Instant Win promotion organized by a cosmetics brand

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The cosmetics and accessories brand Rituals organized an Instant Win promotion where they gave away 50 prizes over 10 hours to increase the number of followers of the Facebook page for Spain. The Instant Win contest was a big hit and the goal was not only reached, it was almost doubled. Read more to get the details.

The Agency


Mil Personas is an advertising agency specialized in social networks, brand content and trans-media companies.

The Client


Rituals is made up of a combination of cosmetics and accessories for the body and home, offering a collection of quality products that enrich the body and soul. These include face and body treatments, aromatic candles, clothes, fragrances, makeup, etc. Founded in 2000, the company has approximately 870 stores in the Netherlands, Europe, and worldwide, as well as an online shop.

The Campaign

A campaign with the slogan “Rituals Lucky Hours” was devised for the Rituals Facebook Page for Spain. The promotion took place over the course of one day. Using Easypromos’ Instant Win promotion tool, the organizing brand gave away 50 prizes over 10 hours.

A week before the start of the promotion, and during the day of the promo itself, Rituals launched a Facebook Ads campaign, which was combined with promoted posts. They also sent out a special newsletter to keep fans informed and to encourage them to try their luck on the day of the promotion.

The Challenge

The objective was to increase the number of fans of the Rituals Cosmetics Facebook Page in Spain by 5,000.

The Solution

Rituals used the “Instant Win” tool to run a promotion for their Facebook users. Every hour, between 9 AM and 7 PM, five fans lucky enough to enter at the right moment won the Rituals “Lucky Hour” prize. The winning moments were generated by the application in advance and completely at random. Each participant received a personalized message in that instant, letting them know whether or not they had won. If they hadn’t been lucky this time, they could try again an hour later. By the end of the promotion, 50 lucky participants had won a prize.

As the agency says, using this tool and restricting the promotion to just one day enabled them to create “a real marathon of luck.” To assure themselves that everything would work out perfectly and that the experience would be positive for participants, it was essential to have the mechanics of the promotion worked out beforehand. This was especially true, given that on the day the monitoring, the promotion would require a great deal of work: “thousands of people trying their luck, ten hours of non-stop work, millions of clicks, conversations, nerves.” “And the conclusion: A marathon of luck is a lot of hard work, but it’s worth pursuing.” The promotion attracted 10,000 new fans!

In this type of promotion, the design and execution of the dissemination of the campaign is vital as it raises awareness of the promotion and creates excitement and expectation about the “big day,” thus making it into a real success.

The Benefits

18,927 people took part in the promotion – an average of 1,893 for each hour the contest ran.

The company not only achieved but surpassed their objective: they got 9,570 new fans of the Rituals Cosmetics Facebook Page. The percentage of growth of fans of the page was 29.86%.

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Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-03-11