Video Contests Synchronized with Dropbox: Features and Ideas

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Would you like to create a video contest in which users can upload files directly from their smartphone or PC? Would you like to have access to the original videos? Would you like to be able to upload the videos from the contest to your YouTube channel? In this post we explain how you can do all this synchronizing your account with Dropbox.

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With the evolution of mobile technology and the massive use of smartphones, grabbing videos is now as easy as taking photos. The habits of smartphone users have progressed into the intensive use of multimedia, which offers an opportunity to improve online video contests. In this blog post we highlight the main features of video contests, as well as we take a look at how to organize contests synchronized with Dropbox.

Features of the video contests

Let’s take a look at video contest features:

1. Users can upload videos directly.

The main feature is that users can upload videos from their mobile devices, without having to upload them first to YouTube, Vimeo or Instagram. This reduces the number of obstacles for users participating in video contests.

2. Contests synchronized with Dropbox.

It is now possible to connect your Dropbox account with your promotion so that all the videos uploaded by participants are saved to a Dropbox folder. This way you can have direct access to users’ videos, giving you high-quality original user-generated multimedia content for your brand.

3. Multi format video playback from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram and Dropbox

In the video contest gallery videos will play automatically from YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, as will the videos that have been uploaded directly by users to the Dropbox account.

4. Ease of participation

Users can take part in the contest by uploading their video directly or entering a link to a YouTube or Vimeo video. In addition, you can activate the Instagram and Twitter module to enable users to take part via this platform by tagging the video with a hashtag.

5. Size of the files

Users can upload video files of up to 100 MB – big enough to ensure an easy uploading process.

6. Intuitive user experience

As videos can be large files the interface has been designed to make the uploading process highly intuitive. As soon as the file begins to upload a progress bar appears indicating that the action is progressing normally. A message will inform the user when the file has been uploaded correctly.

Video contests
Video contests

7. Responsive

Much of the promotion traffic comes from mobile devices, and video contests are especially attractive for these users. The platform uses a responsive template, ensuring an optimum experience for smartphone users.

video contests with dropbox

8. Centralized Dropbox videos.

The video capture and storage system enables the administrator to manage the contest more successfully as he/she obtains the material uploaded by users directly, enabling an optimum collection and management.

9. Notifications in real time

You can set up the promotion so that you receive an email each time there’s a new participation. In this way you can stay informed at all times about contest activity, enabling you to be proactive with users and quickly disseminate each new uploaded video.

10. Public video gallery

Video files uploaded by participants can be shown publically in the contest gallery. The videos can be displayed all on one screen or individually.

Video contests

11. Pre-moderation of videos (through Dropbox, too!)

You can activate the moderation option and validate participations even before they are made public. In this case, the video will still be uploaded to Dropbox, but it won’t be published in the gallery until it has been approved.

12. Voting contests.

As videos can be shared easily, and contain content that appeals greatly to users, you can make the contest complete by allowing votes. In this way, participants contribute to the dissemination of the contest by asking their friends to vote for their entry.

13. Share and comment on videos.

Each video can be shared individually using the share buttons. The complete video gallery can also be shared. Its multimedia quality makes it a great focal point for capturing new participants and votes.

14. Management of the promotion dates.

If you want your contest to combine video upload participation and votes, you can establish different time periods for each action. In this case, preconfigure the dates for promotion registration and video upload, and establish the voting period so that it begins after the end of the registration period.

15. Obtain participant data and synchronize it with your email lists

Users should fill in the registration form with their personal data. You can define the information required of users and add fields to ask for any additional information you require. All this data can be downloaded to an Excel file. Thank users for their participation with an auto-response email. To do this you should synchronize the email list of the promotion with Mailchimp and customize a message to be sent automatically to all registered users.

16. Presenting the contest on your website

If you would also like visitors to your website to be able to take part in the contest, and you think it might be a good way of obtaining participants, you can also embed the promotion in your website or blog. The steps are very simple and the experience of participating via the widget is just the same as participating via Facebook.

17. Make it optional to upload a video

If you want your users to be able to take part with a video, but you don’t want to make it obligatory, you can activate the ‘Visual material optional’ option. You can also let your users choose between uploading a photo or a video.

Practical ideas for your contests

These types of promotions are aimed at users who take part via their smartphone, since these types of devices allow users to create and upload a video quickly and easily, without having to transfer the images from one device to another. For this reason the following contest ideas are geared towards the situations and possibilities permitted by these devices.

Summer video contest. When it’s sunny and people go out more it’s a good time to launch video contests encouraging them to share what they get up to outdoors. Examples include a contest of videos of people diving into swimming pools, a display of aquatic activities, interesting urban street scenes, etc.

A video recipe. Now you can ask fans to record a mini video recipe to show how they use your product. This can be even quicker and easier than writing it!

Dynamize events in real time. Make the most of a video contest to dynamize an event. You can spread word about the promotion with posters and fliers containing a link to the promotion and asking participants to record a part of the event. A good example is to create a contest in which participants have to record a video of a specific song at a live music concert, with the best video winning a prize.

You have a luxury hotel and your customers are delighted with their stay. Ask them to record themselves entering their hotel room and pointing out the details that they like most about the room. In exchange, you can offer them a discount voucher or free gift. You’ll have all the videos in your Dropbox and you’ll be able to get great use out of them by adding them to your list of customer recommendations or your YouTube channel.

How to celebrate a goal. Do you want your fans to show how much they love their team and how they celebrate each time their team scores? You can ask them to record a video of themselves going wild and upload it directly to their promotion. You’ll have galleries with some truly thrilling and passionate videos!

Video dedications. For Saint Valentine’s Day, Fathers’ Day, Mothers’ Day or Christmas… Now you can organize a contest of video dedications so that users can record themselves wishing someone a happy holiday, confessing their love or giving thanks for support they’ve received.

Pick your favorite. With material from a previous contest or that you yourself create you can set up a contest in which users vote for the video that they like most. Only you will have access to the videos and it will be easy to prepare.

Add to your YouTube channel. You can set up the contest to be a way of receiving multimedia content without activating the public gallery. For example, perhaps you’d like to obtain visual material about how people use your product or service in order to improve it, but you don’t want to disseminate it publicly.

How to begin my video contest

Video contests are a feature of the Premium and White label versions of Easypromos. Learn how to set up a video contest.

Remember that users will always have the chance to take part in a contest by entering the link of a video uploaded in YouTube or Vimeo and, in addition, you can enable the Instagram module so that they can upload it directly from this platform.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-05-21