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Last March Facebook announced a change in the design of its Pages for businesses and enterprises. As of June 13 2014 the new design will be applied to all pages. In this post we analyze the new features and look at the implications for applications installed in the pages. Finally we give you a series of tips and recommendations for getting the most out of the new design. You will see that it’s very beneficial in drawing the attention of your fans to the applications.


In this post we explain the following points about the new Facebook design for its Business Pages:


How applications are displayed

Two direct accesses to applications. With the new Facebook design, applications are granted even greater visibility. They are displayed in the menu that can be found beneath the cover image, in the column on the left. The images that go with the applications maintain the same measurements (111x74px) and are now located in the column on the left. The title of the promotion located in the menu beneath the cover photo is shown at a bigger size, giving it improved visibility.

promotion tab

Three highlighted applications. In the left-hand column a section has been reserved for displaying apps developed by third parties (not by Facebook). In this space the 111×74 pixel icon of the app is shown. Previously only two applications would appear by default, meaning that the new design gives greater prominence to apps.


Reordering of the main menu. The new design doesn’t lose any information in the menu beneath the cover photo. Instead it reorders it. In the following image we show how the elements continue to be the same: information, photos and Likes. These can be reordered to situate the apps according to preference, though to begin with they can be found in a dropdown menu via the “More” option.

How applications are displayed. When a user accesses the apps they will find the same 810px space available. However, Facebook has improved the experience by ensuring that the header is always maintained and the application you are interacting with stays highlighted. The Like button is always visible and Facebook enables the Like-Gate system for apps.

Other notable changes in the new design


1. Timeline in a single column. Now the content that you publish is presented in a single central column in the Timeline of your Page.

2. Left-hand column with Page information: this column is ordered into sections of most stable content: people, information, applications, photos, recommended pages, etc.

3. For users: highlighted access for the “Invite friends” feature. The feature that a Page offers to enable fans to invite their Facebook contacts to Like the Page has been made more prominent. Previously it formed part of the wall but it’s now fixed in the first section of the left-hand column.

5. The right-hand ads column has been updated. Facebook gives greater visibility to the visual ads inside the Page by increasing the size of the ad images from 100 pixels wide to 254 pixels wide.

6. Optimized administration access. Facebook has improved the experience of the administrator by creating direct accesses to the main features. Now when an administrator gains access he/she doesn’t need to click on the “hide” button to minimize the setup options. The weekly statistics appear on the right and the administration menu is shown in a single line at the top.


Tips and recommendations for the new design

Tip 1. Order the tabs so that the promotions are displayed in the menu beneath the cover photo.

The applications in the section on the left will be ordered in the same way.

Tip 2. Customize the name and image of the applications in the Facebook Page. This information should now be edited in the “Settings” section.

Tip 3. Order the “Applications” section so that it is situated in the first position. The “People” and “Information” sections are fixed but the rest can be reordered.

Tip 4. Since you only have space for 3 promotions in the “Applications” section, check the possibilities for creating a Group of Promotions, and presenting various contests from the same home page which can be accessed via a single tab.


Complement these 5 tips with our guide: “How to publish an Easypromos promotion to the Timeline of a Facebook Page.”


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Publication date: 2014-06-10