Sync Contest Participants with Your Mailchimp Mailing List

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Carrying out social media contests via apps is an effective way of increasing brand awareness and reach, but it can also be an excellent way of generating leads thanks to the collection of data of participating users. One of the most important pieces of data that can be obtained is the users’ email addresses which can later be used to import into the CRMs or newsletter lists. In this post we explain how Easypromos can be integrated with the email list administration system, Mailchimp, and we explain how to automatically sync and import the promotion participants into a list of Mailchimp subscribers.

How does it work?

In all promotions created with Easypromos the administrator can obtain the email addresses of users registered to a promotion and, for greater convenience, he or she can then download the list of participants to an Excel file.

If you plan to use emails obtained during the promotion for communication actions, the integration of Easypromos with Mailchimp makes this easy for you: with just one click you can sync your promotion database with a list of Mailchimp contacts.

What actions can be carried out?

1. Export and manually sync the emails of promotion participants with any Mailchimp email list.

2. Program the automatic synchronization of participants’ emails with the desired Mailchimp list.

3. Map the fields of the promotion’s registration form to the fields of the Mailchimp list.

8 good reasons to integrate your contest with Mailchimp

1. Automatically increase your list of subscribers.

By integrating Mailchimp with your Facebook contests you can greatly increase the potential of your email marketing strategy. With just one click, all the promotion participants will be in your Mailchimp lists!

2. Keep your lists of subscribers updated.

By integrating with Mailchimp you can keep your email lists constantly up to date. With every promotion you organize you can set it so that the application itself automatically syncs all the email addresses of participants with your Mailchimp lists.

3. Send auto-responder messages to your participants.

Create an email list which is specific to your promotion and customize the message that will be sent automatically to all registered users. Whether this be to thank users for their participation or to encourage them to share the photo with their friends in order to get votes. This is an excellent way to keep in touch with your users for as long as the promotion lasts.

4. Create lists of targeted subscribers.

With a promotion you can easily segment information about participants: age, sex, country, city, post code, answers to quizzes and questionnaires, etc. Take advantage of this classification to obtain perfectly segmented email lists for subscribers.

5. Identify the origin of your subscribers.

By syncing the email addresses of the users registered in each promotion with Mailchimp, you can easily find out which promotion the subscriber comes from. This enables you to carry out specific communication actions for each list.

6.  Collect feedback from participants about your products or services.

If you’ve taken advantage of the contest to promote one of your products, use the leads generated in the promotion to interact with your participants. Create a list of emails in Mailchimp which are specific to your promotion, send them a survey and find out their opinion.

7. Promote a new contest to previous participants.

If you have launched a new promotion in your Facebook Page, get in touch with the participants of your last contest so they can help you spread the word about it. Former participants can become brand ambassadors of your Facebook Page and, if the new promotion interests them, they will share it with their friends, ensuring that it reaches a greater number of users.

8. Reconnect with participants interested in your products.

You’ve organized a promotion in which users can win a prize related to your product (a collection of cosmetics, a weekend break in a hotel, a discount in your store, etc.) Every user who has registered is interested in your product and eager to win the prize: make the most of this when the promotion ends by reconnecting with these users and converting them into potential clients of your brand. Create a customized list, sync the database of the contest and carry out a remarketing campaign of the product offered in the promotion. By doing this you can give users a second chance to win a prize or you can offer them a discount on the product in question.

How is it set up?

In the promotion administration panel you can find the “Integrations” menu. From here you can activate the Mailchimp module. To begin with, it will be necessary for the administrator to have an account already created with Mailchimp. Below, you can see the settings module:

easypromos integration with mailchimp

To learn how to set up the Mailchimp module, check our technical documentation in our online Support Center.

The Easypromos integration with Mailchimp is available for all promotions created with Easypromos Premium and White Label versions.

Carles Bonfill

CEO and co-founder of Easypromos. He holds a degree in Computer Science, with a focus on network management, architecture and security. In 2009, he developed Easypromos, one of the first global platforms for promotions and since then he has been the technical and development director. He closely follows the evolution of digital marketing in order to adapt the promotions to it. Carles loves sports and his family.

Publication date: 2014-05-07