Easypromos’ new, redesigned system for quizzes and questionnaires

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Would you like to organize a quiz in which you are able to combine different types of answers (closed, open, ratings, sortable, etc.)? Would you like to be able to customize the colors of your questionnaire? How would you like to be able to show users a feedback message telling them straight away whether they have got the question right? In this post we present you with a new version of the Easypromos questionnaire system that has been both updated and expanded, boasting new features and a fresh design. 

In February 2013 Easypromos launched our questionnaire system and it soon became one of the most popular products among platform administrators.

With the Easypromos questionnaire system you can carry out the following types of promotions:

  • Quizzes: Users must try and correctly answer a series of trivia questions.
  • Tests: After answering a series of multiple-choice questions, users receive a personalized message based on the answers they have given.
  • Surveys: These enable you to identify the profile of your brand’s users and followers, obtaining feedback from them and getting to know their consumption habits.
  • Pools and draws: Users have to guess the answers to a series of questions about a future event (football match, sporting event, award ceremony, etc.).

Many promotions have used our questionnaire system to achieve their objectives – whether these are assessing the knowledge of followers of their brand, enhancing the promotion and diffusion of a new video, presenting the features of a new product via question and answer contests, and so on.

Now the questionnaire system has taken a step forward. The new version offers updated options and tools which can be divided into the following lines:

  • New features.
  • New design.
  • More customization options.
  • New streamlined, user-friendly administration interface.

In this post we outline in detail the new features of the Easypromos questionnaire system.

Before we begin, would you like to see examples of the new questionnaires and quizzes that you can create with Easypromos?

Discover them here with the following group of DEMOs we present you:

What are the features of the new questionnaires system?

1. Combination of different types of answers

We have expanded the number of types of questions that can be set up by adding a wide variety of new possibilities so you can create a unique quiz or questionnaire that fits your requirements perfectly.

Below is a list of all the types of questions that you can create.

  • Single answer: Questions where various options are presented, from which the user must choose one. See example.
  • Multi-answer: Questions where various options are presented, from which the user must choose a number of different answers. See example.
  • Multi-answer sortable: Questions where various options are presented and the user must put them in order. See example.
  • Rating system with stars: Questions that the user must answer by using a rating system. See example.
  • Open: Questions which the user must answer with an open text. See example.
  • List: Questions which the user answers by selecting from a list. See example.
  • Autocompletable: Questions to which the user writes their answer in an autocompletable list. See example.
  • Combination of all of the above. See example.

2. Feedback message after answering each question

Keep your users hooked by letting them know instantly if they have got the answer right. You can personalize a different feedback message for each question. This will also allow you to add a detailed explanation of each question. Learning from a question and answer contest has never been so fun!

Feedback message

3. Customizing the final message based on the answers a user has given

Would you like to show your participants personalized final messages based on their preferences as revealed by their answers? The administrator can define a rating for each answer, or a type for each answer. This will allow you to present a final message for your user based on the points accumulated or the types of answer they have chosen.

The new questionnaires will allow you to carry out the following sort of test: if the majority of answers are type A, you are profile X, if the majority of answers are type B, your profile is Y.

4. Complete color customization

We know how important colors are in the design of a promotion. How would you like to be able to choose the palette of colors for your quiz? Thanks to an intuitive color selector, you can now decide which color you would like the buttons to be. You can even choose the color of the score icons. And, if you prefer, you can also use one of the four preselected color schemes we provide:

Color customization

5. Greater control over the presentation design of questions and answers

If you would like to enhance the graphics of your quiz or questionnaire you can accompany the questions with a photo. You can decide whether to show them in a vertical or a horizontal format and also how many answers you want to show per row. If you decide to accompany them with images, would you like those images to be placed next to the text or below it? Adjust the design and layout of the different elements of the questionnaire in order to customize it even more and get exactly the look you want.

6. Navigation between questions and confirmation of answers

Just like in an exam, users can now navigate between different questions in case they need to check their answers or make a change before submitting the questionnaire. In this way, participants can decide when they have finished the questionnaire. Also, for each question you can add a button so that users can confirm the answer before advancing to the next question.

Navigate between questions

7. Grouping questions on the same screen

You can include and present as many combinations of questions and answers as you like on the same screen, resulting in multi-question screens. This can be interesting if you’d like to present a group of questions related to the same theme on the same page. In this way, you can order and present the content in an optimal format.

Grouping questions on the same screen

8. Redesigned questionnaire template

The questionnaire template has been completely updated with a new design that is clean, fresh and elegant. The new template has been designed with the objective of highlighting the content itself. With this new layout, all the texts, photos and videos that you add will really stand out. The resulting quizzes, questionnaires, surveys and lotteries will be more visual and attractive for users.

9.  Quiz Editor

So that the questionnaires also become fun for the editors, we have developed the Real Time Quiz Editor – a new interface which makes the process of creating and editing the quiz or questionnaire a quick and fun process. Administrators will also have access to Canvas, a workspace where they can write the questions and answers quickly and see the changes instantly.

Quiz Editor

10.  Quick creation of questions and answers

Decide what type of quiz you want to create, prepare the questions and answers, and complete it in seconds. The Quiz Editor incorporates the smart questions tool which allows you to add questions and answers directly from a text document: simply copy and paste the text and in less than two seconds you’ll have created all the questions. In this way you can dedicate more time to working on the graphics.

11. Tool for testing and debugging the quiz

Once the quiz has been created, you can check the graphic/visual side (images, colors, texts) and carry out a real-time test of the operation of your quiz with the new testing tool. This enables you to verify that your feedback messages, point assigning mechanism and final messages are all in working order. The next step will be to publish it and let the fun begin for your users.

12. Improved statistics visualization

The statistics presentation screen has also been redesigned to enable you to rapidly see the final results of the contest: each question comes represented by the icon belonging to that type of answer, helping you interpret the results quickly and easily:

The Excel list of participants includes the individual answers given by each participant, enabling you to save all the information about your participants.

Quiz Stats

Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder

Publication date: 2014-09-18