSelfie contest. Win the ultimate med student pack!"

Here’s a great idea: asking medical students to share selfies. Everyone who joined the contest got to enjoy some public recognition for their hard work – and one future doctor won a pack of fun and useful prizes.

Gallery of entries in the medical students' photo contest for World Health Day. The first image shows a crowd of young people in white coats. It has 33 votes. The second image shows a young man standing in front of a red helicopter ambulance. It has 1 vote. The third image shows a group of medical students in white coats and blue latex gloves. It has 256 votes.

If you have very active and creative followers, then you could even set up a Video Contest.

In this example, a food brand invited people to try a gluten-free lifestyle and share their experiences. Three of the winning videos would get a free meal box and nutritional advice.

2. Create a World Health Day quiz to raise awareness and generate new leads

Education is a major focus on World Health Day. And what could be more educational than a quiz?

Your World Health Day quiz doesn’t have to be very long or designed for experts. Choose some short, fun questions that match your audience and test their knowledge or daily habits.

Quizzes are also great for lead generation as they come with integrated entry forms. You can fully customize them and collect all the information that you will need for your future marketing campaigns or market research.

Banner announcing a World Health Day quiz and giveaway. The image shows a collage of the products on offer. In the centre, a round green button reads: "Win an $800 Eco Mother's Day prize pack!"

Here’s an example from an ecological toy brand. They tapped into the World Health Day theme with a prize bundle full of healthy, ecological products.

Then they used a quiz to learn more about their customers’ shopping habits and hobbies:

Screenshot of a World Health Day quiz. Questions include, "What are your favorite websites?" "What are your 3 favorite activities to do with your children?" and "What are your 3 favourite things to do without kids?"

The more you ask, the more you need to incentivize the customers. People want to be rewarded for their efforts!

As well as a grand prize, you could motivate people with a smaller reward.

A coupon reward for entering a World Health Day quiz. The text thanks users for entering and offers them a $5 voucher to spend online.

In this case, EcoToys gave a small gift voucher to everyone who completed the quiz – even if they didn’t win the whole prize bundle. This is a great way to increase sales and drive traffic to your website or store.

Are you planning to distribute discount codes this World Health Day? Try using an easy online tool to design and personalize your coupons.

3. Share gifts and experiences to celebrate World Health Day

If you just want to organize a quick promotion, then one of the most popular World Health Day campaign ideas is a giveaway.

The idea is simple: people share their name and contact details, and you select a winner from the list of names. Then you can download all that contact information for your own records. The most reliable and quickest way to do it is by using our Entry Form Giveaway app.

Here’s an example of a World Health Day giveaway from a gym and exercise center. They celebrated the day with free classes for everyone who signed up. People just had to pick a class, and share a few personal details.

World Health Day campaign ideas: free fitness sessions. The image shows 3 mobile screenshots. The first screenshot announces the giveaway. The second invites users to select their preferred session. The third screen is the registration form, where users share their name, email, phone number, and gender.

Any brand can use giveaways in their World Health Day campaign ideas, from fitness to health and beauty. You can choose any prize you like – so it’s easy to get involved.

Take this example from a holiday resort in the UK. They offered a Super Healthy Spa Package for two people.

Once again, it was easy to register. People filled in the form and were invited to sign up for the brand’s newsletter.

Another example of a World Health Day giveaway. The image shows 2 mobile screenshots. The first screenshot shows a photo of a woman receiving a head and neck massage. The text describes the prize and how to enter. The second screenshot shows the registration form, where users share their name, email, phone number, and consent to receive newsletters from the spa.

Or take a look at this giveaway from a cosmetics brand. Instead of giving away an experience, like the first two examples, they picked out one of their products.

This is a great strategy because it doubles as advertising.

First, you collect sales leads and contact details from everyone who joins the prize draw. And second, all of those people get a glimpse of your products – so they’re more likely to convert, whether that means donating to charity, making a purchase, or just staying in touch.

Another example of a World Health Day giveaway. The image shows 3 mobile screenshots. The first screenshot has a bright photo of candles, autumn fruits, and pumpkins. The title reads: "Enter to win a retexturize therapeutic pumpkin mask". The second screen shows a woman applying the mask, and a registration form for users' names and email addresses. The third screenshot thanks users for entering, and tells them to check Facebook on November 1st for the giveaway results.

5. Social media giveaways to celebrate World Health Day

Let’s not forget the quickest and easiest promotions: social media giveaways. No matter the occasion or time of the year, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter sweepstakes always bring tons of engagement and new followers. To make your task even easier we prepared templates for your Facebook and Instagram giveaways for World Health Day. Use them to save time and make your promotion go viral!

Ready for your own World Health Day promotion?

However you decide to celebrate World Health Day, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our support team to discuss your World Health Day campaign ideas – and find out how much you can achieve.

Corinna Keefe

Content marketer at Easypromos

Publication date: 2014-03-27