Password Protected Promotions: Run Contests for Exclusive Users

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Depending on your target audience, there may be times when you need to restrict the promotion to an exclusive group of participants and prohibit others to from accessing your promotion.

With Easypromos, you have two possible ways of setting up password protected promotions:

OPTION 1. Create a Redeem Codes promotion. Participants can access the promotion but are not able to finalize the process unless they provide an access code previously supplied by the brand or company. Discover the advantages of these types of promotions.

OPTION 2. Activate the “Promotion protection portal” option. Before gaining access to the promotion participants must first unblock the page by entering the correct password. Here we explain how to set up this option.

Advantages of password-protected promotions

1. Ideal for internal competitions.

In big companies and businesses with extensive networks of affiliates, franchises, or sales outlets, internal promotions are often in demand. This internal audience might be made up of employees, partners, sales personnel or suppliers. Being able to protect the promotion with a password gives the administrator greater peace of mind, as well as the assurance that the content will only be shared with the target audience. It’s the best way to ensure that no one else will become a participant of your internal promotion.

2. Encourage users to visit, or register for, the competition from external websites.

If you protect the contest with a password, users must first access the protection portal to enter the password. You can take advantage of this portal to redirect traffic to a website or blog where the users can find the password, either by searching through the pages or by registering for it.

3. Exclusive users and content.

The restriction of the promotion to a specifically chosen group of participants enables the promotion to be considered as exclusive content, giving it added value. This way, participants also feel more appreciated by the brand/company and rewarded for their loyalty or hard work.

Ideas for applying password-protected promotions

1. A contest inspired by employees’ experiences – ideal for motivating staff.

A brand wants to incentivize its sales staff by creating a contest especially for them, inspired by “the most original phrase that has enabled you to close a sale.” Create a story-based contest and protect the promotion with a password. Promote the contest by email, in meetings with sales personnel or via the company’s intranet. Important: award participation by raffling a top prize or giving a coupon to each participant. Learn how to create a story or anecdote contest.

2. Diffusion of public information via an internal channel.

Do you want to disseminate your brand’s new commercial and reward all those who view it and provide feedback? Create a survey promotion, or a question with embedded video, and apply the password restriction. Your employees will feel like they form part of an exclusive group, and, if you incentivize them, they will be sure to take part in the promotion. If you want them to be able to share the video, but not the promotion, change the link in the message that’s generated when they click on “share” so that it redirects the user to the YouTube or Vimeo channel where the video can be played. Learn how to set this up by clicking on this link.

3. Internal promotional action.

Do you want to use Easypromos to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit among your employees? If your brand is celebrating its anniversary and you’ve created a video about its history, you’ll be interested in making it known among your personnel, thus improving their commitment to the business and cementing the firm’s corporate identity. Create a series of questions about the video and then raffle a top-quality prize among all those who get the questions right, restricting the contest to workers who have the password. Here we explain how to create a quiz with the above characteristics.

4. Promotion with exclusive content.

If you want to offer a promotion that’s focused on a specific group of clients and users, password protection allows for more personalized, exclusive treatment; both as regards the target audience, who feel valued and rewarded, and the type of content you are able to share with them. For example, you can select your 100 best customers and offer them the chance to take part in a detailed survey, in which they evaluate your product or service in exchange for a prize. This prize could be one that you would not normally offer in open promotions to a wider audience. Discover how to set up a product survey.

5. Private presentation of your promotion.

Would you like to show your contest to your client before you launch it publically? Publish it but apply password protection and provide the password to the client only. This way, the client can test the promotion but no one else will be able to access it. See more details.

6. Promote registration to your website.

Are you keen to increase the number of users registering to your website? Protect the contest with a password and ask users to register on your website to access the contest or sweepstakes. To ensure that this is a quick and simple process, prepare a message welcoming those who have just registered, telling them about the promotion and providing a password. Learn how to customize the introductory message of the protection portal.

7. Incentivize subscriptions to your blog.

If you’re a blogger and you wish to increase the number of subscriptions to your blog, you can organize a password-protected promotion, aimed exclusively at your subscribers. Make the most of the introductory text of the protection portal to customize the message, informing them that if they become subscribers they can take part in the contest. You can add the link to your blog, even to the subscription section if you wish. Plan it so that your blog gives a welcome message to subscribers, informing them that they have the chance to take part in the exclusive contest, and providing them with the password.

8. Generate awareness of your website.

In the introductory text of the protection portal you can ask users to visit your website and find the password in order to take part in the promotion and win a prize. You could make into a game, telling users: “To take part in this promotion you must answer the following question: how many different colors does our product come in? The answer, in letters, is the password to our promotion.”

9. Embed the promotion into your website.

All Easypromos promotions are very easy to embed in a website or blog. If what you want is to dynamize your website, try using our widgets and providing exclusive content to those subscribed to, or registered in, your website. Learn more about this option at the following link.

Do you have more questions about password protected promotions? Don’t worry! You can now contact our Customer Support – they’re always ready to assist.

Carles Bonfill

CEO and co-founder of Easypromos. He holds a degree in Computer Science, with a focus on network management, architecture and security. In 2009, he developed Easypromos, one of the first global platforms for promotions and since then he has been the technical and development director. He closely follows the evolution of digital marketing in order to adapt the promotions to it. Carles loves sports and his family.

Publication date: 2014-04-17