How to Organize a Photo Contest and Make it Viral by Enabling Voting

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To launch the new brand, an e-commerce startup, many online actions were planned, among these a photo contest where users where asked to participate with a photo of themselves enjoying life with their pets. Voting was enabled to help the contest go viral and the competition was also boosted to the target audience to help increase brand awareness.

The Client

Animalear logo is a startup, founded in 2014 as an e-commerce company selling pet products throughout Spain. is formed by a team of professionals who want everyone to be able to enjoy life with their pets.’s great strength lies in its offer of low prices, informed online purchasing, facilities for the daily care of your pet, plus the option of paying in installments.

The Campaign

To promote the launch of this e-commerce company, a number of activities were prepared across the social networks. Among these were some contests carried out with the Easypromos application. The photo contest outlined below was one of the most successful. It involved raffling a camera among those who took part by sending in a photo of themselves enjoying life with their pet.


The Challenge

The main objective was to introduce the new brand,, to as many people as possible. In other words, a viral campaign was needed.

Other objectives were to obtain more fans for the Facebook Page and to arouse the interest of users in this new e-commerce, so contributing to the increase in sales in the online store.

The Solution

Creating an Easypromos photo contest with the following requirements for participation:

  • Becoming a fan of the Page.
  • Providing a contact email.
  • Attaching a photo of the pet owner with his/her pet.

The prize was a Sony Cyber Shot camera, to enable the winner to keep taking photos of special moments with his or her pet.

To allow the contest to reach the greatest number of Facebook users, a targeted campaign of social ads with direct links to the contest was launched. A voting system was also used, and for entrants to be eligible for the prize they first had to obtain a minimum of 20 votes. This helped the contest go viral. Thanks to the Easypromos application, the contest could be recommended and shared by users, and the best photos could be voted for. The ranking system of the most-voted influenced the gamification of the photo contest.

The Benefits

  • 731 people took part in the contest and found out about this new brand within the e-commerce pet sector.
  • A total of 5,700 new fans were obtained for the Facebook Page.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-04-23