New interface to manage your promotions

Posted in: Business newsLast update: 06/10/17

Easypromos has set up a new interface in order to be more functional for administrators, and with the aim of improving management & control on promotions. Now, setting up contests and draws and managing them will be easier and more intuitive. This upgrade is the phase 1 of a large project with which Easypromos wants to optimize administrators’ experience in our control panel.


With these improvements, you will have the following benefits:

  • Be aware of the state of your promotion publication and solve at the moment the question: “The promo is active but I can’t view it. What configuration aspect have I missed?”
  • Optimized management, in case of a big volume of promos
  • Improve date settings with the new calendar system
  • Easily set up the countries from where people will be able to access the promo
  • Access quickly to all the configuration options of your promotion

If you want to learn more about these changes, you can enter your promotion administration panel or read the following clues.


New promotions list
Now you will see all your promotions listed by their title, and organized depending on their state: active, draft or old promotions. This way, finding and choosing the promotion you need will be easier and quicker.


New promotions management page

You will have all the promotion configuration options in the same page. Also, this screen will tell you in detail some main options, such as the promotion state, date settings, direct link of the promotion, etc., so you will be sure the promotion is ready to launch.

1. Promotion options menu

From this menu you will be able to access all the options of the promotion: edit, preview, activate the promotion, create a quiz, view the