Ideas for April and May: essentials for a textbook-perfect promotion

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April 23 is World Book and Copyright Day; May 1 is International Workers’ Day. In many countries, Mothers’ Day is also celebrated in May. Do you have any promotions planned for these months? With so many important days coming up, there should be plenty of ways to turn one into an idea for a promotion that will excite your fans. Here at Easypromos, we’d like to offer you some hints and tips regarding the best way to organize your contest or promotion more effectively.

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1. Choose a theme, excuse, focal point or reason for your promotion.

I’ll use World Book Day to organize a contest among my fans.

I’ll celebrate Mothers’ Day with a special promotion dedicated to all mothers.

2. Establish a main objective and, if you’d like to, various secondary objectives as well.

Main objective: to spread the word about my products and services

Secondary objectives:

  • To increase the fanbase of my Facebook Page.
  • To obtain the email addresses of all participants to help me carry out future actions.
  • To entertain and loyalize both current and new fans.
3. Define your target audience: who do you want the promotion to have an impact on?

I have a neighborhood cupcake store. I’m interested in finding out more about the people who live in my city and its outskirts, particularly anyone who likes cooking and baking cakes. That is my target audience.

4. Carefully choose the gift, or gifts, depending on your budget and what you think will best motivate your target audience.

A good book about making cupcakes.

A weekend in a hotel in celebration of International Workers’ Day.

A discount coupon for relaxing massages – perfect for stressed mothers.

Tip: Your business doesn’t need to be culture or book-related for you to take advantage of World Book Day. You could simply give away a book as a prize.


Depending on the points defined in the ‘idea’ stage, find the format that best fits with what you wish to do. Develop your ideas further and choose the format that will enable the highest level of engagement.

Tip: check out the different types of promotion formats to get an idea of the possibilities, or read one of our case studies.

1. Contest by categories. If you think that the theme of your contest can be divided into subthemes, one feature that might work well is that of story, photo and video contests.

I’ll carry out a photo contest by categories so that participants can post photos of cakes they’ve made. These can be in three categories: cupcakes, cakes, and other delicacies.

2. Recommendations contest with votes. Contests in which participants invite their friends to vote and take part can be carried out.

I’ll ask participants to suggest what they think would be the best book to give as a gift this World Book Day. Everyone who becomes a fan of my Page can then vote for the book that they like the best. The 10 most-voted participants will then be entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a weekend in my hotel.

Tip: If you carry out a voting contest, we recommend that you read our anti-fraud and bad practice guide.

3. Tests for mums and dads. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to carry out a survey about your product and service. If your public is made up mainly of fathers and mothers then you can motivate them by giving them books illustrated by children.

I’ll ask my fans to rate what they consider to be the most and least important features of my new clothing collection: that it is 100% cotton, whether it’s modern or informal, its economic accessibility, the fact that it comes in a wide range of sizes. I’ll hold a sweepstakes among the participants with a prize of a 100€ voucher with which to purchase my clothes.

4. Winning moment. Ideal for the publishing and cultural sector, as well as for those who like to give gifts such as eBooks and other new reading formats.

I’ll take this opportunity to give away digital copies of our latest book during Mothers’ Day. I’ll plan up to 10 winning moments and I’ll program it so that the names of winners are posted automatically.

5. Viral contest. Organize a recruiting contest and mobilize your users to spread the word about the promotion in order to have the chance to win the prize.

I’ll organize a survey with an appealing title, such as “I want to win a book.” The entrant must choose one of the 10 books on offer. I’ll tell entrants that they must first invite 10 friends to take part in the promotion. Whoever manages to get 10 friends to register for the promotion will then be entered into the sweepstakes for the chance to win the chosen book. I’ll make it clear in the promotion description and rules that a maximum of 20 copies of the book will be awarded to allow the winner to share them out among his or her friends.

6. Quiz dating historical personages. You could ask questions about quotations from famous books. Base your quiz on famous quotes and raffle your product among those who get all the questions right.

I own a software company and I’ll organize a quiz based on quotes from people from the world of computing and ICT for my fans. I’ll raffle 10 packs of my star product among all those who get the answers right.

7. Distributing codes and validate it online. Use our code validation mechanism and get your clients to become fans of your Facebook Page so you can inform them about any news via this channel. They should fill in the form and introduce the code in order to enter the sweepstakes.

We’re a veterinary clinic. We’ll give out codes to our clients during the days running up to World Book Day and then carry out a sweepstakes among all the fans who have signed up to the promotion, giving away 10 packs of book about animals.

8. Questionnaire with different results. This format allows you to personalize your promotion in a way that can be very attractive to the public. Try adding the personal touch of your brand.

I own a gift shop, and in order to celebrate World Book day I’ll carry out a personality test of my fans. Depending on how the participants answer the questions, they will be classed as either “Little Red Riding Hood: impetuous and inexperienced,” the “ferocious wolf, always alert and ready to take opportunities,” “Snow White, sweet but a survivor,” or “Fearless John, brave and tenacious.” I’ll offer the perfect gift for each of these types of people.


If you already have the idea and have chosen the format then you can now begin to set up the promotion with Easypromos. The steps are easy and you are guided through the whole process by the application. Here are some useful tips to get you started:

1. Promotion images: Easypromos allows you to upload different images for each page of the promotion. Check out our design guide and have your images ready before beginning the promotion. That way the process will be quicker and easier.

2. Version: access the Easypromos control panel and press the “create new promotion” button. You will be asked to decide which Facebook Page you would like to install the promotion on, and which version of Easypromos you want to use. This will obviously be easier if you already know how much budget you have and which type of promotion you want to use. Confirm which version you need, depending on the format and tools you require, by following this link.

3. Start simple: if this is the first time you are organizing a promotion, sign up for the Basic version. You can carry out many of the most important actions using this version and the first Basic promotion is always free. Learn how to get the most out of Easypromos Basic.

Tip: We know from experience that a simple format which works well is better than attempting something more complicated that does not achieve engagement.

4. Dates: establish and revise the dates of the promotion. In the Premium and White Label versions you can differentiate between the publication dates (when the promotion is visible to the public), the registration dates (when users can register for the promotion) and the voting dates (when users can vote for the different entries). Date settings are important for the correct operation of the promotion.

5. Preview: use this option, available in the promotion administration page, to see how your promotion is shaping up. This will allow you to perfect it before presenting it to your fans and users of your Page.


  1. Plan which channels you will use to disseminate the promotion: Facebook posts, emails to your database contacts, diffusion via social networks, flyers given to your customers, etc.
  2. Always share the direct and compatible link for mobile devices that you can find inside a green box in the promotion administration page.
  3. Use the Easypromos widgets to embed the promotion in your Page or blog, preferably in places with plenty of traffic comprised of possible customers.
  4. Make your post reach more people: use Facebook ads or sponsored posts, Google Ads, and other advertising options.
  5. Disseminate it at various times while the promotion is still active.

Winners and prizes

  1. You can use the Easypromos tool for randomly selecting winners to choose and publish the winner/s within the promotion.
  2. Announce the winner/s publically in a Facebook Page post, by email, and so on. Use the unique URL of the winners’ page as a direct link for users.
  3. When the winner receives their prize, ask them to take a photo of it, thus generating new content in the form of another post and proving the reliability of your promotions.

Get the most out of your promotion

  1. Use the generated database to organize other actions: discount vouchers, product information, etc.
  2. If the promotion involved photos or texts, use these as content for your Facebook Page.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-04-17