Facebook Contests – Last Minute Ideas for World Cup 2018

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Next June 14th the Russia World Cup starts. Take advantage of this event to organize a promotional action on your Facebook Page and interact with your followers. Challenge your fans to predict the winner of the competition, or if you prefer, organize a photo or video contest to discover how your fans support their national team. Based on our current offer of promotions we have decided to share some ideas that will help you energize your page and connect with your fans taking advantage of the 2018 World Cup.

Below we give some ideas for designing your contest and celebrate Russia World Cup with your Facebook page fans:


# 1 Simple Pool

Who will be the winner of the Russia World Cup? Who will be the top scorer of the World Cup? Organize a pool to guess the result of a specific match or the final result of the competition, and let your fans have fun by placing their bets.

In order to encourage participation, you can carry out a final sweepstakes among all participants. And in order to give more emotion to the competition, only those users who guessed the result can opt for the prize.

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# 2 Complete Pool for each World Cup match

Do your fans love football? Take all the matches of the competition to your Facebook Page by creating a complete betting-pool of the whole competition. In this way, users will be able to guess the result of all the matches.

In order to do so, plan the action with different promotions, one promotion for each match, and take advantage of the ‘Promotions Groups’ feature to manage the campaign: you will be able to create multiple promotions during the World Cup competition, and group the promotions together on the same distributing page. And in order to encourage competitiveness among the users, enable the global ranking. The ranking will add together all the points obtained by each user, and participants will be able to know the position they occupy in the ranking.

Tip: Focus the pool on the matches played by the national team of your users. This will make them feel more motivated to take part in the pool.


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# 3 Your best Goal celebration

The most thrilling moment in a match comes with the first goal of our team. Some people celebrate the goal by screaming, other people jump from the sofa, and others prefer to share the joy by hugging the person they have next to them. Discover how your fans celebrate the Goal of their team with an entertaining video contest. Another idea is to ask them to make a video of them scoring a goal.

Participating will be as easy as recording a video celebrating a goal or pretending they score a goal in the most original way and then upload the video directly to the application.

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# 4 Show how you support your team

All worldwide event generates a feeling of belonging and identification. Take advantage of this to organize a contest on your Facebook Page and make your fans demonstrate how they support their team. Ask them to upload a picture where they show how they prepare to see the World Cup competition and that reflects their passion for football: at home with a good family dinner, wearing the national team t-shirt, in the pub with friends, etc.

You can viralize the contest by activating the voting system. To pick the winner, we suggest you carry out a sweepstakes among all participants, or only among those whose photo obtained a minimum number of votes.

Tip: Boost spontaneity among your fans with an Instagram and Twitter contest: participants will be able to send their picture directly from their mobile, at any time and wherever they are.

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