How to Create a Video Contest on Facebook

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With the evolution of mobile technology and the expansion of smartphones, users generate more and more multimedia content. At the same time, users love to watch videos that their friends have shared on the social networks. In this post we explain how you can take advantage of this trend by organizing a video contest for your next promotion that will enable you to obtain high-quality multimedia content as well as generate engagement with your followers.

In this post you’ll discover all you need to know to create a video contest and learn the following:

What you can obtain with video contests

Do you want to dynamize your Facebook Page with multimedia content? Are you thinking of organizing an event in which users upload videos from their smartphones? Or are you interested in obtaining multimedia material about your brand generated by your users?

Organizing a video contest provides the following benefits:

1. Multimedia content that speaks about your brand

Generating fun and creative new content is one of the fundamental requirements of any company or brand that cares about maintaining an online presence. It’s a way of attracting the attention of potential buyers and keeping the interest of those who are already customers of the brand. Organizing a video contest enables you to collect a large quantity of multimedia content about your products or brand that you can then share via your online channels.

2. Without technological barriers

To create a video contest with Easypromos is very simple and requires no special programming knowledge. The tutorials, help icons and online support center will help you throughout the process. Don’t worry about the multiple video formats – the application will take care of the whole technical process so that all the videos, regardless of format, can be uploaded to and played from the gallery. This leaves you free to concentrate on managing the content of the contest.

3. Extra-easy participation

With smartphones now being so easy to use, recording a video is just as simple as taking a photo. And, as our platform is smartphone compatible, the participants can even upload their photos and enter the contest from the mobile device itself. Participation directly from Instagram or Twitter is also possible to configure – all users have to do then is to use the hashtag when they upload their video to their profile on the social network to link their entry to the contest. Videos are hugely popular with both contest participants and the wider public. Don’t limit yourself to a photo contest – let your users really express themselves with a video.

4. Generate engagement

Users who create and consume multimedia content use other channels than Facebook to communicate and keep themselves entertained. For this reason, the different options for linking or uploading videos take into account the way the other networks function. If users have YouTube channels, they might find it more convenient to link their videos to the contest rather than upload them again. Or, if they love filming videos with Instagram or Twitter, they’ll be grateful for the option of participating via this channel. If you also activate voting for the videos, you’ll see how both the viral reach and the visibility of the videos in the contest grow exponentially.

5. Capturing new leads

As videos are a form of content that is usually shared often, this will enable you to disseminate your contest more widely and obtain more information from new users, since you select whether you want users who want to vote to identify with their Facebook profile or with their email address. Make the most of the contest by generating a database based on voters and convert them into new leads for your brand. This way you’ll be able to loyalize them, contact them when you launch your next promotion, and generally widen your field of dissemination.

Try this DEMO and discover the user experience with a Video Contest with Easypromos App Platform.

Characteristics and features

1.     Easy participation

You can enable up to four different ways the users can participate:

  • By uploading the video directly (Video Hosting Extension needed)
  • Entering a YouTube link
  • Entering a Vimeo link
  • Publishing an Instagram or Twitter video with the defined contest hashtag (enabling hashtag-entry via integration with Instagram/Twitter)

2. Video gallery

You can make all the entries public so that users can share them, vote for them and comment on them. The videos can be played in the gallery, independently of their source of origin. You can choose between two gallery layouts to show the videos: the vertical gallery or the tiled gallery.

Vertical and tiled gallery of video contests created with Easypromos

3. Intuitive user experience

The interface has been designed to make the participation process highly intuitive. Participants who enter via the application fill in the entry form and are then asked to upload or link to the video. The participant will receive confirmation that the action has been carried out correctly.

Entry Form Easypromos Video Contest

4. Responsive

A large part of the traffic to promotions comes from mobile devices, and video contests are especially attractive to smartphone users. The platform uses a responsive template which means that participants enjoy a seamless user experience when using mobile devices, whether submitting their entry, voting for entry or commenting on one. Check all the features of our responsive template.

5. Customize the entry form

As well as being able to request basic personal data (name, email, telephone, gender, date of birth, city, and country), you can add any extra fields you want to the entry form for users to fill in. You can, for example, add text fields or dropdown lists.

6. Videos in the original version

If your objective is to obtain audiovisual material in its original format, you should enable the Video Hosting Extension which also includes Dropbox integration. This way users will upload the original file and you will receive all the videos in a folder in your Dropbox.

7. Contest with combined content

You can also combine the video contest with participations based on text or comments explaining the video, or you can let your users choose between participating with a photo or a video.

8. Notifications in real-time

You can set it up so that you receive an email informing you of each new participation. This helps to keep you informed about contest activity at all times, giving you the chance to be proactive with users and quickly disseminate each video uploaded by participants.

9. Pre-moderation of videos

You can activate the option of moderating and validating participations before they are published in the gallery. All participations will be collected by the application, but they won’t be displayed in the gallery until you validate them.

10. Voting contest

As videos can be shared easily and are hugely popular among internet users, you could make yours a voting contest. This means that each participant helps to promote the contest, by sharing their video seeking votes from friends and contacts. You will also be able to retrieve information from voters and encourage them to become fans of your Page.

Video Contest Easypromos

11. Fraud control measures

Although voting contests are one of the most effective ways of increasing engagement with your community and achieve more entries, it can lead to fraud in the fight for votes. That’s why Easypromos has developed its own anti-fraud system which checks each vote on 11 different control points. You can learn much more about the Easypromos anti-fraud control here.

12. Sharing options

The application offers options for users to share the promotion on both the home page and the final page of the promo. From the gallery, users can share a specific entry or the whole gallery. The multimedia nature of videos makes them a good focal point for attracting new participants and voters.

Easypromos Video Contest Facebook post

13. Commenting on videos

In the gallery, it’s also possible to enable the option of allowing comments, which means that any person who visits the promotion can leave a comment on any entry. This option is carried out with the Facebook plug-in so that the comment is published both in the gallery and on the user’s Timeline. In this way, the tool contributes to the virality of the contest.

Video Contest Easypromos voting

14. Managing the promotion dates

If you want your contest to combine videos and voting you can establish different periods for each action by managing the promotion dates. In this case, preconfigure the entry date for uploading videos and establish a voting period that will begin after the end date for entry. This option was the one chosen in the following case study – the Bruger video contest.

Video contest Easypromos platform publication dates

15. Contest customization

Upload the main promotion image with the color and logo of your brand or company. Make sure it’s attractive and that it contains a message that will encourage people to take part. It’s often a good idea to show the prize. You could upload other images to customize the contest: the header image, the final image, the viral image which will be disseminated when the promotion is shared, and so on. You can also have a video as your main image or contest description, and you can customize the background and the container on each page of the promotion. You can read more about our Premium Design Template here.

16. Categories contest

You can use the categories feature so that users enter the contest according to a specific theme, city or based on their age, etc. This means that when a user uploads a video, he/she can indicate which category their video belongs to. In the contest’s public gallery, the videos can then be filtered into different categories so that they can be seen and voted for according to their theme.

Easypromos Video Contest

17. Obtaining participants’ data.

Users have to fill in the entry form with the personal information that you specify when setting up the entry form in order to enter the competition. The data can be downloaded at any time, even once the promotion has finished, to an Excel file or you can configure to send it to your CRM system via one of the available options.

18. Contact the participants

Thank users for the effort they have made to enter in the video contest by sending them an automatic email using the Email platform included in the promotion app. You will already have the email address of the users who filled in the entry form, and you can even synchronize the list of participants with Mailchimp. You can contact those who have participated via a hashtag by sending them a predefined message, either automatically or manually. You can also send emails to the winner and non-winners.

19. Display the contest on your website

If you’d like visitors to your website to be able to participate in the contest, and you think that it could be a good place to obtain participants, you can embed the promotion on your website or blog. The steps are very simple and entering the contest via an embedded widget is exactly the same as entering via the link to the contest.

20. Select the winners

Upon finalizing the contest you can select the winners randomly with the random selecting tool which is available in all versions of the app. You can filter the finalists by number of votes, recruits or points and decide how many prizes you want to give away and how many finalists. Also, a certificate of validity will be generated, confirming that the giveaway has been carried out automatically and randomly. This will help you assure participants of the transparency of the sweepstakes. Read more about the prizes system here.

21. Publish winners

You can create a page within the promotion containing the list of prizes and winners. This can be accessed via a direct link that you can disseminate easily and rapidly via your usual communication channels.

Ideas for video contests

If you need any examples or ideas to get inspired, you can read the following post with 12 ideas for video contests.

How do I create a video contest?

To set up the video contest you can use the following tutorial which will take you through it step by step. And in case of doubts or questions, you can always contact us via our Online Chat.

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-07-28